Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Pat Toomey Tells Trump It's Over, Congratulates Joe Biden

It's time for the president to concede and 'facilitate' the transition process, Toomey says.

11/22/2020 7:01:00 AM

It's time for the president to concede and 'facilitate' the transition process, Toomey says.

It's time for the president to concede and 'facilitate' the transition process, Toomey says after the Trump campaign's latest Pennsylvania court defeat.

Toomey noted that Brann’s decision was the most recent in a string of Trump campaign failures to overturn results in Georgia and Michigan.“These developments, together with the outcomes in the rest of the nation, confirm that Joe Biden won the 2020 election and will become the 46th President of the United States,” Toomey declared.

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The senator called Biden and Harris “dedicated public servants,” who have his prayers. Toomey said he looked forward to “working across the aisle with Biden,” and that they shared a commitment to battle COVID-19.Toomey concluded that he was disappointed Trump didn’t win the election, and that he strongly supported several issues championed by the president, such as corporate tax and regulation cuts.

But to “ensure that he is remembered for these outstanding accomplishments, and to help unify our country, President Trump should accept the outcome of the election and facilitate the presidential election process,” the senator added.There was no immediate word from the White House or the president.

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Big mistake He is a republican in disguise Nice of Toomey to speak up now - where's he been for the last 4 years? Read the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights. Are you all owned whether for no no's or what? Rooney is a RINO Welcome to reality, Pat. It’s a shame you’ve only just arrived. Idiot!

You were never a Trump supporter so he cares about your comments . Tooney is a coward !! 🖕huff = Pravda USA🖕 It’s about time and other senators NEED TO FOLLOW 25thAmendmentTrumpNow No He's PA's Flake...only speaks out cause he is not running for reelection...took a while to grow a set.. About time Toomey is a NeverTrumper and is wrong when he says all legal avenues have been exhausted.

A Senator who should be commended for speaking up and honors the OATH of Office he took. You either have integrity or you don't. Senator Toomey has INTEGRITY! If you are asking for volunteers to throw Trump out of the White House, I’m available! I want to write a little review about the good work of Herbal Dr Oyoma, who cured me from HSV 1&2 within 2 weeks of using his herbal medicine, I never believe I could be cured again and have a good life like others, I always regretted the day I got diagnose with this virus, I become lost of hope when my doctor told me there is no cure for it, Well I am so grateful for my helper who get me cured with his herbal medicine. Email:

SenateGOP His ego won't let him...he's a narcissist whom can't deal with the reality that he lost..he is no longer the cult leader.... It's all over, but the cryin' SenToomey Thank you for being the adult in the room. Now, please go kick Mike Kelly's ass! amendment_now Toomey is a pariah now. Besides fraud, we are thinking if people were dumb enough to vote for Sleepy Joe Biden they probably screwed up their voting ballots also.

The Judge and Toomey have backbone. Maybe we will hear from some more willing to stand up and get this Trump BS over with. kenjeong Don’t applaud SenToomey - he may have words here and now but his actions are killing Pennsylvanians every day. It's about time some of them spoke up. Why won't the rest?

kenjeong I'd be more impressed if he didn't vote for Kavanaugh. The Republicans’ Unstable Malevolent President. GDBS. It was over 3 weeks after the election. Now all the media is going to bend over backwards praising Repbs. for standing up to Trump. They knew weeks ago he had no shot but are all cowards and would not say it.

Toomey is a lame duck with two more years before retirement. He is my senator and I just emailed to express my appreciation for his statement. What party are you ? I am really confused. But the fake president is a spoiled orange baby bitch! 2016 he was a horrible winner, 2020 he is a horrific loser! Past time

Thank you Sen. Toomey. SenToomey, you might as well go ahead and resign now. You're done. realDonaldTrump doesn’t care when the courts or women say “No!” He just keeps “moving on them like a bitch.” Best part of this last try......the judge that just slammed the door shut 'with prejudice' is a long time conservative republican.......even his own people are tired of the waste of money and time on all these evidence free accusations.

The guys a never Trump who cares about his opinion It’s a money making scheme. They know there’s no election fraud Pat Toomey Must be Locked Up for Life! The dominos are starting to fall, everyone in government will push for transition because the alternative is unacceptable, and honestly everyone gets tired of watching the man baby hold his breath while he has his tantrum. The country will move on.

He is right... this whole three ring circus act has gone on long enough. Besides, I never want to see Giuliani melt during a presser again. That shit is scary! Nice gesture, but obviously the vicious, malicious, lying asshole is never going to admit he lost. No matter what happens. PatToomey 👏👏👏 thank you.

Omg. An adult version of a Republican. A very rare creature that is seldom spotted but should be appreciated nonetheless. toomey You -Eat junk -Watch news -Watch porn -Live in debt -Don't exercise -Play video games -Smoke&Drink regularly -Have a single source income -Spend time with negative people And then you wonder why your life isn't changing? Follow me to change your life