Peacock Mobile Downloads Nearly Doubled in July With Olympics Boost

Peacock can crow at last: Mobile downloads nearly doubled in July with Olympics boost

8/5/2021 10:50:00 PM

Peacock can crow at last: Mobile downloads nearly doubled in July with Olympics boost

New VIP+ Analysis: The Olympics helped boost U.S. mobile downloads of Peacock in July past that of other top SVODs like Netflix and Disney+.

 Last month, downloads of the Peacock app were highest during the week of July 26, which was the first full week of Olympic competition. Moreover, downloads of Peacock were highest last month on July 27. Many Americans likely downloaded Peacock that day to watch the women’s gymnastics team final, as the U.S. women’s gymnastics team had won gold in London and Rio. 

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Gymnastics wasthe most anticipatedSummer Olympics sport among U.S. adults, a July survey by Morning Consult found. News of U.S. gymnastics star Simone Biles withdrawing from the competition that day could have also driven some consumers to download Peacock to catch coverage of the Games. 

The other significant bump last month in Peacock downloads occurred during the week of July 5, with downloads during that week peaking on July 7. Some of those downloads may have been attributable to consumers trying to watch the “Boss Baby” sequel after it debuted on July 2 (as  headtopics.com

 day-and-date release Peacock participated in). But downloads during that week could have also been due to content centered around the WWE, which  exclusive streaming rights of WWE Network to Peacock, hitting the service. “WWE Icons: Revisited” and “WWE Icons: Lex Luger” hit Peacock on July 4, for example. 

 However, Peacock’s mobile app was still used daily more during the week of July 26 than during the week of July 5, Apptopia estimates.  And that helps explain why during the week of July 26, Peacock charted as high in the App Store’s overall U.S. ranking as no. 8. During the week of July 5, Peacock peaked in that category at no. 18.  

 The big questions that remain now are how Peacock’s mobile downloads will fare during the last week of Olympic competition and what levels of churn Peacock might experience once the Summer Games conclude.  Read more: Variety »

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