People Are Revealing The Secret Ingredient That Makes Their Go-To Dish Taste Dramatically Better, And I’m Memorizing All Of Them

'A dash or two of this ingredient and you can't even identify the flavor in your food. It just imparts an amazing depth of flavor.'

10/18/2021 4:30:00 AM

'A dash or two of this ingredient and you can't even identify the flavor in your food. It just imparts an amazing depth of flavor.'

'A dash or two of this ingredient and you can't even identify the flavor in your food. It just imparts an amazing depth of flavor.'

bestCaesar salad at a friend's house, and she revealed her secret is using fish sauce instead of anchovies. I was floored and jealous I didn't think of it first."Getty Imagesu/deleted9."Brown sugar. If a baking recipe calls for sugar, I make 1/4 of the sugar brown sugar, even if it's not called for. It makes your baked goods and sweet taste amazing, especially homemade waffles."

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Getty Imagesu/thebardass10."Mustard in mac 'n' cheese. Unless you use a crazy amount it isn't noticeable, it just adds a little bit of zest and depth of flavor. Many recipes for baked mac and cheese suggest adding a little Dijon mustard, but I've used whole grain and it's still been delicious."

Hannah Loewentheil, Getty Imagesu/rawlingstones11."Tajin seasoning. It's a spice mixture of dried chiles and dehydrated lime juice. It goes well in most any Mexican-inspired recipes, but it's unexpectedly delicious on fruit, particularly on mango. Try it on corn on the cob, too."

Getty Imagesu/LordStumpy12."Soy sauce. Add it to anything savory like tomato sauce for pasta, chili con carne, even mushroom risotto."Hannah Loewentheil, Getty Imagesu/BujoBujoBujo13."I buy pure MSG powder and add it to everything — soups, sauces, gravies, rice, pasta, marinades. It’s delicious."

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