People Are Sharing The Red Flags That Show Whether A Coworker Is Useless Or Unprepared For A Job

They didn't understand the assignment.

9/24/2021 12:08:00 PM

They didn't understand the assignment.

They didn't understand the assignment.

Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFHuluHaiku_lass10."Not acknowledging incidents/mistakes. If we find out about it in any way other than by your mouth and your incident report, it's grounds for firing. Bonus points if we find out you damaged a client's property or ours and didn't report it."

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—KP_Wrath11."I once watched a graphic designer measuring her screen with a ruler. She did not even have the zoom set to 100%."—Rhebala12."I’m always suspicious of other filmmakers who don’t watch movies. I hope that doesn’t sound pretentious. I understand people are busy and don’t always have free time to go to the movie theater for two hours and pay $10.99 for a ticket, but being educated about current trends in the industry seems like an obvious part of the job."

—mrtemporallobe13."I'm a barista at a café that serves food. We recently had a new hire and I knew she wasn't going to last long when she struck up a conversation with one of the customers at the counter with a line of about five people behind them..."

Tap to play or pause GIFTap to play or pause GIFNBC"...You can definitely be friendly, but there is too much stuff to do to make time for a full-on chat about life and stuff. She ended up being fired the following week."—nycdave2114."I'm a social worker. I can tell who's going to burn out within weeks of their starting at the agency. Huge red flag if they start taking paperwork home on the weekends to 'catch up.' You never catch up..."

"...You do the best you can, prioritize correctly, and leave work at work when the week is done. The second you start taking work home for the weekend, you're going to burn out, and it happens quickly."—xyentist15."Line cook here. It's pretty obvious the second someone picks up a knife. Or anyone who brags about going to culinary school a lot is generally a bad cook."

—allharveybman16."RN here. I know I might offend some other nurses on here, but if you come into work and your hair is not put up, that's just telling me that you don't intend on doing any dirty work."—cuteotaku9317.And finally,"We get a lot of updates that affect how we perform our jobs. We get a new update each week. I can't stand it when as soon as the email hits the inbox, a lazy coworker asks what the email is about — asking for details on the new policy instead of just reading it!"

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