Pediatric brain tumors like the one that killed Nick Cannon’s son are rare but serious in infants

Pediatric brain tumors like the one that killed Nick Cannon’s son are rare but serious in infants


12/8/2021 5:11:00 AM

Pediatric brain tumors like the one that killed Nick Cannon’s son are rare but serious in infants

Brain tumors in babies, which is what killed Nick Cannon's son, are rare but a serious diagnosis among infants in the United States, a doctor says.

died recently of a brain tumor, a rare but a serious condition among infants in the United States, according to specialist in the field.Only about 1,200 to 1,500 children per year, between infancy and 4-years-old, are diagnosed with brain tumors, said Dr. Susan Chi, deputy director of pediatric neuro-oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children’s Hospital.

“Brain tumors in children are very rare. And certainly, less frequent than what we see in the adult population,” Chi said.Though there are dozens of types of brain tumors and treatments for them vary, the survival rate for infants is lower the younger the child, she said.

That's because babies’ brains are undeveloped, so radiation for a child younger than 5 is generally not an option.“Radiating such a young brain really affects their potential cognition,” Chi said. “That limits how much radiation, if any, can be given to these kids and that affects their survival.”

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Cannon, 41, announced Tuesday the death of his son, Zen.“Over the weekend I lost my youngest son to a condition called hydrocephalus that is pretty much a malignant, midline brain tumor — brain cancer,” Cannon said. Hydrocephalus is characterized by an abnormal increase in the amount of fluid on the brain.

Doctors discovered the malignant tumor and Zen underwent surgery to drain the fluid. His condition worsened around Thanksgiving, Cannon said.Cannon did not specify what type of brain tumor his son had.Danielle Leach, a spokeswoman for the nonprofit National Brain Tumor Society based in Newton, Massachusetts, lost her 5-year-old son, Mason, to a brain tumor in 2006. He lived with the tumor for 15 months, Leach said.

"Anytime we, as a community, hear about another parent going through the tragedy of losing a child to a brain tumor, it always recommits all of us in the community to do more to continue to raise awareness,” Leach said.Because of the location of tumors, and the aggressive treatment required, brain tumors can have lasting and life-altering physical and cognitive effects, she said.

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It’s critical parents secure “good information, resources and a strong relationship” with their care team no matter what stage in the fight their child is in, Leach said.Chi said treatment for children living with malignant tumors can produce results. She recommends parents with children who have brain tumors find specialized doctors, which will increase their children’s chances for positive outcomes.

Although rare for infants, brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among children and young adults between infancy and 19 years old, according to the National Brain Tumor Society.An estimated 4,630 children will be diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2021. More than 13,600 children are living with a malignant brain tumor in the United States, according to the organization.

The National Brain Tumor Society also said standard of care for children with brain tumors is not well-defined.“More investment is critically needed in the fundamental understanding of why pediatric brain tumors happen. And how we can create cures and quality of life for those treated,” Leach said. “At the end of the day, we are fundamentally hoping that a doctor can walk in a room and say, ‘There is something I can do.’”

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Brain tumors are 'serious?' Who knew? 😞 Sad, hope they find methods of detection in utero for termination of pregnancy or ultimately cure the tumour medically , by surgery or DXT Brain tumors are 'serious?' Who knew 😞 Lmao pediatric brain tumors are serious….well no shit, genius!!! I’m pretty sure they’re serious in adults as well.

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Thanks for this brilliant investigation. Brain tumors are bad for babies. That's quite a shocker Our thoughts and prayers are you both in your time of loss! Not even a day & it's already a narrative smh Nick Cannon's son seen in last video before death ↙️↙️

Nick Cannon's 5-month-old son Zen dies of brain tumorNick Cannon announced Tuesday that his 5-month-old son Zen died of a brain tumor over the weekend. Heartbreaking 😪 Damn man, kids should be exempt from brain tumors, cancer etc. i hate the world we live in. I hate that awful things have to happen to babies/kids. I'm so sorry, I can't imagine the pain you and your family are feeling.

SafwanHalabi Our research focuses on treating these:

Nick Cannon's Youngest Son, Zen, Has Died From a Brain Tumor: 'He Was Always Smiling'Nick Cannon is grateful he was able to spend his son's last moments with him before the 5-month-old died from a brain tumor. nowthisnews 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 nowthisnews this is so sad 😞

Nick Cannon grieves the death of youngest son, Zen, from brain cancerNick Cannon's 5-month-old son, Zen, has died of brain cancer, the TV personality and father of six other children announced Tuesday on his daytime show. Father of 6? Nature's way of telling him to calm down.

Nick Cannon announces his 5-month-old son has died of brain cancerNick Cannon announces his 5-month-old son Zen has died of brain cancer If you can see this, we wish you and yours all the VERY best in these VERY trying times. Stay safe out there and be sure to spread positivity everywhere ya go. Have a GREAT Holiday Season everyone.✌😀 This is truly sad😔! Prayers to him and his family🙏🏾♥️ Prayers 🙏🙏

Nick Cannon Discusses Family Tragedy In Heart-Wrenching Detail“He was the most loving,” Cannon said of his baby Zen. “We called him Z Chilling. He was always smiling. He had the most beautiful spirit.” Omg! My condolences to you and family! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 May you find peace.

Nick Cannon's son seen in heartbreaking last video before death at five monthsNick Cannon announced the tragic death of his five-month-old son Zen, who he shared with model Alyssa Scott, and said the tot passed away over the weekend after being diagnosed with a type of brain cancer