Pentagon Set To Require COVID-19 Vaccine For 1.3 Million Active-Duty Troops: Reports

President Joe Biden said last week that all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated or face weekly testing.

8/5/2021 3:26:00 AM

President Joe Biden said last week that all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated or face weekly testing.

President Joe Biden said last week that all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated or face weekly testing.

The move follows President Joe Biden’s decision last week tomandate vaccination for all federal employeesand on-site contractors or require those who do not get the shot to be tested weekly. Biden’s directive extends to about 766,000 civilians working for the Pentagon, but not active-duty service members, The New York Times noted. The president had directed Austin to look into how the Defense Department could mandate the vaccine.

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The president, echoing public health experts, said at the time that vaccines remained the best method to prevent severe cases of COVID-19, as well as death associated with the disease.“There’s nothing political about it,” Biden said.The Defense Department had previously said it would likely wait for full FDA approval of the vaccines before making them mandatory, but a renewed surge in coronavirus cases has expedited that timeline.

COVID-19 infections arerising in every statein the nation due to the highly transmissible delta variant, threatening the reopening of businesses and the return to schools and offices, and forcing some states to reinstitute pandemic guidelines like mask mandates. Many universities and local governments have begun to mandate vaccination for students and employees, and pediatrics groups have expressed alarm about plans for children to get back to in-person school in the fall.

“He’s not going to let grass grow under his feet,” John Kirby, the Pentagon’s spokesman, told reporters of Austin’s thinking on Tuesday. “We’ll have more to say in very short order here.”The Times added that about 64% of active-duty troops are already fully vaccinated, more than the U.S. adult population as a whole but still below thresholds health experts say are needed to curb the spread of the virus.

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targteacher I'm with you on this. The complete pandemic is the crime of the century. Nothing from it is true, it is the statistical lie. If you are forced, humiliated, urged, threatened, punished or defamed to receive something, then it will probably not be good. Unconstitutional!!! Get a lawyer. And that testing should be at their own expense, not the taxpayers'

I want to see the TexasDemocrats ProofOfVaccine cards. (And the migrate Biden says are vaccinated.) You know, that privately chartered plane with all those breakthroughcases. They stopped reporting due to HIPAA. So if HIPPA is their reason, it's mine too. Artemis888Infin Use the nasal swabs. Make it as unpleasant as possible

How long has this been tested on healthy people? Not long enough for real approval. Why the massive push, forcing, incentives and marketing? Especially when those who ARE vax'd can get AND give? It's now legal segregation. And why cover up the horrific side effects/deaths? Weekly testing is no good. Has to be daily to be accurate.

Well, hold on a minute. Is the Chinese military doing this as well? If not, why?

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The silver lining of the pandemic is that it revealed which side is embracing or tolerating autoritharianism censorship and even riots with arson Quite frankly, it is about time! it is wishfull dreaming that our Federal Government or Provincial Govt’s would have the intestinal fortitude to mandate the same.

Honestly I feel like we should all have weekly testing even if we are vaccinated. Not plausible or economical I know. If wishes were horses… Finally! Let’s go to war against this virus! Let’s get tough and fight it! Dang. Control up the wazooooo. Good he meant with an FDA approved vaccine I am assuming yes?

this is terrible news

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