‘Peaches’ by EXO’s KAI Hits No. 1 on 24-Hour Real-Time Hot Trending Songs Chart

EXO member KAI topped the 24-hour version of Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart, powered by Twitter, Friday, Dec. 3, with his solo single “Peaches.”

12/4/2021 5:27:00 AM

EXO member KAI topped the 24-hour version of Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart, powered by Twitter, Friday, Dec. 3, with his solo single “Peaches.”

EXO member KAI topped the 24-hour version of Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart, powered by Twitter, Friday, Dec. 3, with his solo single “Peaches.” The track hit No. 1 due to c…

KAI: M_01hit No. 11 in 2020. His “Mmmh” also peaked at No. 15 on World Digital Song Sales in 2020. EXO, with him as a member, has logged five No. 1s on World Albums and four leaders on World Digital Song Sales.Related12/03/2021Billboard‘s Hot Trending Songs charts, powered by Twitter, track global music-related trends and conversations in real-time across Twitter, viewable over either the last 24 hours or past seven days. A weekly version of the chart, covering activity from Friday through Thursday each week, also posts alongside 

Billboard‘s other weekly charts on Billboard.com each Tuesday. The Hot Trending Songs charts highlight buzz around new releases, award shows, festival moments, music nostalgia and more and are unique in that they track what songs people are talking about, not necessarily what they’re listening to.

Among other titles making moves on Hot Trending Songs Friday afternoon, BTS’ former 10-week Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 “Butter” climbed to No. 2 after the group released a “holiday remix” of the song the same day.Further as holiday music season is upon us, Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL” placed on Hot Trending Songs after its Nov. 29 release on the act’s like-titled EP. The song debuted at No. 15 on the weekly iteration of the chart that posted Tuesday (Nov. 30), thanks to talk leading up to its release. headtopics.com

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Pretty girl you're like Peaches Finally y'all changed the title lol KAI_Peaches KAI weareoneEXO AAAAAAAAAAHK BANGGA Legend Legend congratulations kai its well deserved 🎊🍾🍷🥂 EXO's Kai debuted as a solo last year. He doesn't have any solo work before 2020 and champion belongs to another artist Yes. Kai deserves the recognition from Peaches album. Artistry is so high quality. it's more than Kpop

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Kai is still EXO member. What's not clicking billboard? Exo domination KAI KAI_Peaches Peaches Hi! there's a wrong info in your article, Champion is not KAI's album. He debuted last year with his self titled EP and now Peaches album for his first comeback. Please rectify it soon. XanderZellner Support black businesses GoFundMe marvellmoody

hourlySKY As usual, stays messing up. I knew I had to read the article first 🙃 KAI X STUDIO CHOOM

galleryofkai As he should 🥳 Groovechaja weareoneEXO Please fix the misinformation you put in this article. Thank you. XanderZellner KAI KAI_Peaches World class Performer Peaches KAI KAI_Peaches Peaches is a fabulous song KAI ' s voice is so soft KAI_Peaches weareoneEXO EXOxPOE Watch KAI PEACHES on youtube

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YOUR FB TEAMS ALSO !!! PLEASE CORRECT YOUR CAPTION !! PLEASE WE HAVE GOOGLE TO RESEARCH ABOUT EXO INFORMATION BEFORE POSTING THEM WITH THE WRONG INFO!! ITS BEEN HOURS BUT NO CHANGES!! EDIT IT ASAP!!! SO DISAPPOINTING! KaiNationUnion_ KAI Kai_Peaches peaches exo 🔗 Hi, this info is inaccurate. Kai debuted as a soloist in 2020 with his self titled album ‘KAI’. His 2nd mini album is ‘Peaches’. Please correct it, thank you 🤗

EXO KAI_Peaches 😍💙🍑 Thank you for correcting it even if in the article there's still some mistakes Purr boss. Hitmaker kai fighting✊ KAI IS NOT A FORMER EXO MEMBER!! Wth is this? weareoneEXO KAI KAI_Peaches Deserved...😍😍 please do a thorough research before writing a whole article about k-idols other than BTS.

INTLKJI KAI debuted as a solo artist only last year with his first soloalbum 'Mmmh'. This year he released his 2nd solo album 'Peaches'. Please do not spread wrong info about highly respected well known artist KAI of EXO. Correct the article ASAP. You could have tagged weareoneEXO 🙂🔥 The reason why exo didn't want to promote in western because of this kind of thing ayusin nyo

congrats our nini Kai 😍 Congrats Kaiii🐻🍑❤️ King 🤘 CONGRATS KAI!!! What is Champion and KAI: M_01 even? not doing their research right!