Pence And Trump's Relationship İs 'Amicable, ' Source Says - Cnnpolitics

Pence And Trump's Relationship İs 'Amicable, ' Source Says - Cnnpolitics

Pence and Trump's relationship is 'amicable,' source says

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2/23/2021 12:15:00 PM

Former US Vice President Mike Pence and former President Donald Trump have spoken twice since the inauguration last month, according to a knowledgeable source, who described the pair's relationship as 'amicable.'

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Mike doesn’t want to piss Donald off because he has political aspirations. I really dont carw do you Trump Mike, just what IS your line in the sand? 🙄 Trump to Mike Pence: Come on, let’s hit some balls and swing some clubs. Mike: It's better than swinging from a rope! Both criminals! You can forgive and still be a fool.

Danger for Pence Tuffen up Pence Pence is an idiot to be amicable to a man who wanted him hung The integrity of Artsakh must be restored and included in Armenia. Artsakh 2 Armenian Republics Pence is a weak soul with no pride! I feel sorry for him if he’s actually “amicable” with Trump after he almost had him hanged!

Pence obviously has zero spine and no pride or principle. If I was pence I wouldn’t answer... Surely, there is plenty more to talk about then Trump. I think its time to classify cnn as tabloid news. there is no way anyone should be amicable with someone who plotted to kill him-it’s crazy Even if it isn’t, you’ll try your best to make it so. Cos you need a job since Trump left white house

Aka The Dynamite Duo Very good at destroying shit Translation.... They hate each other As Pence says 'That's OK Donald, I forgive you for trying to wipe out my family with Pelosi. You know I'd do anything for you.' If you take 2 pieces of paper from the garage can and glue them together they stick to each other same shit with these 2 😂😂😂😂😂

Pence really is a pussy just like Trump said. Trump send a mob to murder Pence and Pence is still simping for him. This would be funny if it wasn’t true. Do we still remember less than six months ago when these men held the country in a grip of terror, threatening every last day of our futures? But hey, good for them for making up, right? 🙄

The WORST president and the WORST vice president EVER My name is Reek Talk about spineless. Trump leaves him and his family there to die, insults him on Twitter 20 minutes later, and the relationship is “amicable?“ lol what a joke of a party. We don’t care Who cares?!? 🙄 To be the Trump'double is not very easy, no? 'América great again' with Trump was possible?Ha ha haha ha ah... true Laughing!!!

BS Who Who cares I don’t!!! No one else should care at this point. Please STOP giving these assholes any attention. They did horrible things to our country and deserve zero attention!! Focus covering happy things not depressing things. This isn’t news. Let 45 go CNN. If i were Pence i would not be “amicable” with a sleaze bag who was perfectly happy to have me killed.

Pence was on the ticket to carry the right wing religious nuts that aren't in it just for the money. I am always amicable with those who tried to have me (and quite possibly members of my family) murdered. Sure. Nobody cares. Pence is a weak man. In public it's 'amicable' but if they were in a room alone together I bet it's something else.

I highly doubt Pence wants to be friends with the guy who tried to have him killed 2nd chance Mike Mike asked Why? WHY? would you do that?. I gues you know trump ordered mike pence dead bhgy hanging or any means available I guess there is meaning in keeping your enemy closer. I’ve forgiven some pretty messed up stuff.. but this ? I think not. Good for him I suppose.

Trump: “I tried to have you killed” Pence: “that’s okkkkkkkkkkkk! MAGA!” How can that be? Trump tried to have Pence killed. A tiger cannot change its stripes, a leopard it's spots, an arsefly it's host... how's that in a nutshell. TrumpCult45 Hey CNN no one cares Tell us about Biden leave Trump alone. LOL, will Pence run in 2024?

They heated each other from the beginning President Biden and Vice President Harris keep telling lies about the Trump administration, with vaccine programs , inciting that they was left with nothing. This lie has to stop. Ex-President Trump was vaccinating over a million people day. Democrats trying to steal credit.

Here is a challenge for you . Go 24 hours with no reporting on Trump. He no longer a matters and only the far right and far left still care about him. You people may need help for Trump withdrawals In other words: Trump hates Pence. These stories are BS. Just trying to pretend there’s a party unity. Now they're being called knowledgeable sources instead of sources familiar with the matter.

tìm người cho mình bờ vai nương tựa cho mình hạnh phúc ,sự ấm áp và yêu thương. một tình yêu lâu dài không lừa dối hay lợi dụng lẫn nhau. Wow we all new Pence was a lap dog, guess Trump had him neutered as well. Sure. Jeeeeesus Pence is such a pussy. This dude literally almost had him killed last month.

Pence the pussy... Don’t care. Some PR work covering up Pence not going to CPAC and heading off negative rumors about it. CNN do better. Errr. Ok? I expect its fake cordiality on Pences part. Mike's new book, 'How to Placate Your Abductor if You're Ever Taken Hostage' a True Story. Same publisher as Josh Hawley, before he was dumped.

.cnn NoOneCares about them, they are SeditiousAholes and seriously, if they are plotting and planning let us know. If they are arrested let us know. Other than that they were Canceled I'm surprised Pence is still hanging with him!😂 I. Bet he doesn’t trust him anymore If I was Mike, I will get very, very far from this clown....

Old angry Florida man gets occasional visits by unemployed former employees who are all trying to look relevant so that people will give them money. So who cares if Pence is worst than Cruz when it comes to defending his family. Remember he is also the one to allow the maniac other guy to lead with stupidity and reckless abandon which resulted in today's tragic virus 500k death milestone along with many ofher reckless policy!

Who gives a f* Who cares?!?!?! Trump to Mike Pence: You look good. Mike: it's a good thing they didn't hang me, no thanks to you. Is Pence a robot, or is it his Christian ethos that lets him dismiss what that low life tried to have his supporter thugs do to him It is a bewildering mystery 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ If so, Pence is a chump. Trump’s chump.

You sure it wasn't aim•icable? Nothing says '100% pure chump' like the name Mike Pence. What a nutless wonder. 미얀마의 의도? 중국의 옛 사고방식--세계의 중심국가 현 남북한--분단국의 앙징스러운 모습에 싫어하는 관심국가가 된듯 미안마의 한국관심의 의도-- 총알받이를 자청하는듯--좋은의도 또는 함정 한국인과 한국인의 처신--둔한머리로는 국가적망신이 될듯 Damned if I would’ve been amicable to someone who sent a mob to kill me

I called Maralago but they keep telling me Trump doesn't have a phone installed yet. How are they communicating? In person? Pence such a kiss ass Bee itch! If that's true which I doubt very much because for the last few days people have been asking why Mr Pence has been so silent next day this comes out . I can't believe that Mr Pence has been in contact with Trump , what would he have to say to the man who tried to get him killed ?

Then I describe pence as 'dumb' I thought they hanged him. 'amicable'? Oh so cute amiable sedition!! How the hell can Pence hold anything but contempt for the man who nearly had him killed by a mob?! Disappointed in Pence. Trump man , Ted Cruz makes fun of new AG appointee🤣🤣🤣🤣