People Are Sharing The Silliest Reasons They've Had To Stop In The Middle Of Sex And I'm Actually Crying Of Laughter

'My girlfriend said 'Pull the lever Kronk' while putting my hand on her ponytail.'

7/17/2021 9:15:00 AM

'My girlfriend said 'Pull the lever Kronk' while putting my hand on her ponytail.'

'My girlfriend said 'Pull the lever Kronk' while putting my hand on her ponytail.'

"We had been going at it for a while, so my legs were pretty tired. I told my boyfriend while we were switching positions that my legs made me feel like a noodle, and in his sexiest, not-at-all-trying-to-be-funny voice, he goes:'Yeah? Well, you're a

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tightlittle noodle.'He was furious with himself for saying it after I couldn't stop laughing long enough to continue."—10.This nearly awful situation caused by a steam heater:"I lived in a two-story house, which was quite old. It had piped steam heating, and

one of the issues was that when the heat came on, the pipes expanded, causing a weird knocking sound, as if someone was walking in high heels.My bedroom was on the lower floor, with the living room (and entrance) above. One night, I had a girl that I had recently met over, and it was her first time at my place. It was late, and we were getting frisky, then we started doing it. She was on top, riding away. I was having a good time, to say the least. Unbeknownst to me, the heat had come on.

So, suddenly the knocking starts, and she gets this horrified look on her face, hastily gets up, and starts getting dressed.I was so used to the knocking that it didn't even register anymore.So I'm like, 'What happened? What did I do??' And she replied, 'Your wife is here! I heard her walk in upstairs!!'

And I'm like.. 'What wife? I live alone!' Soon it dawned on me what had happened, and we both had a good laugh." Read more: BuzzFeed »

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