Patrick Mahomes' Brother Apologizes For Dancing On Sean Taylor Memorial

Patrick Mahomes' brother says he meant 'absolutely no disrespect' by dancing on a Sean Taylor memorial before the Chiefs game.

10/18/2021 4:11:00 PM

Patrick Mahomes' brother says he meant 'absolutely no disrespect' by dancing on a Sean Taylor memorial before the Chiefs game.

Patrick Mahomes' brother says he meant 'absolutely no disrespect' by dancing on a Sean Taylor memorial before the Chiefs game.

Jackson Mahomes-- who's gained fame over the last two years for his TikToks -- recorded himself stepping on a swath of grass at FedExField that had been spray painted to honor Taylor.The moves -- set to a popular song -- were seen as wildly inappropriate ... given that the Washington Football Team had chained off the area in order to recognize Taylor, who was having his number 21 retired 14 years after his tragic death.

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Fans blasted the younger Mahomes on social media ... with others noting that he and Patrick's fiancee,, had even been standing on the logo prior to the dancing.Case Closed.Jackson Mahomes danced on the Sean Taylor #21 sideline tribute for TikTok.Bigger question probably needs to be why anyone was allowed to stand on it to begin with.

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He needs to divorce his family. I’m sure they’re there to benefit from his big payday. Jackson doesnt have anything to apologize for. If someone should apologize its the WFT for making that the designated area for VIPs to stand. Jackson was just making his normal Tick Tock videos pregame, that had nothing to do with where he was standing or being disrespectful!

RedskinYankee Patrick should give him a good slap. What do people expect from his generation. They have no respect for anything. It's a 'me' first generation with a self entitled mindset jacksonmahomes yes you did and did it for tik tok followers and likes- you actually expect people to believe you? It was blatant disrespect and extremely classless. People might believe it if you manned up and said I screwed up and it was disrespectful.

He should stop embarrassing Patrick like this Who cares let the kid be like everyone is perfect nowadays it's miracle so happy to know it's saints in the world 🤦 I guess he overachieved then? 🤷‍♂️ That queen is so disrespectful 👠🤡 They need to leave this dope home for now on. Zesty boi 👄👄👄

Patrick Mahomes' Brother Jackson Apologizes After Dancing on Late Washington Player's Tribute Logo - E! OnlineJackson Mahomes apologized for 'accidentally' dancing on a part of the field memorializing the late Sean Taylor as brother Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City Chiefs played the Washington Football Team. Foh

Get off the damn field! Cancel his social media accounts and those awful dances He's young, but not that young. Yes he did he wanted to do it for TikTok and bc it was the opponent team former player. He didn’t think of the backlash. This kid gets a lot of shade. He’s probably pretty cool. Ban TikTok! WHO? Where are u. I can’t find you on tv anymore. I watched every night at 12 on ch 9 from New York.

Patrick Mahomes' Brother Embroiled In Another Stadium ControversyThe younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes previously caught flak for pouring water on hecklers. Why wouldn’t he be in a suite? This is BS. The actual memorial in on the home side of the field not the visitors. These visitors including Mahomes were directed to use that area. Why were people told to use it and walk around on it if it were truly a memorial. He annoys me too but this is on the WFTorg.

This kid & Patrick’s wife, are both bad for business. The brother is riding his coattails acting a fool on Tik Tok & his wife can’t stop her word vomit on Twitter. I don’t know who manages him but they need to have a sit down. His mom who was an athletes wife needs to step in. Idiot He needs to stop being such a social media distraction. Who wouldn’t like this life. However, he needs to go home, finish college, and get a real job that isn’t a hanger-on of his famous brother.

Then why do it!!! He was told to stand there so, what’s the problem again? Why would DC steer him on the Memorial in the first place? This whole family is cringe Lol, his dances are disrespectful in general Maybe he should watch a few games at home…

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Then why did you do it? He meant it just like he threw water at a fan from the opposiing team whole family is 🗑 beginning with the Mother I'm not a fan of mahomee but I feel bad him having to deal with them if things don't go their way ‼️‼️Jackson Mahomes has NO PLACE going on the field dancing like a dumbass. Look what happened to JuJu. Danced on TikTok, lost 6 straight and bounced in playoffs. If I were pat, I would tell my brother to GTFO so I can focus on my career ‼️‼️ CORVETTE CORVETTE 🛩🛩

Patrick has some of the most unlikable people around him… It’s a shame because I really like him. 🤡🤡🤡 This is the formula these days... anything controversial to post on social media for attention and then give a fake apology afterwards for more attention. smh This guy needs to sit down somewhere and stop riding his brothers coat tail

litwin_duke worst person ever Keep his ass home, why is he at the away games anyway... How about the disrespect the NFL showed The deceased by waiting 14 years to memorialize the man after he was murdered 🤔

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Leave this punk at home.. Seriously Dumb That kid always doing something 🤡 This guy needs to calm down... Get that kid off the field and back in the stands. Score a TD or put in the work that the cheerleaders do if you wanna be dancing on that field. Yo ain't no Crip MF! Stop trynna dance like you know what da fuk ya doin homes!!

He also threw a bottle of water on Ravens fans from a suite when the Chiefs lost in Baltimore. This kid should stay home.

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He’s the real life Tommy Boy. 💢A lot of people nowadays grew up with never being punched in the face.This type of bs would happen less if they had... Wasn’t that area roped off too? Did you guy's beat _Sports again? They need to ban his brother an his wife from the games I think dude is corny AF but that’s where they were told to stand.

It’s not the fact that he didn’t mean it, he shouldn’t have done it in the first place….. Embarrassment! Out of all the places to dance you do it right there somebody need to kick his ass 🤡🤡

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All i want is money well get a job.