Pelosi says House will 'go where the facts take us,' in impeachment probe

As two more witnesses testify publicly in Trump's impeachment inquiry on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats 'haven’t made any decision' yet on next steps


Speaker Pelosi says 'the evidence is clear' Pres. Trump 'has used his office for his own personal gain, and in doing so, undermined the national security of the United States.' 'He has violated his oath of office.'

As two more witnesses testify publicly in Trump's impeachment inquiry on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats 'haven’t made any decision' yet on next steps

Congress is preparing to take a week-long recess to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and while the House isn't yet ready to make a decision on how to proceed, Pelosi repeated her push for the White House to release any information that would change the current narrative.

While the public has not heard from many of the president’s closest advisors and staff during the ongoing inquiry, Pelosi said she will not wait for the Supreme Court to rule on whether officials like acting White House chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, former National Security Advisor John Bolton or Secretary of State Mike Pompeo should testify before moving forward on impeachment.

"No, we're not going to wait till the courts decide. That might be information that's available to the Senate in terms of how far we go and when we go," she said."We can't we can't wait for that because again it's a technique. It's obstruction of justice, obstruction of Congress. So we cannot let their further obstruction of Congress be an impediment to our honoring our oath of office."

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Shut up Mrs.Satin! maryannemarsh Crackhead democrats in DC don't have anything to run on so the hit job is on.they have been out to take Trump down from day 1. Talking crap, as usual lol Name one country where you can enter illegally and sue their citizensany guess?USA...because of Democrats. Obama used the office for his personal gain too. Hiw do you think he left office worth $135 million?

So drunk Pelosi stumbles through an indictment. Ummmm look at your own party The evidence is clear you are bat shit crazy Jack00047997 And what have you done baffoon nothing but wasted 3.5 years on drinking and trying to undermine the American people go do your job and get some help AA has sponsors

U.S. House Speaker Pelosi says enforcement is key to USMCA trade dealU.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday an agreement ...

Like you have not Talk about a bunch of little immature kids the Republican sure are. How in the hell anybody back him up? Totally insane. Please resign. Bull, she’s a drunk! Go Trump! We may have a revolution over this. The Democrats are crooked All the propaganda they can come up with doesn’t change what the record shows from the hearings.

Charge Hilary the witch Clinton also. i don't know how anyone who says they 'love the constitution' can support trump. that's epic hypocrisy. but then again, they watch Fox and think the rest of the media lies to them. because trump says so. svengali Who's playing tonight? pelosi enemy of the people. A deranged deep state operative.

She is delusional and needs to retire. Grasping at anything to not have realDonaldTrump run again in 2020. 68 Million- with an M, voted him into office! Pelosi says the voters don’t know what they are doing and shouldn’t vote. Do you agree?

Pelosi says House may not vote on USMCA by year's endHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday suggested a House vote on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement might not come by year's end. The California Democrat's...

L She makes me sick! Sooooooooo what did Bush do then? You are digging your own grave on your political future Ms Pelosi. Your wasting your breath. You could be working hard for our country instead...securing the border, the drug crisis, lowering prescription prices, growing our economy...not wasting $$ with worthless hearings.

He didn’t withhold!! Military aid was released. Pelosi, You better pray God doesn’t judge you the way you judge others!! ABC also shows video of Military exercises in Kentucky....and claims it's an attack on Syria.🙄 I don’t understand why you don’t call for an investigation yourselves Democrats into what the Biden’s were doing on the Board of a corrupt company. I don’t see anything wrong with OUR President investigating this issue. Get over yourself Pelosi!!!

' National Security' is finding out if the Biden's are corrupt. The man is running for Pres. of the U.S. Insane

Pelosi: Evidence is clear that Trump undermined national security.GeoffRBennett asks Speaker Pelosi about her initial hesitance to launch an impeachment inquiry and her previously saying that the process would be long and arduous. 'It's not that long. It's not anywhere near as long as the Nixon impeachment.'

Why are her eyebrows in the middle of her forehead? Is she trying to look like a clown? Wrong Again Pelosi! The wicked witch of the east. Go away. Says the woman with her hands in the cookie jar for the past 40 years. Lie Weird... didn’t Forbes estimate that trump is actually losing billions? “Own personal gain”people get the key words the man is sooo corrupt and not good for America ‼️Greedy bastard

Really Nancy! Let's check your bank account and see if you have used your office for personal gain over the last several decades. I bet you're net worth has gained at a pace exponentially compared to the CITIZENS you represent.

Klobuchar: If you think a woman can't beat Trump, 'Nancy Pelosi does it every single day'Sen. Amy Klobuchar came out swinging during the latest Democratic presidential debate. 'Women are held to a higher standard. Otherwise, we could play a game called, 'Name Your Favorite Woman President,' which we can't do because it has all been men.'

But with these lying, deceiving, complacent republicans, just how far do you think this is going to go? Probably where it is right now. Not sure if she noticed, there was only, hear say which is not impeachable, and they stacked the deck and still didn’t prove anything. Nancy is senile. What lie will they come up with next. Oh, don’t forget Pencil Neck is now tied to Barisma.

Really want to talk about personal gain? The FakeImpeachmentHoax and the FakeWhistleblower are collapsing. She is so disturbed that she is openly delaying legislation to pass the lower house in order to sabotage the economy of the USA. She is trying to harm her own country's economy and subvert the Democratic system.

Did anyone investigate Peelosi's son working with Ukraine oil company.. Had heads up with their Stocks..,, You can say it a thousand times Democrats, but we all know you're lying. Obsma also use the office for his perdonal gain Hillary and her husband also use it BC also for sexual relation with his lovers but they did no have any sin. They were no persecuted as Trump

America knows this just some just don’t give a dam what TraitorTrump does Pelosi doesn’t have a single fact. Not a single witness provided facts only assumptions and presumptions Still waiting to see the evidence. So far, all that has been presented is supposition, speculation and political bias. While that is evidence of an unfair, unprofessional and clearly unconstitutional political endeavor, it is not evidence of wrongdoing by POTUS.

Pelosi says evidence is clear: Trump used office for personal gainHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi says evidence is clear: President Donald Trump used office for personal gain TeamPelosi TeamPelosi As a bewildered but admirative EU citizen, I was massively impressed and convinced by Dr Fiona Hill's opening public testimony about russian interference 2016. What a pity she can't mention the same happened in the 'Brexit 2016 referendum' , were she to believe it a practise run. Not sure why the first 5 words of this headline were needed

Wait a minute. Pelousy endorsed an inquiry and before its completed she is saying he is GUILTY. Her behavior demonstrates disrespect to Americans and the USA President. Stop using our Airforce and get out of OUR HOUSE Is she drunk Impeach him now!! She has violated her oath of office and abused her power by starting an inquiry on a false whistleblower complaint with rules unfair and unprecedented to the President and the minority party! This one man show with 45 min speeches before hearing and after controlling everything!

The evidence for the Biden corruption and DNC coverup is clear! So when will the dems vote on impeachment🤣🤣🤣 Speaker Pelosi is full of Schiff! She says she has all this “evidence” but there is no evidence, hence why she can’t cite specific pieces of evidence. Even Sonderland himself said that he PRESUMED there was a quid pro quo, he did NOT CONFIRM there was a quid pro quo. It’s his assumption, not a fact.

The evidence is clear that Pocahontas is not a Native American!

UPDATE 1-Pelosi says evidence is clear: Trump used office for personal gainU.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday there was clear evidence President Donald Trump had used his office for personal gain and undermined national security, but that no final impeachment decision had been made as House Democrats continued their impeachment inquiry into the Republican president

🤣🤣🤣you all do!! The evidence is clear! You are in HUGE trouble Madam Speaker! Idiot BS ValGalante_Love You’ve said this 50x. If you believe it- call for a vote. So again if u think this is true and Trump is the danger to this country as you’ve said but delayed impeachment votes for political reasons- you are worse than Trump

StopTheCoup 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🤣TrumpPence2020KAG🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 As so has SpeakerPelosi let’s vote BOTH of them out of office! Nancy Pelosi calls out someone else for using their office for personal gain. In the middle of another futile attempt to attack trump as a distraction from proposing policy to help voters which would upset her rich benefactors.

So who holds her accountable for using her office for personal gain? Btw wasn’t she against impeachment to start with? And this criminal is still sitting in the White House. What irony. The coup is flopping Pelosi is a Born-again 🤥 RedStateBlues_ Thank you Madame! Change Joe Biden too cause he did the same thing it was all on tape

Look who’s talking. She needs to be investigated. How did she get sooooo rich? Bullshit No And nothing will come of it at all. I’ve lost faith in the political system...both sides are completely fcking nuts

A real news agency would point out what nonsense that really is. FakeNewsMedia Nancy I would not tread too far in the charge of using your office for personal gain. Your bank account may not hold up under scrutiny. Nancy would have made a great propaganda minister for Hitler. ImpeachTrump ImpeachDonaldTrump

The Joker in congress is as crazy as the one in the movie This poor woman! Really...where I didn’t see any evidence..... but I did see a video of JoeBiden admitting.... oh wait we aren’t supposed to talk about that 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ The woman is not 9nly dumb she is a liar.

How can she say that with a straight face? Honestly 🤣 The evidences are VERY CLEAR.... YOU CARE FOR AMERICANS IS DOWN TO ZERO! signUSMCA Pelosi lost all credibility when she lied with Adam Schiff on TV. about the phone call. Her ever present glass of vodka in hand, she hasn't seen anything clearly in 40 years.

Pelosi more Americans want Job Biden on trial. FACT This is a joke like the Democrats are so perfect. LMAO Really he dint even take a salary he working for free 'has used his office for his own personal gain,” And how exactly did you become a millionaire on a Congressional salary?! That’s the real question people want answered!!

Time to put that crazy old nag out to pasture! Yes!

The Democrats have been after President Trump since 2016 so they need to cut the BS. Trump2020 SpeakerPelosi : The evidence is clear. Reporter: What evidence do you have? SpeakerPelosi : Next question. Reporter: Can you give us any specifics? SpeakerPelosi : Next question. Reporter: When will you hold a vote? SpeakerPelosi : Next question.

The DNC should be held accountable for its continued elder abuse...really gross. Oh my goodness she is ridiculous. Overpaid for doing nothing this whole year but complain about the President. Maybe he would have been a one termer like Carter. I have never seen anything like this crap. Trying to change the outcome of the election. Really stupid.

Before the speech... Sure darlin. And Biden went broke over there. realDonaldTrump is the only POTUS since George Washington to see his wealth DECREASE while in office. Others like Clinton, Obama made MILLIONS off of selling influence. Says the woman whose personal wealth has increase multiple times in a civil service elected position. How DO you get rich while doing this?!?!

How appropriate. She's so full of it as is a Thanksgiving turkey!

I wish she’d take a flying leap!!! HOW? POTUS has been giving his paychecks to charities, & only a certain number of people are being employed to save taxpayers money, unlike SpeakerPelosi’s wastefulness! Nancy, you’re full of Schiff (& it stinks to high heaven)! You’re misusing your office! Clear as mud.

As a lifelong Republican, I never thought I'd see the day that I'd agree with Pelosi on anything. Now, I find myself agreeing with her! If the GOP doesn't 'cleanse the office', what Graham called impeachment in '99, I will never vote Republican again! Have another drink Nancy. Lol It’s parties 💩. We have needed better options for decades.

AuthorJoeNBrown Donald Capone The deep state l. this is why they all want to impeach trump and MittRomney the traitor that he is will betray his party and President If she had a brain shed be dangerous

What'd he gain? Lock him up!! Lock him up!! Lock him up!!! Bonjour bonsoir à tout le monde du monde moi on m'appelle kolo mon numéro+233573559341.le maître WhatsApp +22961048907 je veux vous parler 2 grands maîtres marabouts ayétauby il est là pour vous aider dans tous vos problèmes le retour d'affection le mariage toutes vos problèmes

SpeakerPelosi is becoming more of a joke daily. And she is ever so right all roads lead to Putin, with Trump No way is it bi- partisan, this lady lies so much, she to, must think Americans are stupid. Pelosi kid was collecting in Ukraine also, no one saying anything, but Americans know the Democrats scam. Ranking Democrats actually did corruption, to stop an investigation, they attack T

Well there you go, case closed. She has lost her mind! LOL Ok Boomer

Drunk again nance hypocrisy at its finest little lady Spend your time helping to run your country,instead of obsessively trying to impeach your President. Obsessive/compulsive behaviour is a sign of mental instability. Accept that you lost the last election and might lose the next one too. Investigate Biden and hid son if you dare!?

Nancy is a walking, mumbling violation. Can I get a collective 'No Shit, Sherlock!' Bullshit... Evidence is clear....hahahahaha! Lololol. Are you talking about yourself? SpeakerPelosi Bullshit tomorrawdotcom So where is your news report about none of the witnesses under oath could state the President shared with them the existance of a quid pro quo.

Here’s a concept Nancy. Hillary losing the 2016 election is not a reason that you can impeach Trump. Hillary lost. Trump is our president. Get over it!! Depends who you're talking to.. evidence are opinions, impressions and feelings, not facts.... I want my hard earned tax dollars to go to a legitimate recipient, not corrupt country. POTUS, has the right to withhold pending investigation.

Nonsense. No matter how much she runs her mouth the facts wont change. Garbage! She violates my eyes and ears every time I see or hear her. So sick of the left crap. Way to go working for America the past three years, jerks! A total waste of time and money. There’s NO there there!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

What has she done for the last 30 years on 170k per year? No he hasn’t clueless Nancy, I wanna be leader of the house it.looks like ican do this job More bull. She needs to sit down and shut the hell up!!!

Yes he have!🤨😵 Nancy just because you say it over and over does not make it true. I have seen no facts that proves he did anything wrong. All i have seen is a bunch of personal opinions!!!!! This stuff never ends does it? Every week they try a new angle. Imagine the country if they out as much effort in actually improving it!

Nancy’s credibility is suspect as we all know that she cannot tell the trees from the forest due to her political ideologies. In other words, Trump won’t do what she wants him to do, nor will he ever. Patriots are having a hard time but the love of country should prevail. However there’s absolutely no proof, so we’re just supposed to take your word for it. You lost me at Russian Collusion.

I can’t stand to look at or listen to this bitch!!! That eyebrow lift though.... iamwithher_pelosi 🙋‍♀️👍 The evidence is abundantly clear Pelosi and Democrats are incompetent. There is no evidence whatsoever against Trump. Dems trying yet another attempt at a coup because they can't beat Trump

Saying something is “clear” doesn’t make it true. 😂😂😂 Whoa. There goes your opportunity to retreat gracefully. A full senate trial will be very entertaining. ✌🏻🤷🏻‍♂️🇺🇸 What? No way! Politicians never do anything for their own benefit! Come on it like comes with benefits of the job. Why don’t you all just admit it. We already know...we vote for your dumbasses anyway.

Go back into your hole we don’t want to hear anything you say because it’s a lie. 👍in more ways than one. You’re obviously delusional. Treason!

Name any member of Congress that doesn’t do exactly the same thing. I think you have that a little, sorry, a LOT BACKWARDS. Please look in the mirror and say the exact same words and if you can keep a straight face it would be a MIRACLE.All you socialist communist party democrat politicians have become so delusional with yourHATRED towards POTUS!

Bring it! Can't wait to watch Schiff, Hunter and others as called witnesses! “Nunes had told Shokin of the urgent need to launch investigations into Burisma, Joe and Hunter Biden' Pelosi is a crook! Show the evidence, that’s all you have to do otherwise Get to work doing what you’re supposed to do, serve the public. Pass laws like trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Go back to your nursing home Welcome to the Lying Democrat Show. : They guarantee to cheat, lie, destroy, and murder to get there socialist agenda put into place. There’s only one thing standing in there way ; True Freedom Loving Americans ! No, you are doing exactly what you accused him of doing. Shame on you.

I love my president ever more since the democrats shown everyone their anti-american views and true colors of being the party of corruption, fraud, scams and lies. About that. How does one making 193k per year have a net worth of over 100 million dollars? Using their office for personal gain perhaps? Personal gain? You “Pelosi” used your office to make millions. Uhmmm “personal gain”. Look in the mirror.

This old corrupt bag cannot even clean up the feces from the streets of San Francisco. She has made millions from being in Congress. Yet no one investigates. Any career Politician who has become worth tens or hundreds of millions of dollars while working for the tax payer needs to be investigated..Let’s start with you Nancy!!

Just pathetic!!!!! She wouldn't know The Constitution if it was in front of her! She is the face of why we need Term Limits onPolitcians and Congress! Absolutely not, but Biden, Hillary and now you and Schiff and the democrats sure have violated your offices and the trust of the American people What is clear: Pelosi violates truth every day. She is a damn travesty!

Says the women in the cartels back pocket let’s research why you’re worth millions honey.

Pelosi should be fired, due to her drinking---she's mentally not able to make rational judgement😳😢☹️ I don't understand how the right still supports 45! I understand he was elected by his base to 'shake things up'. But his actions go WAY beyond that and have from day 1. It is because they do that 45 is so bold. Is 45's statement 'I could shoot somebody on 5th Ave..' true? WHY?

I have NOT heard any ‘facts. Also if what Pres Trump did is unlawful; what do you call what Biden and son did? And that's how she made her millions Obviously, but now what will be his punishment if any Ma'am, SpeakerPelosi I vote impeach yup, someone please remind the Republicans, this impeachment is about our national fabric...not a blow job.

now do your support of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities and Obamacare. All of which are unconstitutional. Can we impeach you? You are full of s____t.

Skeletor at it again. Worried about her paycheck. Oh crazy Nancy....blah blah blah! Go back to your own city of SF and fix that mess!! Personal gain? Wrong! What did he do...Fart? Beginning was quid pro quo. Then extortion, then bribery, then violated oath of office. What will the next claim be Pelosi? Dems have nothing on Trump. Dems are trying to create something. If anyone is in violation of oath of office. It’s democrats who think they r above the law!

Shut up Satan This woman believes anything and follows anyone. I'm glad I'm not her. She knows the truth how they've mad up so much trash and the hate behind each person Don't you know how to tell the truth, You arethe one that wased your office for personal gain. Hope you look forward to being tried for treason.

Waste of time. Move along Nancy!

you all abuse your positions! And I blame myself for the snapper heads I voted for! That’s why he doesn’t take his presidential salary? That he gives it away? like you! She needs to be institutionalized BGHeaven And in doing so he betrayed the American people. The evidence is clear. The leftists under pelosi have done nothing but refuse to accept the will of the people and their choice for president. Her failed coup attempt will cost her party dearly at the polls and eventually will catch up to her leftist propaganda mills like abc.

She is the way DOJ actong against her corrupt son Isn't it clear that Vice President Biden used his office for his family's gain, and to thwart an investigation through coercion? Burisma wasn't paying Hunter a salary, it was toll to get access through Joe Biden. I need to poop

She has lost her mind. She’s acting wreckless and saying things that just aren’t true. I hope she gets help. Where did you get your millions? Stop talking and impeach him. Lock him up and clean out the White House. I had my doubts about trump being a bad president. But he’s making a case otherwise. And it ain’t getting any better.🖕🏽SMH!! Dump trump!!🇺🇸🤦‍♂️ here’s the season for impeachment. Fa Lala lala lala lala!!! Pence would be a better president then trump!

What personal gain did he get? No investigation. Ukraine got aid. You dildos grasped at the only thing you had. Collusion between that girl RepAdamSchiff and butt-hurt jag-off Caramello (spelling), the so-called whistleblower. Question, can you impeach him twice? What are you going to do next year, and the next, the next?

Just keep telling yourself that, maybe it’ll come true. lol! you just told the american people the election is a scam, its already Biden vs trump in 2020 . so what constitution ? Russian or china you must be talking about. Pelosi off her meds again

Coming from a woman who has become a multi millionaire since she has been in office. I want to see her tax papers. Let me see if I understand, President Trump has done everything wrong i.e. best economic situation ever in history, people are finally working, stock market setting records, we are getting better and equal foreign trade than ever, manufacturing jobs are returning to our country.

Bad grandma needs to step down, pour a glass of wine, take her teeth out and play with her grandchildren You mean Joe/Hunter Biden Def need to find something better than this🙄clear as mud kathleenplante What ever you say chicken little. SpeakerPelosi your body language and speech would suggest otherwise. You are clearly afraid that you will be exposed for your own personal gains.

The evidence is clear that you and your party have done a great job of proving a false narrative for impeachment! Get back to work! I think Obama done that As with the entire process, that’s the way she feels. Zero facts.

You keep retweeting this, won’t make it tru though SpeakerPelosi the evidence is clear Joe Biden used his ObamaAdministration VP job for his personal gain. You are a life long politician and good spinner of situations. So impeach him already! The evidence is clear SpeakerPelosi is past her expiration date. Incoherent on a good day.

Put the crack pipe down Nancy. Aaaaand Barak Hussain never did? Don't forget Nasty, you had to pass Obamacare to know what was in it. He couldn't stand you or Clinton. But your lips were always on his ass. 💋💋💋 Yes he has your sooo full of crap.. PLEASE LEAVE OR RETIRE SO WE THE PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY HAVE SOMEONE TO WORK FOR US! YOU HAVE DONE EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO DESTROY PATRIOTISM IN AMERICA.

I watched most all of the testimonies and I think her glasses are different from mine because I don’t have the same conclusion.

BuT wAsn'T TheRe CoLLusIOn NanCy? You're an even bigger joke than you make out Trump to be SpeakerPelosi Do you fly coach back and forth from California to DC? Ok. Duh. And? What will be DONE about it? Nothing? Thought so. That pattern is evident at this point. Democratic Party has passed the event horizon. 🙋🏻‍♂️ bye bye

maryannemarsh 'the evidence is clear'? I think she needs new glasses. hahahahahaha When did the Ukraine become such a huge national security concern? For that matter when did Russia? Obama didn't think either was of great national security concern to the US. hahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhahshhshahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahajajajjajahahhahahha

Bull Schiff!

tomorrawdotcom So Network I see you have joined the ranks of CNN. This sham will be tossed by the Senate. We all are sure it was heard maybe something might we think happened still only what we think ! ..But we call a nothing burger 🍔🍔🍔 For sure we know Trump.well be President of the United States of America in 2020 !

The evidence is clear that SpeakerPelosi has lost control and is now a puppet for the lunatic left and DoNothingDemocrats AGAIN Please! 😀😉😜 VladimirAras 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trump 2020 Evidence is most certainly not clear at all

tomorrawdotcom Anyone know what the 'supposed' gain/benefit is Amazing how the government is twisting words. This is all happening because a non politician won office over the dems corrupt Hillary tomorrawdotcom This is Alexander Soros playing slap and tickle with his daddy’s pets. Who is his daddy? Nazi George Soros (aka) Swartz, that’s who. Vulgar hag is owned and operated by our worst enemies.

Just a christian being christian is all Is it possible that Pelosi actually believes what she is saying about Trump? If so she does not belong in the House where our laws are set. IMPEACH TRUMP People saying there is evidence obviously didn’t watch the same hearings, I did! Democrats continually embarrassing themselves! I believe, I presume, I feel, I assume, I guess, I overheard, I eves dropped, this entire docudrama is complete and utter bull! What in the world have🤥

tomorrawdotcom SpeakerPelosi - Hey old woman!! Look in the mirror! YOU are one who has violated your oath of office.

We’ll wait for the Ukraine investigation into Burisma to really understand the money trail! Please get him out! I am so weary of the permanent threat, to the world, with such a man... Takes one to know one Nancy Pelosi in the HOUSE👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷❤️❤️❤️ arlette_merla Trump can lie and break every law in the book on a daily basis, just roll him out of the Whitehouse already! SpeakerPelosi AdamSchiff RepAdamSchiff

You would be speaking german now without Russia . However American speech is in general full of Russia criticism and paranoia ! May be you can not live without enemies and there you got a good one and a reason for your political life . The coal mine speaks, and wants to paint everyone with her filthy coal tar brush.

Next , out with the old , I’m with some one who actually cares .. Bye Bye Nancy! Hey SpeakerPelosi ....remember it must be bipartisan. Liar. That’s okay though. There will be a senate trial where the GOP calls the shots.

What happens in Ukraine is not our National Security, as Ukraine is not part of the US. If Trump withheld military aid to Puerto Rico if Cuba were a threat to them, then it would be a threat to our National Security. North Korea was a threat to Guam, thus our National Security. Another one-sided, liberal, biased post from untrustworthy ABC News!

How has Trump violated the constitution? ya have to beat him at election 2020 Nancy.... everything else will fail and is unsatisfying. If this bitch worked as hard for the United States as she has done on smearing our president, we might actually be doing even better than we are! You have been saying that for 3 years now Nancy, where is the evidence? 2 years of Mueller and now Schiff’s show trial, and still no evidence. Aren’t we all innocent until proven guilty? Even Trump? Where is your proof?

Everything you said sounds like you Nancy

Nowhere congress Pelosi is wrong. Dead wrong Donald Trump's personal gain is our national security. To restate the obvious Didn’t we go over this Wednesday? You have to say this is in a press conference because the witnesses said there was no quid pro quo. All this hear say is hilarious. Biden & Hunter should be investigated for Conflict of Interest & Corruption respectively. The Dem are scared. So much stains around the former VP and son.

Impeach him!!!! Make the republicans go in force them to show their allegiances so that way the American people know who NOT to vote for if they stand with a criminal There wasn't a shred of evidence other than he said she said and I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend What is she doing with the Mexico/Canada deal that’s been on her fest forever? Nothing

Pelosi is out of her mind. Did she follow the witness testimony. There is absolutely no evidence of wrong doing by the President. If they push this thru I hope all Americans see that the Dem Congress are the criminals, breaking their oat of office and violating our constitution

What? Just HOW was the national security undermined? Nancy is insane, It is Joe Biden & Hunter who financially gained by extortion of Ukraine. Lock Nancy & Schiff up for conspiracy to extort & benefiting from it. Typical Baltimore mob princess thug & Democrat ways. POOR NANCY DONT KNOW WHY ABC NEWS NEVER REPORT FAIRLY ALL THIS DEMOCRATS ARE DANGEROUS AND THEIR SKILLS ARE POOR FOR AMERICAN

please retire - What has she done for the past 30 years? No it isn’t realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse We spent $40 million on Hillary Clinton’s dossier false Ukrainian dirt report! Either her or fake news should pay us back for that foolishness! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 SpeakerPelosi & most of the rest of Congress has violated their oaths to the Constitution. We have Democrats running for president that are happily promising to further violate the Constitution.

The Pipsqueak Pelosi is at it again, time for you get some convalescent care. AdamSchiff SpeakerPelosi I certainly hope that the Dems hold open the Impeachment Inquiry simple because there could be more relevant witnesses coming forward .Maybe one of them has a taped conversation discussing the Ukraine Investigation into Biden and the 2016 Investigation

PELOSI, the democrat socialist party is *****DEATH******** Stop telling us what you all are doing! Get to the table and work! If it’s so important, cancel your vacation! It pisses me off that the majority of people are working all week, some even on the holiday, and these yahoos are partying on our dollars! Pass the bill!

DOS HAVING A COMMUNIST WIFE LIVING IN THE WHITEHOUSE COUNT? DOES HAVING COMMUNIST IN-LAWS LIVING IN THE WHITEHOUSE COUNT?‼️ Democrats wasting time and money again. If there is clear evidence, why didn’t the Democrats share it instead of parading a bunch of ppl up to talk abt their presumptions? Trump is too self-centered to operate outside of his own personal interest, above America. He’s never going to be a leader.

That lady is a idiot who shouldn't even be in our government she has used her office for every political gains and wealth for her & her family her son is on the same board as hunter Biden she has gotten rich in government why we got poor. She needs impeached Personally I feel this women is a Russian helping Putin to destabilize America. Why can't these Idiots call democrats think positive for once in their lives and help Trump make America better. Putin smiles everyday when democrats sees him as a big threat. Trump see him as a boy.

She cant name 1 single shred of evidence! Not one. Because he has exposed all y'alls sons Of course, Ukraine is just the tip of the iceberg for Trump. He is running the U.S. government (or trying to) like the Trump Organization which only exists to make money for Trump. He can't be very good at it (the bankruptcies, the business failures), but it doesn't matter.

Nancy Pelosi is........ Skeletina is drunk again. whacked Democrats are low IQ and need to seek professional metal health help. No one cares what crazy Nancy says. Bombshell, bombshell, bombshell, walls closing in- ooh ahh. Pelosi and Adam Shit are not controlling the narrative...maybe Hunter Biden’s dick, but not ABC and the DNC

It would be nice if she would make it clear to America. Of course since this is ABC it could be fake.

Lies. It is unbelievable how willing they are to just blatantly lie. They think we’re all just idiots. Except that didn’t happen....Wake Up. Let’s continue Draining the Swamp Trump2020 this Beautiful Lady is absolutely right!! And NANCY Pelosi you have used your position and power to help the Democrats screw up the government and this country and miss use of your power

Clown! SpeakerPelosi forgot to say 'collusion is in plain sight'. Go away you silly old bat She is a Never-Trumper! Documents will soon prove IMPEACHMENT TIME!! There is no smoking gun!

And Nancy is correct! The call was perfectly “WRONG!” More like: 'He hath violated hith oath of offith.' Is she always drunk Wrong. And yet cannot name a crime with any evidence. I can say that you’re a traitor to our country but it doesn’t make the accusations true, though I’d bet Nancy’s bucket is empty while my bucket does have circumstantial evidence. Spygate RussiaHoax EpsteinCoverUp SeeTheDifference

Laughable She looks horrible, must eat away at her knowing how dishonest she is. Methinks SpeakerPelosi doth protest too much. You are undermining foreign policy and national security TeamPelosi And still is, and will continue to do so. You must stop him. When are this demons going to stop ! God almighty keep blessing Mr President trump 20/20.

Hallucination. Actually the only thing that’s clear is that you have absolutely nothing against President Trump other than some bad decisions. Nothing criminal & you know it. This was anothe colossal failure that’s going to cost you the election in 2020. Wouldn’t be easier to just do your job Well it’s a complete waste of tax money especially if this will have the same result as the sensational Muller Report. ANYWAY, WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BURISMA, HUNTER BIDEN NOW? ARE YOU GOING TO LAUNCH AN INVESTIGATION FOR THAT AS WELL? We will wait for the answer on this....

I’m not a Trump fan, nor did I vote for him, but it’s BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that this whole thing is a sham and Pelosi is lying, like she always does. At this point, she is fooling very few people and most people are tired of it. SpeakerPelosi is a drunk & a fool. She can barely speak clearly. She refers to the duly elected President, who won an electoral landslide & 63 million votes as a fraud! The woman needs to retire, go in to therapy & relax with the millions her family has stolen from the people.

Judging from all the trolls here Nancy Pelosi must be scaring the hell out of the Republicans. Thankful that finally the Dems in the House are doing their job and impeaching trump. It should have happened after the Mueller Report. Dump Trump

After Three years of calling for impeachment, the American people’s is tired of this nonsense. Why did you squash the Epstein story? Idiots Her face and her evil remind me of Hitchcock movies. Blah, blah, blah... show me the evidence!!!!! How does delaying aide to Ukraine a few weeks, undermine our natsec but denying it all together (basically) didn't?

Why does this keep showing up? It’s FAKE Hahaha. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black! What a hypocrite Pelosi is. She’s made millions working for the government at taxpayer expense. The President has refused to take a salary. What a joke these clowns are.

Look shoes talking What's coming from your mouth is what you yourself did Says the commie criminal who became a millionaire on a congressional salary. Go straight to hell or your own district. Doesn’t really matter. Would someone get this woman some Poligrip?! ...and you have been waisting my hard earned money.

How though? And lol at this ass Geez, what do you think he’s after? Power, money stop saying idiotic things. Will you or the next president give up their paychecks? He Gives more power to our US money, etc. never mind you are too dumb to understand.

Very true Clear as mud I agree uhh Russia invaded eastern Ukraine, took Crimea, and struck plane murdering hundreds of civilians ALL during the Obama Presidency with Biden as VP! Some help he was to Ukraine! Maybe if I was as drunk as you Sweetie that’s been you whole career. It is clear she and her lying lapdog Schiff are undermining our national security.

She’s just protecting her kids It’s also clear that Pelosi looks like Skelator from “”He-Man” minus the muscles 💪🏽

But we haven’t reached a conclusion about writing articles of impeachment I think you done more to hurt the country Yep. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻😊🇺🇸 She's delirious! What a funny old gal! She looks looney Personal gain? After a lifetime of “public service” Pelosi is worth $120 Million. Tell us about using your office for personal gain!!

And nobody cares! 😭 What’s clear is you’ve all helped to insure Trump 2020, thanks Nancy.

What exactly how did the President use the office for personal gain. I want specifics tired of just general statements What’s the sign? When do you realize your on the losing team? When do you realize you’ve been lied to for literally years? What happened to fight or flight? Such a waste of time. Go away Nancy. Your time is up

Does she listen to herself? She is speaking about herself, crazy Nancy! She’s drunk Desperate times calls for desperate lies for the dems 😂 Make stuff up, Take another L Nancy. Hate to sound like a broken record, but what about Epstein?

What have you done with your office? 🤣 And the same is true for Nancy and the majority of dems in Congress...let's investigate every politician who has become wealthy while 'serving' in office. Push for it. Nancy hitting the Vodka again? begint al net zo'n schandaal teworden, might be clear by Trump in his head is alsomthing disabeld

After YOUR party launched a smear campaign while accusing him of being a foreign agent which is treason, punishable by death. You don't think he would retaliate against those who did this? In 2016 YOUR PARTY tried to UNDERMINE HIS CAMPAIGN by using Ukraine. You think we forgot? All lies! And corrupt media!!

SpeakerPelosi obviously has dementia. What impeachment inquiry was she following? Waste of time. This is a farce. Nonsense

Look at her lying face They don’t want this they don’t want Trump to be the greatest president ever. And Obama NEVER did that right? Give me a frickin break lady He gets paid zero dollars. Zero! Us Americans arent buying what shes selling anymore 😀 As as matter of fact, not from you a ABC either! It is so difficult to separate party line with what we witness. I am trying to see what how people think there is nothing there and I cant.

Own personal gain .... benefit to the Russia. What? You are crazy 😜 in the inquiry was nothing, you guys really have all the media on lock down. People please vote for Trump. We going back to the level plain field the gold Standard where America started MAGA when America was backed by the people and for the people.

Drunk again is my guess. I think everyone sees how clear this is. Clearly a waste of time. Liar! SHE'S ON THE KOOLAID!!!!! VetsForImpeachment she's been smoking some bad stuff , fried her brain Um... what was the evidence again? I still haven’t seen any. LOL Deepstate is going down, ABC should start to do their job before it's too late..

Ha she thinks, she presumes or she believes ? Same bs we heard for the last 2 weeks. No facts. Hard journalism there. Pathetic hacks Please send Meds. Says the woman who racked up a $56k tax payer funded booze bill GOP’s portal to hell. ImpeachmentHearings Fake news. Impeach then. Pelosi is lying: there is no evidence at all, only promoted rumors that account to a intent of subversion of the Democratic system by the Democrat majority in the lower house, in other words a 'Coup' like the south american generals in the 70's

Not 🤨. You miss spelled democrats SpeakerPelosi. Every democrat in office now or past has far more money than the average person

You lie... I personally feel that Pelosi should retire from government she looks like she’s about half dead who can stay in to listen to her anymore anyway She is the reason Trump will win again. Way to go crazy lady. You need to spend more time on California before you talk about a politician doing something for their own gain.

YOU ARE CRAZY! She is worth how much working as a public servant for most of her life and she is talking about using public office for personal gain?😳 Oh ya and where did her $150 million come from? Nancy Pelosi is delusional! Bombshell, Bombshell Bombshell - Pelosi is not controlling the narrative - Hunter Biden’s dick might be but not the media and definitely not Adam Shit and Pelosi just needs to be sent to prison with Hillary

Proverbs 12:14 'A worthless person, a wicked (woman), goes about with crooked speech, winks with (her) eyes, taps with (her) feet, points with (her) finger, with perverted heart devises evil, continually sowing discord...' Yes he has but I don’t have faith the Republicans will hold him accountable at all.

Tell us why are you sat on the Epstein story this woman is insane... How many in Congress haven’t used their office for their own political gain? How about you, Nancy Pelosi? Insanity. This is DOA. All of you have made tons of money from Ukraine! You all will be taken down by joining the corruption you had no business being in. Trump said he’s draining the swamp because soooo many in the swamp are corrupt and became millionaires off of shady practices in Ukraine. Shame ful

Of course he did. And he says he’d do it again, as Republicans stand by and let him, defending the indefensible. All the facts are compelling and against him. Republicans have nothing but to deflect or complain about the process. Guilty people complain about the process.

👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 Wrong Delusional. Hey strung out nancy keep taking all those pills with your alcohol its really working for you Sorry but a lot of us are just upset that you all keep peeing on us without the curtesy of even calling it rain. Says the public servant worth $220 million SpeakerPelosi

It’s pretty clear that she is a moron and drinks too much! What evdence? None exists. SpeakerPelosi is a habitual liar just like Shifty RepAdamSchiff. should really stop tweeting propaganda. Pelosi and Schiff should be removed. WalkAwayFromDemocratLiars I SUPPORT NANCY 45TRAITOR 45CRIMINAL 45CHAOS 45DISTRACTION 45CORRUPTION

Wrong💥 This is a smear campaign for the 2020 election cause you know you can’t win. Build the wall and return my Social Security funds you stole. 🤔 Funny, the evidence is clear, it was made up and the Dems look even more stupid. The only thing that’s clear Madam Speaker is the fact your lies are being shoved down the American people’s throats. We know what facts are versus your lies and your crooked politicians bending the truth. Karma will be going around looking for you wherever you go!

YES ImpeachTrumpNow DumpTrump What exactly has President Trump gained? I can say Pelosi that your son gained a lot in working with Ukraine. I think you and your son should be investigated. Pelosi, your a damn liar and you will lose your job over this. What evidence? All I heard was people's opinions and feelings. Not one shred of evidence was offered.

Yeah ok. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 They are going to do their partisan impeachment despite bi-partisan opposition in the HOR. The senate trial that will not convict realDonaldTrump will mostly result in a Hunter Biden inditement resulting in what comes out of the senate trial. How many post offices does the Nanc panc family own? Really, those that live in glass houses...

🤣😂😃😂🤣😂🤣 Remember Nancy & ABC what you dish out can be served back to U. How did that nuclear option work for you when it was used against you. I for one am tired of turning the cheek and being civil from now on it's pushed back feed you the same crap you feed us. If I were MConnell, I'd put Pelosi and Schiff on the Senate trial witness list. It's going to be a different ball game in the Senate.

Total unmitigated boloney put out to uninformed voters. Crap!! Nancy Pelosi is worth 26 million dollars how to you become that rich working for the people. Bullshit But, but Joe Biden did nothing wrong I am confused! Nope What did he gain?

QUID PRO QUO❗❕‼️ this man violated his oak first day. when he started helping Putin, to pay back debt he owe Russia. Now we have all these corrupt leaders. Who do you trust.Trump don't care about know one but trump. he can read, don't understand and have baby tantrum.. His kids getting richer I agree

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