Pelosi Announces House Committee On Coronavirus Crisis To Exercise Oversight Of Pandemic Response -

Pelosi Announces House Committee On Coronavirus Crisis To Exercise Oversight Of Pandemic Response -

Pelosi announces House committee on coronavirus crisis to exercise oversight of pandemic response

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces a bipartisan panel to exercise oversight of the federal coronavirus response. It will have the authority to issue subpoenas.

4/2/2020 7:03:00 PM

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces a bipartisan panel to exercise oversight of the federal coronavirus response. It will have the authority to issue subpoenas.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday announced the creation of a new bipartisan House select committee on the coronavirus crisis that will exercise oversight of the federal response to the pandemic and be chaired by Majority Whip Jim Clyburn.

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Next statement once approved: trump subpoenad over Coronavirus in an effort to try and impeach him... again Do you not have anything better to do? TERM LIMITS NOW!!!! Why do you always have to be negative. It is sad . You yourself said it’s fine! Come to Chinatown in February/March . You Nor We didn’t know how bad this would be. Please stop the hate and let’s just get our country back to up and running. Just stop.

Yeah that’s what we need to be focusing on . Have some compassion . Pelosi go bury your head in the sand and forget to come up. just seeing Nancy pelosis face fills me with anxiety because I know shes intent on destroying our country....taking trump down is more important to her than our well being. insanity.

wow so helpful...thx douche bag enemy of our country Retire there is nothing bipartisan about this witch. She is so pathetic that I just can’t help but laugh at her ignorance. Isn’t this part of the law that was passed? She is a deadly Virus! Stay away from her!!! “The Devil” Trump has now shown Canada that the U.S. is NOT our ally. I hope our actual leader, unlike your waste of skin President shuts everything down including the health care workers traveling south. You do not deserve it! Trumpistherealvirus

Pelosi and her colleagues are disgusting little parasites. They continue their witch hunt. Even in the eye of this pandemic. All they care about is an election and their power. They don’t give a damn about the American people. This woman will never do her job. She needs to be removed from her office. How much more taxpayers money will she waste this time. Please people wake up.can anybody get her outta of office. This is ridiculous. She is a Joke. Look what she has done to our country. Time to go Nancy

That is a waste of time. Vote your opinion in the next election and get rid of the machinery which got us to this place. What, more BS accusations?! You guys cried “WOLF” way too many times and “We The People” see right through this charade. 🙄 Don’t need the bitches help From the look on her face the first one goes to her

That raise Pelosi gave Congress could go to American and LEGAL citizens. Democrats are EVIL. U cant be an American Patriot and a Democrat. They better not give our money to illegals. They can give the American citizens and LEGAL immigrants that money they want to give those law breakers so we don’t suffer for months.

What a load of crap. Will she never stop? Thank God she is not running again! Please remove this lady. She add so much unnecessary money to the CARE act and she thinks she has the right to select someone for 'oversight of how it is used'? You have got to be kidding! She doesn't care what happens to the American worker nor does she care about America.


Roger waters maduro lover Even in the eye of this pandemic. The democrats continue their witch hunt. They are disgusting parasites. There only concern is an election and their power. They could care less about the American people. Here we go again! Nancy Pelosi does not let up on bringing down Trump. She hasn't down absolutely nothing else for people in America. In her own congratulations district in San Francisco where homelessness, powerty and drug use is prevalent. Help your own district Nancy!!!

Now this is the one who needs fact check. ...never know how much she been drinking What is this nut doing now? Schiff and her should be in jail. Vote all Democrats out. Next few months will tell a lot in history. Virus outcome, election. Maybe it's God's will that Democrats destroy America. 😡😡😡😡 Just stop already. Give it up.

Let’s start with her husband’s security trades I think the money should be spent on a lot of hurting people right now. WE PAY THESE IDIOTS ! JUST LIKE THE IMPEACHMENT ITS A BIG JOKE ! MORE WASTE OF TIME & MONEY BY THE DEMOCRATS ! OMG here we go again. She didn't get her way so let's have a temper tantrum.

You are a psycho SpeakerPelosi don’t you think that we should all concentrate on the invisible enemy at this time? Can you have a little compassion for all the fatalities, and let the President concentrate on this? Tone deaf Yes let’s spend (waste) money here instead of using the money to assist in defeating covid-19. Should her health be evaluated? She has made some very bad decisions. Also, shouldn’t you be reporting on Tara Reade? Embarrassing right?

Bipartisan 🤣 Lets not forget if shes going to do this then she has to call herself out. She was inChina town begging for americans to join her out side and suck up the air. She claimed trumps a racist and theres nothing to worry about. She cant hide from it, its on video. Good this is sad what this administration is doing. Who does Kushner think he is to tell the American people that paid for the stock pile it’s for their use. Kushner should not even be in the WH. What the heck makes him an authority. Is this for their family use down the road.

Go home to those who elected you. The deaths of 1000’s are on your doorstep. You are a weapon of evil. Nancy Pelosi will never get tired failing... That's all they do waste time and money instead of fighting for the people. Hopefully the investigation will include all the senators who dumped their stock during briefings back in January, which also means administration knew this was coming and did not react until it was too late!

Make sure you all watched Donald Trump's children and that son-in-law of his. Move on to real issues of the country! The president makes me sick. Literally. And the hits just keep on coming! More wasted resources! Regardless of political affiliation, this is another stupid political process. How long be for the swamp is drained? realDonaldTrump

Omg, my wish is Pelosi & Schumer keep putting themselves in front of the cameras so we the American people can see & witness what a bunch of clowns the dems have for leaders! Best re election ads for Trump EVER! WTH is a subpoena going to do in this time of crisis ? She needs to do something because the inmates are running the prison here. Oh wait, she’s probably one too!

So impeachment didn’t work, let’s see what you can do with the virus crisis. Give it up, you’re fighting a desperate, losing battle. You are delusional. Please see your doctor to change your meds. Do your job. Prepare for the nxt crisis. If you would have been doing your job during the Obama yrs we wouldnt be in this pickle.

Ridiculous!!! She needs to retire. We are in the middle of a global pandemic. What is wrong with her. Trying to remake America in your view, typical Democrats-let no crises go to waste. Join in and help in a time of crisis. Unless you are multi millionaire and use individuals as tools-sound like you? SpeakerPelosi There are two words that Nancy Pelosi has NO Concept of: Bipartisan and Humanity. Kinda like CNN with Integrity and Honesty. Ain't there. realDonaldTrump

The Democrats want to ruin the economy Soooo political! SAD! Nancy, roll up your sleeves and join the fight to help those infected or get the hell out of the way. You have outlived purpose. Drunk Enough!!! Maybe within our own country we should try working together. Our country is facing a crisis and all our politicians want to do is fight amongst themselves. Enough! The American people are tired of your crap. If you don’t want to work together retire and go home.

Has she ordered more pens to give out? Sad times indeed! Oversight job of Congress, especially with a would be dictator POTUS. Nancy the wicked witch of the west needs to GO AWAY!!!! What an actual mess. In the uk i havent seen party divides since this virus outbreak. In america rather than bandy together we play politics with this too Apparently trump is the president in all other hard hit countries of the world? This is a total mess. Im ashamed of nancy!

Bitch As the song says ‘Poor old Nancy Pelosi she has taken to the sup Poor old Nancy Pelosi she may never give it up.’ Glad it is bipartisan, we need to work together. Pelosi Pork you are a disgrace to the word humanity. Another waste of time and money For what? They do all of this shit and go through the formalities but nothing seems to change! Save yourself the time you know you’re not gonna do anything about it anyway but create a whole lot of hype!

Nut case who refuses to just stop making herself look like an angry ridiculous spiteful woman! Pelosi bipartisan REALLY..dont make me laugh ! Just like CNN we need to get rid of this crazy bitch Where is the coronavirus when we need it Why do you hate The President so bad Well there it is. What kind of Chinese communists bat shit crazy are you people. American people are getting fcked by Pelosi again snd the ashholes like it.

Great, as bout time What were we all doing in January instead of focusing on this virus? It rhymes with dimreachsent Give it up already - there are people dieing shouldnt you be more concerned about that. Subpoena Nancy asked why she patted the bill with pork fat All I know is GOD IS. IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE SO NO MATTER WHAT MAN DO GOD HAVE THE LAST SAY SO. ALL YALL NEED TO BE DOING IS PRAYING TO GOD TO FIX WHAT MAN HAS DONE BECAUSE EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD IS SUFFERING FROM THIS EVEN BABIES 🙏🏾 MAN CANT FIX THIS ONLY GOD

Thank you Nancy Pelosi for the panel of oversight. If Donald Trump had control of the distribution of monies none of which would reach the businesses and peoples it's designated for. All monies would go to his hotels and golf courses oh don't forget about his billionaire friend SpeakerPelosi just needs to go away. Drama Queen world champion or shit stirrer champion, which ever you prefer.

I think Nancy Pelosi is a joke and she needs to lose her job and she needed she needs to donate her her income to the American people if she doesn’t like this country she can leave That's really going to help rite now. What an asshole She needs to get out she is horrible person and for our country. Screw off CNN!!!

Hail the queen of America! Didn’t those in the monarchy get beheaded in some revolution? Just don't include goofy Schiff on it please. I agree totally. The most honorable thing for SpeakerPelosi to do after the impeachment was to resign. There is nothing better to think of than 'subpoenas' all the time. Just go away.

She is a Nut! So sick of her charades!! Why doesn’t she help the people who have lost their jobs! Instead she starts another investigation, her favorite pastime! She held up help with her pork for NPR, Kennedy Center etc! America will not forget this! What a WASTE of tax payers money? WHY do we need a committee?

Without house vote it has no authority Please retire It needs to be done with this president What a waste of time, now more than ever we need to support our President and work as one country to get through this worldwide crisis... nancypelosihatesamericans Is who helping to be safe? POS wasting our money again

TRUMP 2020 You need to retire, you have lost your mind. That’s what you get when you abide by Truman’s call on Presidents. “The bulk stops here”. Definitely keep an eye on em Yall all got something negative to say. While this man and others have lied, blowing this off and taking advantage of human lives. This isn't a game. The government is out of control. Trump supporters are like unabombers. You see the wrong yet your still willing to die for him.

Retire and do every American a favor, take up knitting Nancy do y’all not remember 2008 Ya, let's cut the cake before we blow out the candles. Makes sense. another reason for this crazy bitch to be removed 🥳 Are you go again trying to throw blame instead of being part of the problem you should be part of the solution

DemocratsHateAmericans all they want to do is chase down the President, this is not the time for more 'investigations' and WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK of the media's dishonesty and lack of integrity! voteindependent Omg she needs to stop 🦠🇺🇸🗳🗳🗳 She is such a waste of oxygen! yes I like it. please vote Trump again. MAGA

Oh just go away... This to shall pass. Like the FakeImpeachment & shit thru a goose. Good! Lets make sure it doesnt go right to the 1%.. Finally, Trump fucked this up so badly. S. Korea and the US had their first case on the same day. Look where S Korea is and where we are. We are fucked basically. ....And this is why everyone hates you

Dems. Their batshit Russia crap. Their batshit Ukraine crap. Now their bat-eating China crap. You are such a joke. Pelosi is the enemy of America. realDonaldTrump ChinaVirus Okay... here we go again!!!! Arrest and remove trump from office along with all his henchmen! Message your representatives and demand their negligence and disregard for human life be the criminal grounds for this demand!

Great, another wasteful and ridiculous investigation. The last one didn't help with this situation and now when we need everyone focused on the problem let's call a timeout and talk about what we did right and wrong. Definition of insanity. She is such a piece of s***. .whether you're a Democrat or Republican this lady needs to go she is f****** horrific

Crooked Nancy should get Corona virus You wanted to waste more money! Bipartisan I believe that I also believe that 🇨🇳NN is the most trusted name in news and Nancy doesn't hate Americans DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica Nancy please go away was this done yesterday april fools joke. she not going to spend more money on this lol good joke cnn ty we need a laugh now

Cool, start by Issuing subpoenas for all the loser obstructing democrats who called Trump racist and a bigot for closing down our boarder and banning travel to China in the beginning. Start issuing subpoenas for those “WHO” folks who lied to us and sided with China at the start Nancy needs to retire Drunk again

Yes, let’s waste more money and energy on fucking investigations... you’re kidding right Where is the headline... Nancy Pelosi announces her retirement?!?! This is actually good news. What this means is the democrats know that the coronavirus won’t break trump. They know we are nearing the end. And the economy will bounce back quickly. They need another bombshell to take him out. This is now there 500th attempt. Pathetic.

Wow. Democrats have lost their minds. We aren’t even at the apex of this virus yet and they are opening an investigation into presidents response. Ridiculous. They should be using their time to help defeat the virus. Even democrat voters should be upset by this. She should b/c the thirst for power from leftists like her, you and me knows no boundaries! We are really a pathetic, ignorant bunch of anti-American scumbags! Keep ignoring the truth like I do as well and be partisan during a national crisis and hey that belongs on a BBN tshirt!

Typical Pelosi. Where and what are the politicians during this countries crisis. All are on vacation stirring the pot and doing nothing to help during this unimaginable epidemic! Because that will help with this pandemic, people dying, MILLIONS out of She wants to spend millions on more investigations....ya, that'll help. How about doing something to help us, the American people, in this crisis?! Pathetic!

Stop wasting my tax money! omg people are dying and this dog is playing politics. disgusting thing This woman is a disgrace. This Speaker only spreads negativity everywhere she goes, there is no one to blame, let’s work together for once 😇🙏🏻 Stop wasting 'Our' taxpayer money on your witchunts! Retire already, your usefulness to this country has long since ended. Do the right thing.

What a quack. When are you going to resign from your position. Sooner rather than later!! hater Not Good!! Please go away! She is a waste of all of our time. NastyNancy Come on potus will turn it! At the end he will be a hero, and a lot of Americans 💀 don’t waste time to prove potus is a murder and an idiot! Americans want to believe he is a hero! 🤦🏼‍♀️

It’s appalling that you would write this at a time when our country is in CRISIS. If you care about the people like you say you do...Spend your time helping to find more PPE. Your actions at this time are sickening. Your hatred for this President replaces your common sense. She and pencil neck should shut up and sit down. They are both irrelevant.

No time for talkshit. Deal with your own shitfuckery🤣 Bitch! Oh Nancy. Just shut up Nancy, go away Any excuse for her not to help her constituents hand on. Someone get this broad a mask- a mask that fits so snuggly that her words can’t be understood. Have another drink Nan Just what is needed right now, Nancy!! This absolutely has to be a joke. Please, tell me it is a joke.

The fuckery continues... Can she just quit her hate for Trump for a little while and just help us all? 😡 Pathetic! Your hatred for Trump far outweighs your desire work as one to save Americans from a Pandemic. FoxNews should be subpoenaed I am sure she will waste more of the hard working American citizens money

CNN and Speaker Pelosi are a match made in hell Deplorables! Why why why we don’t need this shyte now you can lay the blame game later Is there any issue you can be decent about Go back to Ca and stay there. So glad this ugly old woman is in charge. I can rest easy now. She just can’t stop, can she? These people are totally useless....

Here we go again 🤦‍♂️. More wild goose chases wasting American tax dollars. Maybe she should utilize more of her time in aiding in the pandemic fight than trying to go after our president. Can you do anything productive? Retire loser How about figuring out how to get money to people who can’t work right now and are about to lose everything?

Helping again I see Yes!!!! Why Nancy just why? Haven’t you wasted enough of our time and money Somebody remove that nut from office. She is a discrase and I'm tired of her wasting taxpayers money! What a crock of s**t God I can’t stand that woman. Evil power hungry pos House bipart panel “overseeing” CoV response will have the authority to issue subpoenas... ...that will be ignored without consequence.

No, enough Nancy! The President, NYS Governor and even the mayor has it handled!!! We do not need more cooks in the kitchen! Oh stop with the fn subpoenas you tired old hack Get her out of office please. She is about the dumbest person I have ever seen in office. Time to investigate and impeach the haterofthehouse and who thinks she’s senate leader Nancy for obstructing and delaying by putting items on the emergency bill that weren’t even related to the Chinese virus like $25 million for the Kennedy center.

Jail her look at her beautiful face She’s planning the 2021 impeachment process. Maybe she’ll test positive Good. What will the ole bitch look at first. The 25 million to the Kennedy Center. How about the 75 million to NPR/PBS. Hopefully she’ll take. Good look This woman is diabolical. How did that work the first few times ?

Derisively we care about subpoenas now. Help the people reach out to your rich friends Nancy and getthen to manufacture whatever is needed What a waste of time. We don’t need more government. She is beyond despicable When will we reunite as a country and stop this domestic extremism? This isn’t Democrat vs Republican - it’s two extremist ideologies tearing apart the country!

Unbelievable! Cruella, Shawawa and Wasserman sensationalize Schultz need to get a real job. They have been in politics too long. Thry have lost their focus! Disgraceful C What a thorn in Trump's side where can I send my vote for the Nobel Peace Prize for her keep up the good work What a waste of time and money.

Looking for another way to try and get Trump! I'm sure we'll have another impeachment run at him during his 2nd term. Can someone quarantine her? Yet another horrible idea !! How about being productive for one TiME! termlimits donothinghouse This crap is political obstruction and nonsense Always working for the good of the country, not!

Satin in her red dress!!! Goodbye common sense and medicine. Welcome politics and acrimony Here we go again... spending our taxpayers money... again....the should cut their salaries! Why wasn’t there a report from Obama’s actions on Swine Flu with 20K dead.(that’s 20 Thousand) Speak the hell up Republicans. Don’t take the bullshit bait about politicizing this. THE DEMOCRATS HAVE STARTED THIS ALREADY. WAKE UP!

Please stop....the last inquiry that resulted in nothing cost the American people millions Let me say this during this current crisis, I am so tired of all of this political posturing. This is ridiculously idiotic. Please stop this and focus on helping one another not seeing who has the most ultimate power. So very selfish of you!! How dare you!!

Start with the Kennedy Center rip off We need cross check and balances but we need to do it a bipartisan professional respectful way! Those three will be your biggest challenge. SpeakerPelosi ninaturner TeamPelosi What about enacting BernieSanders’ plan for the $2000 per month for individuals during this pandemic crisis and Medicare for All? People are suffering and losing everything, including their lives you fucking monsters.

This is not the time for this 🐎 💩. Why not try working together to help your country through a crisis? Enough already don’t go away mad Nancy just go away What a waste of time. They should be focusing on keeping Americans alive So, how does this help the American people, immediately? While America dies the witch hunt continues

Oh boy I wonder what the new pens will look like smh.... Ask and ye shall receive. Last thing needed now are complications and politics... decisions have to me smooth and fast. Joke of the WORLD. Call out CHINA, show Guts 😡 You need help. Y doesn't Pelosi just shut the hell up & resign? 🤔 RyanAFournier Governments are telling non-essential businesses to shut down. So why is CNN still on? 🤔

More wasted time, money and effort. 👏👏 These people are simply crazy And how the heck is that supposed to help! Seriously what can we do to stop her. She’s borderline ridiculous at this point. That the administration will demand not to acknowledge but ignore. It’s a exercise in fruitily Oh Christ. She’ll take more SSI to pay for this. Hey SpeakerPelosi how about have your hubby’s stock purchases pay for it instead if we the people. Jesus Christ. Just let Trump do his job.

No.point issuing suppoenas. Trump set a precident that they can be ignored without consequence. Not now. Wth?! Does she do anything actually useful? Go Nancy !!! Don't know how well this panel will do against Trump since he has already said that it's up to him on where the money goes and what is to be reported back to congress if anything gets reported. Trumps laughing his ass off knowing that the GOP won't do anything to stop him.

Does she really have nothing better to do? Nancy subpoenas don't effect Trump or his people. They are above the law. It was proven during the impeachment time and time again. Trump will definitely have his fingers deep into the 2 trill and there will be nothing that anybody can do about it. He'll just tell ya to fuck off.

We know how well those subpoenas work Her priorities are clear and they have nothing to do with helping Americans. Destroying America at every turn. Do things need oversight, sure. Is there any intent from this useless political hack to do anything other than create a spectacle, no. Useless And trumpets will ignore them

Lets start with a Trump! Now? I don’t disagree with an investigation of a clear failure, but right now? Why not wait until after the pandemic is handled? wtf She is ridiculous and a disgrace to our country Pelosi signing her party into political oblivion Great as they should💯 She hates Americans. Oh god here we go again

It's cute they think people will respond to the subpoenas this time... More bullshit on the way Are you fcking kidding me? People are trying to survive and Pelosi is trying to somehow exploit them? Pelosi is a sick witch. Who the hell votes to keep this woman in office? I would really like to meet a person who lives in her district who thinks she is great. Trolls, goblins?

Somebody please tell me the correct way to handle a pandemic the world has ever seen before invokethedefenseproductionactNOW Right now...really? This is your idea of news? She has lost her mind and you support it... If anyone defends this witch, you’re as crazy as she is. Interesting Lmfao Your subpoenas don't mean shit anymore since you dropped the ball with dumpster.

The President is first that wouldn’t have wanted this to happen and second is the American people that the pay bills because a win by Democrats would be a disaster She loves a subpoena! Every time I think she can’t sink any lower. I’m not a big fan of trump but how is this going to help Americans on this very particular moment ? This is ridiculous ! Can’t you wait until the crisis end and maybe try to help instead ?

Unbelievable😢. Keep talking! The election is getting close, BYE BYE!! This Woman is crazy and shows why we need term limits more bs And in other news, a committee was put together to find blame on the earthquake in ID and the rain that fell in the MidWest. Blame blame blame..Is there not any work that benefits the country to get done? Dems are exhausting. SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff SenSchumer

Idiots She needs to stop already! Bla this Bitch was calling for people to go out and eat at Chinese restaurants when Trump stop travel from China. She is part of federal government, right ? Investigate this traitor. Someone has to hold the idiot in the WH accountable! He is probably funneling monies into his accounts and his children’s as well. Most corrupt president ever!

Something is really wrong with her SpeakerPelosi please just stop with the inquiries. Once we flatten the curve and are all safe again is what’s important. Please stop with your ambitions. We are America and we needed to be one right now, stop politicizing it. Really? How desperate are you people to try to stop Trump? AND how disgusting that you will HIDE THE TRUTH FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Cnn is the EXAMPLE OF EVIL!

This is not going anywhere. Bipartisan? Which Republican? You jiving right? Nancy to pull this at this time shows how sick and desperate she is You wicked evil person, never miss out on a political witch hunt even in the midst of a tragedy 👍👍👍 The “Investi-crats” cannot stop investigating! yay. More wasted money and time. What a cuntavirus.

Here we go again. These people are f crazy SMH Big deal , no one will come 'ensure that the taxpayers dollars are being wisely and efficiently spent to save lives' so I guess the $25 million to the Kennedy Center of which they sent $5 million to the DNC was spent wisely and efficiently Go home nancy your drunk

Let’s see we are plagued with a pandemic and Mrs Party Politics wants to make this all a political narrative. Patiently waiting for her arrest. Pure Evil..... Now this is the right way to make announcements, all alone and then if others need to speak, she could leave and bring in others to do there jobs.

OMG please get this shit lady out of our GOV all she does is point fingers and waste time and most of all out Money! Petulant political hack. Just go away Nancy, you hate Americans SpeakerPelosi The DemocratScam continues. They can do nothing, NOTHING except waste money and “investigate” or point fingers at everyone else. The day of booting their asses out of Congress is coming.

NOW? She's worried about this now My God, she is out of control. Way to go Madam Speaker. when she’s got nothing to do, she’s gonna do what she does best. like the guy who falls and grabs another guy to help break his fall, but just makes one person’s problem, two person’s problems. Pulling people off the job for grandstanding? I forgot it’s an election year.

Which dickhead will ignore who do you think put a hit on Dr Fausi? Issue subpoenas so the IILC and his administration can ignore them and pretty much walk away unscathed. Bipartisan? This is NOT the time to do this! Nancy Pelosi is a prime example of why term limits should have become the law decades ago.

Another enquiry by queen Nancy! At least let the pandemic be over. Stop dancing on the graves of your countrymen. Don't let Trump's cult members stop you Nancy. Someday people will figure out that Republican party is not for the common American... despite what they say Wasted money and time ! Nancy has to stop

How will this help us now ! Ridiculous What a waste. Great that should hold the whole process up great idea!! They r so busy trying to come up with more reasons to subpoena she and her friends are doing nothing for the American people. So sick of her face. Nasty Nancy is disgusting here we go again, The do nothing House has done nothing for 3 years but a 3 year Coup against the President. The American taxpayers are tired of the do nothing kick it down the road Congress, Biggest waste of taxpayers Money in History.We Have had Enough

What had the Democrats done. Should be an investigation on how and why didn’t the democrats do anything to help we the people. They want money for illegals and solar panels and planet parenthood ImpeachTrumpAgain OMG. Give it a rest. Why don’t you look into unemployment so the American people can actually get pay checks but why do you morons care yous are still getting money

Ridiculous. RETIRE! That will go a long way in bringing the country together...yes, that's sarcasm Notice how the only thing democratic leaders do is investigate...nothing they are doing nothing for the country to help! shameful

Nancy Pelosi wants to move forward with infrastructure bill after House returns on April 20Pelosi says she is pleased by President Trump's renewed calls for an infrastructure plan to respond to the coronavirus crisis. The house bill is a great start. Wonder what BS TheDemocrats will stuff in this one. VotingGOP2020 Stop all politicians pay now. Pelosi is on vacation while small businesses are destroyed. The Dnc us a disgusting corrupt joke

U.S. House Speaker Pelosi will not take coronavirus testU.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday she does not plan to be tested for coronavirus despite her proximity to the latest lawmaker diagnosed with the illness. , as as How about pee test? She's getting really stranger by the day. I can't stand her. There is no one shred of genuineness in her. About testing, it's not necessary as long as you assume you have it and isolate yourself for at least 3 weeks.

Daisy Keech is Officially Starting Her Own TikTok House After Leaving the Hype HouseAfter leaving the Hype House following lots of drama, Daisy Keech has started her own TikTok house called the Clubhouse. Nobody cares

$2 billion needed for vote-by-mail so voters don't have 'ammunition to stay home' amid coronavirus, Nancy Pelosi says'We need at least $2 billion, $4 billion is probably what would really democratize our whole system,' the House speaker told reporters. FoxyJackieBrown We don't want to miss voting this time. That's for damned sure. Someone needs to review a couple of words in the dictionary...

Pelosi: Trump and McConnell 'should not try to hide behind' impeachment excuse over coronavirus responseHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Trump and McConnell 'should not try to hide' behind suggestions that the impeachment trial distracted the government from coronavirus democrats don't care about this country only trying to regain power, they are vile and have done nothing for this country, Nov. will show them just how America feels about them U democrats could not do anything else but impeach. U have wasted over 3 years and a lot of tax payer money that u should have to pay back. Well it distracted the senate, congress and the White House. They knew impeachment wouldn’t go anywhere but they still proceeded because of their hate.

Pelosi and Khanna ask Trump administration to protect start-ups suffering from the coronavirus crisisThe California Democrats are concerned about a rule that would bar start-ups from relief designated for small businesses. Nancy Pelosi In January 2020 was fighting the president about restrictions . Now she blames the president for not doing enough? She is crackers level crazy! I am sure she did. Protect the Thumbtacks of the world. What would we do without them?😂