Pelosi Slams Trump Executive Order As ‘Insult’ To Those With Preexisting Conditions

“If President Trump cared at all about people with preexisting conditions, he would drop his lawsuit...'

9/25/2020 8:49:00 AM

“If President Trump cared at all about people with preexisting conditions, he would drop his lawsuit...'

“If President Trump cared at all about people with preexisting conditions, he would drop his lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act,” the House spea...

over the issue at an ABC town hall earlier this month. During a heated exchange, Ellesia Blaque detailed her struggle to pay thousands of dollars a year in copayments despite being covered by insurance.“What we’re doing is we’re going to be doing a health care plan — preexisting, protecting people with preexisting conditions ― as an example, yourself, it sounds like that’s exactly perfect,” Trump said at the time. “That’s exactly what we’re talking about. We’re going to be doing a health care plan very strongly and protect people with preexisting conditions.”

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Trump failed to note, however, that his administration has spent years seeking to repeal Obamacare even after Congress, then controlled by Republicans in both chambers, failed to do so in 2017.The White House asked the Supreme Court in June tooverturn the full ACA

, which could end coverage for nearly 23 million Americans.Pelosi said Thursday that Democrats would continue to “fight to defend and strengthen pre-existing condition protections from Congress to the Courts.”“For his entire Administration, President Trump has used every tool and every chance he gets to weaken or rip away protections for people with pre-existing conditions,” she said. “If President Trump cared at all about people with pre-existing conditions, he would drop his lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act in the middle of a pandemic.”

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That's the most stupid argument I've ever heard. Trump does not care about pre existing conditions perior. He will say anything that he thinks will get him re-elected. Remember he has told over 20,000 lies as President. Trump will only help himself. He does not care about anyone else period. SpeakerPelosi Jesus fucking christ! Enough with the pre existing conditions and lower the fucking monthly premiums. I was paying $285/mo under Obama $750 under Trump. Stop letting insurance companies charge unattainable amounts of money for the lower middle class. smoke&mirrors

Somebody should shit in front of her house again. Trump considers race a preexisting condition. It’s their fault for not being healthy Slowly he is showing his agenda of stripping away our right to have health insurance while punishing thousands of Americans who have pre-existing cond. Trump wants those people to die and they're not worth the effort. realDonaldTrump you are very twisted and unpolished.

HAHA He signed a bunch of executive orders to make sure people understood the coverage he was getting and the claims against him were Fake News, so now they are pissed. I was not for trump, but then the dems and supporters revealed their nature over the last few years. He will not. Due to his niece's Mary lawsuit, he even terminated the health insurance of his own disabled baby cousin, in order to press Mary to relinquish her heritage. If he's able to do this to a child, he's able to far more

stupid statement. it's not like Obamacare is the ONLY way to have preexisting conditions covered. that's just moronic. Nope, hit the Dems were it hurts, use their own poison against them. I was wondering that same thing. Why fight this at the SCOTUS if you want to preserve pre-existing condition protections?

Pelosi unveils Watergate-style anti-corruption reforms — tailored for the Trump eraPelosi unveiled a 158-page Dem wish list today that includes curbs on pardons for close associates of the president, a requirement for campaigns to publicly report many foreign contacts and a requirement for courts to prioritize congressional subpoenas Nancy is good at talking, PR, and ripping up speeches, but not got at passing legislation to help the workers, the children, the single parents, LBGT people. What a shame that this had become necessary Well, all of the GOP bots here seem to be claiming this will hurt Dems, so might I encourage them to contact their representatives to demand they pass it? Then we will see. Liberals don’t care about protecting corrupt Dems so that’s fine, but recent crimes have been 90% GOP.

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Trump to sign executive orders protecting preexisting conditions and preventing surprise medical billsAs we always knew was going to happen. You only have to tweet about it because fakenews kept saying it wasn't going to happen. Really? He did something for Americans? This is actually smart does anything to stay elected

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Trump signs U.S. healthcare executive orders that may have little impactU.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday signed two executive orders on healthcare for Americans that lawyers said will carry little weight, as the president seeks to boost his flagging credibility with voters on the hot-button issue ahead of the Nov. 3 presidential election. Unlike trump himself, who carries too much. Maybe don't report them as implementing anything then. Because they, you know, don't.

Pelosi urges voting to counter Trump on peaceful election transition"I have confidence in the American people," she said. Hate only destroys the hater. Haters cannot win. Democrat party propaganda is still propaganda and not news. The democrats and democrat party propaganda media will get trump re-elected by spewing hate. Hate is the wrong tactic for winning. Haters can gokickrocksandpoundsand Hey Nancy, you every gonna grow grapes on the faux winery of yours? if Biden does not win there will be no peaceful anything.