Pelosi says no 'upside' to infighting as Dem colleagues rip Manchin, Sinema on filibuster

The two moderate Senate Democrats joined Republicans in striking down an attempt to change the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation.

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1/20/2022 11:23:00 PM

The two moderate Senate Democrats joined Republicans in striking down an attempt to change the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation.

The two moderate Senate Democrats joined Republicans in striking down an attempt to change the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation.

Voting Rights Advancement Act.The two moderate Democrats said that while they support the legislation, they don't support nuking the Senate's 60-vote threshold—even after PresidentJoe Bidensigned off on filibuster changes earlier this month.Sinema, who represents Arizona, said in a floor speech that gutting the filibuster would only worsen the disease of"bitter tribal partisanship" in the United States.

The votes Wednesday, while expected, mark the end of the Democrats' original plan for voting rights reform.Newsweekthat the best way forward may be to forge ahead with a more limited bill or update the 1887 Electoral Count Act.Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) talks to reporters during her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill on January 20, 2022 in Washington, D.C. Pelosi discouraged infighting between members of the Democratic Party as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema take the heat for opposing filibuster reform to pass voting rights legislation.

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Senate Republicans again block voting legislation put forward by DemocratsSenate Republicans once again blocked a voting rights bill put forward by Democrats in the latest partisan showdown over an issue Democrats are urgently seeking to spotlight despite lacking the votes to pass the legislation ahead of the midterm elections just months away. Dems can pass it if they get rid of filibuster. So actually only the Dems stopped the bill from passing.

Republicans Block Elections Bill; Senate Democrats Turn to Filibuster ChangesBreaking: Republicans blocked a rewrite of the country’s election laws, and Democrats prepared to respond with an ill-fated attempt to muscle through the package with a simple majority by changing the Senate’s procedures Anyone gonna ask them if they’re concerned about undermining democracy with their statements calling future election results into question? Didn’t think so.

Senate Republicans block Democrats' voting rights legislationDemocrats are also poised to fall short Wednesday night in their effort to change the filibuster rules. Democrats try to change the rules when they can't unify anyone HAHAHHA Clown show. I’m sick and tired of these useless fools. The reality is Republicans are opposing and disrupting the passing of much-needed legislation only because they think killing those legislations would hurt Biden. They don't care a bit the chaos/crisis they're creating along the way also hurting the American people. It's sad!

Senate Republicans block voting rights bills, join with two Democrats to prevent filibuster changeSenate Republicans blocked two voting rights bills, while Democrats Sinema and Manchin joined the GOP in opposing filibuster rule changes. America is a failed state Change is must prolonging wastes time, energy & national priorities. It must act responsibly or where is the difference b/w elected reps and mobs, wastrels,who don't value national time.Get o/o 19th century, this is 21st century, time is most precious commodity,delay,fatal Why does the MSM says that 'Democrats fail in passing voting rights'? Why don't say that REPUBLICANS FAIL ALL AMERICAN VOTERS? We all fail when Democracy is invalidated. Americans, beware, because you are allowing the install of a Dictator, sooner than later.

Republicans ‘all in’ for Ron Johnson's re-election fight in Wisconsin with Senate control at stakeThe campaign arm of Senate Republicans and big-money donors see Ron Johnson as critical to retaking the majority after they abandoned him in a previous re-election fight. The( R ) next to anyone's name should automatically disqualify them from office !!🤬🇺🇸

Senate Democrats fail to change rules on filibuster to pass voting rights'There's no question last night was a disappointment': House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Democrats 'will continue the work' on voting rights legislation after vote failed in Senate The citizens representatives should not be allowed to buy and sell securities. Maybe stop pushing a Marxist takeover of the entire voting process and see how that goes, Nancy… No federal election law should be purely partisan. Appoint a truly bipartisan and independent commission to first study all the state laws and then make recommendations about what is really needed. Otherwise this is a Dem, not “federal”, takeover of state elections.