Pedestrian Survives Massive Fireball Erupting From NYC Sidewalk Grates

A 57-year-old man in Queens is lucky to be alive after a transformer explosion last week.

7/28/2021 8:45:00 AM

A 57-year-old man in Queens is lucky to be alive after a transformer explosion last week.

A 57-year-old man in Queens is lucky to be alive after a transformer explosion last week.

from the hospital, where he’s been in treatment for second-degree burns. “I don’t remember too much. It was — boom! — out of nowhere .... I wasn’t able to move and it hurt like hell. I lost some skin all over.”Google MapsThe scene of the explosion, captured by Google Street View cameras in November 2020.

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A worker at the T-Mobile store that West was heading toward said it sounded like a bomb.“When it exploded, I felt the heat on my face,” the unnamed worker told the newspaper, which also reported that a similar explosion the day before damaged a pizza place.

One of West’s friends praised divine intervention for saving his life.“You can see how God just picked him out of that fire. He staggered. He had his hands up and rubbed his head and fell,” Carrol Hamblin. “Just a miracle. Nobody but God could do that. Not a man.”

Con Edisontold WABC in New Yorkit was investigating the incident. Read more: HuffPost »

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