People Are Sharing Common Regrets That Get More Obvious In Hindsight, And These Made Me Think

6/5/2022 4:04:00 PM

'So much in life depends on it.'

'So much in life depends on it.'

'So much in life depends on it.'

"Spending a fortune on your wedding instead of saving it or using it towards a house.Being taller may have its drawbacks GiulianiBruno/Shutterstock Being taller may increase your risk of developing nerve, skin and some heart diseases, according to the largest study linking height and disease to date.writing , “The Court should not be so content to ignore its obligations to protect not only the rights of women, but also the sanctity of its precedents and of the rule of law.Email Permanent supportive housing operated by Pine Street Inn at 123 Hamilton Street in Dorchester.

" —u/ flowergirl654 12."Not saving for retirement earlier.Your height as an adult is determined by thousands of gene variants in combination with environmental factors such as socioeconomic status.If your company offers a 401K, at least sign up for the minimum matching amount, which is usually something like 50% of the first 3%.But it’s remarkable the degree to which Sotomayor makes use of it.You’re honestly not going to miss 3% out of your paycheck but it really adds up if you start early.Now, at the University of Colorado and his colleagues have analysed data from 323,793 former members of the US armed forces who had enrolled in a research programme designed to explore links between genes, environmental factors and disease." Narumon Bowonkitwanchai / Getty Images / Via Getty Images —u/ shim_sham_shimmy 13.In permanent supportive housing, tenants have case managers who help them find and keep up with services including mental health treatment, job training and budgeting.

"Staying with the wrong person too long.This confirmed that a higher genetically predicted height increases your risk of atrial fibrillation – heart palpitations – and circulatory problems.The ways in which she shapes her dissents — with language that is easy to understand and even easier for phrasing headlines — seems intentional.Not drawing boundaries with intrusive family members.Not believing in yourself enough to follow a dream.Read more: Men are worse than women at estimating their height and weight “We used genetically predicted height to identify conditions truly associated with height – in other words, conditions that were unlikely to be associated with height spuriously due to correlations with other factors that affect both height and a clinical condition,” says Raghavan." —u/ fairiestoldmeto 14.She said, “There is going to be a lot of disappointment in the law, a huge amount."Listening to bad advice and taking it instead of thinking about it for themselves, especially when it comes to decisions based on jobs, careers, and love.The taller you are, the higher the risk would be.The group is developing a plan to scale up permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness in Massachusetts.

" —u/ 10'000 Hours / Getty Images / Via Getty Images 15."I spent far too much effort thinking up ways things could go poorly and talking myself out of trying things at all.“Our findings are a first step towards potentially including height in disease risk assessment, in that we identify conditions for which height might truly be a risk factor.B.Ask someone out if you have any interest in the idea at all, apply to every job that seems even mildly interesting, take the day off when you can, and don’t worry about not being instantly good at a new hobby." Images By Tang Ming Tung / Getty Images / Via Getty Images —u/ Eternal_Bagel 16.H."Marrying the wrong person.The Supreme Court is already enabling the elimination of reproductive rights, and if Justice Alito’s draft opinion is any indication, they might go so far as to eliminate the right to an abortion entirely." One of the coalition's first priorities is to collect data on homelessness.

Not only can it ruin you and cause large financial setbacks, but if children are involved it affects their lives, too.Journal reference:." —u/ toejamandtoast 17."Missed opportunities.But the American people can, and that’s what Sotomayor has been saying all along.We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take.And yet most of us never learn and continue avoiding taking those shots for one reason or another."Without a strategy and really looking at the population that needs the housing and where the gaps are, we are not actually being strategic in ending homelessness.

Then we look back at them years later and are struck with regret.What we do need is a broader understanding of what the conservative Court is doing, and what needs to be done to stop it from inflicting serious harm on our country and communities." —u/.

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Taller people may have a higher risk of nerve, skin and heart diseasesTaller people may have a higher genetic risk of a variety of diseases, according to researchers who looked at how “genetically predicted height” is linked to increased risk of circulatory problems, nerve damage and other conditions At 6'5, my nerve damage is one of my favorites. Not much doctors can do, so life goes on. The person who wrote this article: Could there also be behavioral components involved, so that shorter than local average (not global, that is meaningless at school age) would choose to avoid risk factors early on and permanently unlike the taller and especially the locally tallest?

Justice Sonia Sotomayor Is Speaking to the PeopleJustice Sonia Sotomayor has made it her mission to shine a bright light on the effects her conservative colleagues’ decisions will have on everyday Americans. KaivanShroff Brilliant lady. Bless you & more power to you! 😍😍😍😍 Great article! 👆🏻 LindseyBoylan She’s not good.

Mass. advocates work to get most out of ARPA funding to house people who are homelessThe state has targeted $150 million in federal pandemic relief funds to permanent supportive housing. A coalition of advocates and social service providers says the funding could go a long way in the fight against homelessness — if there's a vision and plan behind it.

Six people injured in fiery Sauk Village crashThere was no word late Thursday on the accident victims' condition or the cause of the crash.

2 people dead after 2 separate crashes on I-57 near MattesonWorkers were on the scene of an earlier fatal crash at Vollmer Road when a car crashed into two of the IDOT trucks.

The Most Successful People Do Not Give the Best Advice3 reasons why you can't always rely on the advice of top performers, writes ArashEmamzadeh ArashEmamzadeh Kinda like taking advice from 'Experts' ArashEmamzadeh Or maybe the problem is with the individuals/participants receiving the advice. This article... 👎