People Are Dragging Your Fave TV Characters And It's Really Pleasing To Witness

FYI: Your faves might get dragged.

9/17/2020 6:02:00 AM

People Are Dragging Your Fave TV Characters And It’s Really Pleasing To Witness

FYI: Your faves might get dragged.

—cdiddy19Walt Disney Television via Getty"Meredith Grey. She's self-important and overdramatic. And I can't believe she didn't tell Amelia when Derek was dying. I would hate having someone like her in my life."—"Everybody Loves Raymond

Attorney for Breonna Taylor calls for release of grand jury transcripts Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg honored at US Capitol Breonna Taylor's family demands release of transcripts from grand jury proceeding

— I hate Ray. He's a jerk who's horrible to everyone around him for his own comfort."—piper1871Cbs Photo Archive / Getty Images"Severus fucking Snape. Everyone makes him out to be a hero, but he isn’t. At all. Everyone likes to excuse his actions and behaviors for seven fucking years because at the very end, you see a memory, where he 'loves' Lily. His love is not a healthy thing — it is an obsession and extremely unhealthy."

— Acceptable-Site"Albus Dumbledore. He was manipulative, secretive, careless with the safety of his students, which bugs me as a fellow educator. But my biggest issue with him is that he knew that Harry was in an abusive household — and Dumbledore left him there."

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Spike from MLP was absolutely useless, and 100% could have been written out of the story with zero narrative changes.

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Sally is moving slower than most people walkRain is already falling from the outer bands of HurricaneSally from Naples, Florida, to Biloxi, Mississippi. The storm is moving at 2 mph — slower than most humans walk — and that is not necessarily a good thing. Slow moving storm means more time for it to rain and flood the area. Prayers for those caught in it's wake We will take the rain here in the P.N.W. I remember when Hurricane Danny stalled in Mobile Bay and dumped 30+ inches of rain causing serious flooding. Stay safe.