Pentagon Forming A Task Force To İnvestigate Ufo Sightings - Cnnpolitics

Pentagon Forming A Task Force To İnvestigate Ufo Sightings - Cnnpolitics

Pentagon to launch task force to investigate UFO sightings

The Pentagon is forming a new task force to investigate UFOs that have been observed by US military aircraft, sources say

8/14/2020 12:49:00 AM

The Pentagon is forming a new task force to investigate UFOs that have been observed by US military aircraft, sources say

The Pentagon is forming a new task force to investigate UFOs that have been observed by US military aircraft, according to two defense officials.

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They are setting the stage for an alien invasion right around election time, to deter us from voting in person. That's how extreme they will need to be to rig the election. trump is the UFO Because investigating UFOs is more important than finding a cure for Covid-19? AFSUnidentified Jack Nicholson: We still have 2 branches left and 2 out of 3 ain’t bad 🤣

Antarctica. Apparently the Germans from WW2 went there and founded a new colony. Either they came into contact with an already existing people with UFOs, or they created them after establishing a base there. Thats all been mentioned in books. neuschwabenland Isn’t this a job for space force ? It has to reveal their own area51 first

They already have a task force The Men In Black just say how long you've been observing. Considering you labeled other observers as 'Conspiracy Theorists' since the 40's! If they're only doing this just now, when the Nimitz encounters happened in 2004, that's a major fucking failure. et phonr home

We don’t have time or energy for aliens. They arrive... Yeah it’s already a thing called the Air Force 😂 So what's next on the 2020 TO-DO list? Aliens. That's what. I go to the Aleinn for all my UFO sightings. It has a bar. Interesting 🤔 The same task force from 60 years ago? So weird how its super fucking fuzzy and fake looking

These have been debunked by Thunderf00t Oh so the aliens are finally here. Bring it 2020 SpaceForceDoD ? The Democratic Party has just shown proof they are a satanic organization and support satanic worshipping by using Billie Eilish as entertainment. I do not support organizations that support humans that worship demonic forces that murdered billions of human beings. Retweet.

Sounds like a job for...The Space Force! That used to scare me, now I’d like to join them. 😅 👽 Send in Space Force! Yessss! Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me, we're dying from a pandemic, racial violence and police corruption is at highs, climate change is causing our planet to get even more inhospitable, but oh no we'll specifically focus on random objects in the sky? Stupid.

What is that...a tear in the screen? Hey Donny your ride is here to take you home. ZONEofTECH God I PRAY that there is intelligent life out there… Because THIS is what's important right now 🙄🙄 👽👽 priorities fixthepostoffice itsapandemic maybefocusonhelping theydonthaveaclue VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

Roy_Ronit7 Yea.. like this isn't a distraction.. So what happened to the other organizations that were supposed to investigate them? Why all the secrecy with what was learned? It Just fly from China. Oh, my God. The US military can find an endless amount of money to create another task force, give billions to Trump for a fence but the republican party will be damned if they help Americans through this catastrophe. We need a government for the people by the people not a bunch of stooges.

Aquí está la prueba y todavía es objeto de investigación por todo lo que representa (un 'ovni'). I think there's a slight smudge on the camera. HouseDemocrats JohnBerman JoeBiden KamalaHarris not going work donlemon DanaBashCNN BarackObama u can do better test sites closing Herd immunity death count who gives a ish about aliens unless they got vaccine RepSwalwell jaketapper Acosta

Was that not what Project Blue Book was about? Sources say?!?! Is that CNN “sources”. Lol. 2 liberals marking up fake stories in a closet. Back to the Future! It's the 1950s all over again! Omg really again....Bartender make it a double please! If UFO aliens are conservative corrupt media will ignore Oh goody....another Trump Cesspool of an Administration Task FARCE

They should investigate ANTIFA not some fairy tale. That is literally amazing! It’s not new they’ve been doing this since the 1940’s duh Wow! That must be straight up Mr Trumps mind set. Don't we have enough to keep us occupied than searching for something that might be? Really, that's what we have money and time for right now🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

A non secret task force maybe L O L. You know what you know. crazyworld X-files Such old news. And you guys got Antny Skamooch! it seems Pentagon and Nasa not talking much.Maybe they are bad with each other😀😀😀 👽😁 SayHisName SayHisName Interesting. Main stream news suggesting aliens. Something sinister is going on with the rich people. Whats up with GhislaineMaxwell ?

Glad the Pentagon has its prioroties straight. Please raise our taxes to figure out shit you’ve been posting us about for years Look over there folks! Think I’m overreacting? Look at musut ozil’s response to the Muslim in China. Which cnn won’t talk about! Meanwhile on earth people are receiving $300 in assistance to live 🙄

Unless that task force will hire 15 million new employees, do better. Should form a covid testing task force and leave the ufo alone.🖖 UFOs as fake as Trump being Prezz! Booyah! They have time for this? How many Americans have died already of corona virus? That’s not the priority? CEASE YOUR INVESTIGATIONS

I lost my belief in them a long time ago. To me now, it's all a crock of bhullshit. Always has been. It's some kind of distractor to hide something else. Of course we should investigate this clear and present danger to the United States, over a remorseless, sociopathic con man sitting in the Oval Office figuring out how to keep his crime cartel in power indefinitely.

Shouldn’t the space force do that? They could start with the alien in the White House? TrumpIsNotWell Hi Wow Later that day the Pentagon analyst assigned to lead the task force walks across the hall to the 'black ops' division, leans his head in the door and asks, 'It's you guys, right?'. Answer: 'Yep'. Report is concluded, filed, and marked 'classified'.

Good. We need to start taking UFOs very seriously. Intervention by forces from beyond the world is underway. We have already been provided ufodisclosure by our Allies. It is time to receive them and begin to act! how the turn tables I’m telling you all for a long time! Trump is just an alien comedian in humanoid skin, making shitty reality show for alien TV.

SPACE FORCE! Just think how long ago Concorde first started flying, nothing has come close in terms of flying. We are still using old tech in modern day life to keep people dumbed down, we are more advanced than what’s being shown on the news. Stop the BS Politics Politics Did I just watch a fucking jack in the box ad?

Protect us Big Govt! Beaming Trump back home. alejandrotrojas That's good because a story this big can't be kept secret. Another MJ-12 Project... 🤔 New task force? So.. they’ve been sitting on this info for 5 years and now they’re like, “Eh, I guess we should start investigating this since we’ve released it.“ Distraction much? Something about this smells... Oh look, the elite are selling, eating, and raping children!

If any life form has the capability to visit earth, interstellar. Their technology is so far advanced than us. We are just being studied. Nothing more. Gotta be kidding. Defunds pandemics but funds UFOs SMH Why? its not like they don't 'know' theres other life out there. Those funds could be used for something else.

I smell a grift in this project. Ight 2020 RELAX ISTG if aliens show up in 2020 im building a time machine , going back and fixing all this shit. Waiting for GOP to declare Obama is responsible. VoteThemAllOut2020 That’s not a UFO 🛸 people. That’s the Batman signal. 🤦‍♀️ (sarcastic statement) They are Chinese flying objects

Are they gonna closely work with Space Force? ... just asking ... I saw one close n daylight over Homer lol The universe is infinite and it has many more solar systems, of course there's more life out there but the question is how far in the evolution race track are they down from us. ET Foam Home Shouldn't the Pentagon let the Space Force handle it?

Will there be another branch of the military created for UFOs or is the space military going to do their job and investigate this I want answers! Time for Mulder and Scully to dust off their badges Beam me up scotty Forex and crypto trading (bitcoin) is one of the best way to earn when you have a good trading software system that brings forth good trading signals., inbox me to start your trading and minimize your loss

The Pentagon is forming a new task force to investigate UFOs that have been observed by US military aircraft, sources say. Sounds like a job for SPAAAAAACE FORRRRCE! É o Batmóvel. This is newsworthy!! Another project blue book More shiny objects . . . thunderf00t say his name you fraud liberal network Looks like this guy is back at it...

America is really committed to just pissing away money in military spending aren’t we? Cannon Hinnant, say his name fake news! aliens would do a better job governing than either of the two bozos currently running for president that is a giant flying reptile Isn’t that the space force CNN · ١٩ د قالت مصادر إن البنتاغون يشكل فريق عمل جديدًا للتحقيق في الأجسام الطائرة المجهولة التي رصدتها الطائرات العسكرية الأمريكية sy 'iin 'iin CNN

😳 They had Project Blue Book and we're nothing but lies. This isn't for investigation, it's a Cover-up task force. I blame Ming... If in doubt always blame Ming... 😂 What, conspiracy theories are neither conspiracies, nor theories any more? An upgrade? Jared’s heading it up, right? Fringe task force Yankees are so dumb. Most of the replies are saying that this should be a space force task. First of all, space force is not to deal with aliens. Second: y'all must be damn thick to think that's alien aircraft. Have you ever thought about being a spy aircraft from other country?

HoodHealer An alien invasion would be a fitting end to 2020 They mean videos other than the stuff they've already released, right? Why does the image say “slave” on the right? How about they work on the Coronavirus instead? Maybe the SPACE FORCE should go after them.😂😂😂 ‘Sources’ read ‘made up’? most paranoid shit ever. who tf cares

Get the fuck outta here WalkAway from evil and support our President!! Younwant this guy to lead us? hahaha. How ‘bout figuring shit out here on Earth first? At the very least in “Merca”. Hmmmm Hope its the mother ship coming to look for realDonaldTrump and take him back.

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One injured after bullet rips into US Air Force helicopter over Virginia; FBI, military investigatingFederal officials are investigating after a U.S. Air Force helicopter on a routine training mission was shot at in Virginia on Monday. CONFEDERATE FORCES

One injured after bullet rips into US Air Force helicopter over Virginia; FBI, military investigatingThe person who was injured suffered a 'non-threatening injury, for which he was treated and subsequently released from the hospital,' according to the FBI Washington Field Office. Here's my theory and I m sticking to it, GOPs raise their kids up to be good little Billionaire ass crack lickers, ball gargling mindless fools... Lies AngrierWHStaff PhotoCassidy

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Why I am not sending my kids back to schoolOne of the questions I am getting more than any other: Am I going to send my children back to school? As a father of three teen and preteen girls, this has been a constant discussion in our household, and it hasn't been easy. My girls want to go back to school, and they are placing enormous pressure on us parents to make it so. They miss their friends, the social structure and the immersion in humanity that kids need and crave at this age. Virtual learning has played an important role for them, but it is not a substitute for in-person learning, especially for younger kids. As things stand now, my children are scheduled to start school next week. drsanjaygupta You can afford not to. Dip shit. drsanjaygupta They are too valuable to put at risk. drsanjaygupta For those with the ability to be home with their kids and still work, this is not a hard decision. Let's stop pretending it is. The decision is nearly impossible for those that have a job they can't do remotely.

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Multnomah County DA: Most Portland Protesters Won't Face Charges, Deserve To Be HeardAbout 550 cases from the weeks of protest in Portland, Ore., have been sent for prosecution. The district attorney said Tuesday that cases 'relating solely to protest activities,' including interfering with police or criminal trespass, will be dropped. So I can do anything illegal as long as I have a sign that I'm protesting without any consequences! Wow! Excellent! Why do we have RIOTS and looting ? Oh... This why