People Are Sharing The Worst TV Shows They've Ever Watched, And I Can't Believe Half Of These Exist

Maybe it's time to end shows where marriage is the prize. 🤷

10/17/2021 2:45:00 AM

Maybe it’s time to end shows where marriage is the prize. 🤷

Maybe it's time to end shows where marriage is the prize. 🤷

Here are some of the worst responses:1."Queen for a Day. A few years ago, I looked up the worst TV shows, and this one puts everything to shame. It started in 1945, and four poor mothers went on the show to beg for money. The 'Queen' was chosen by a studio applause meter. This wasn't even 'fake reality' like we’re used to."

NBC Courtesy Everett Collection"Contestants would hyperventilate and have body language that you could tell they were not faking. The gifts were tied to the sponsors. The show had 10 million viewers in the '50s and lasted from 1945–1964. If you thought modern reality TV was bad, this is the most dystopian shit I’ve ever seen."

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