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Pastor Greg Locke attacks Joe Biden, calls pope 'biggest pedophile on the planet'

Pastor Greg Locke attacks Joe Biden, calls Pope 'biggest pedophile on the planet'

5/9/2021 9:46:00 PM

Pastor Greg Locke attacks Joe Biden , calls Pope 'biggest pedophile on the planet'

People tell me ' Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic,' Locke said. 'So is the pope but he's the biggest pedophile on the planet.'

Newsweekreached out to Locke via Global Vision Bible Church for comment. This story will be updated with any response.Locke predicted that former Presidentwould win the presidential election last year. After Biden won, Locke has regularly lashed out at the Democrat for allegedly stealing the presidency from Trump.

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Last Sunday, Locke told his supporters that Biden"stole the election.""I believe that until the day I die. I don't give two flips and a wooden nickel what anybody thinks about it," he said."I don't care what you say about me. He's a liar, and a robber and a thief and a crook."

Pastor Greg Locke attacked Joe Biden and Pope Francis on May 9.Brett Carlsen/Getty ImagesLocke added:"It'd be nice if all the Biden voters would put their signs back in the front yard so their neighbors at least know why they're starving to death, somebody say amen right there. Bunch of socialistic garbage. The economy's worse than it's ever been. All this fear mongering, the media is worse than it's ever been."

Locke also regularly insists to his congregants that Trump is still in charge of America. Last month, he pushed back against critics who accused him of being a false prophet and claimed that Trump won but isn't in the White House because it was stolen from him.

"If I predict that your team is going to win and you do, but the opposing coach breaks into your house in the middle of the night and steals your trophy, that ain't on me," he said."That don't make me false. That makes them liars and crooks. Amen."

At the time, Lock toldthat Trump"never conceded the election. He said he would give a smooth transition of power. Trump still insists that he won." Read more: Newsweek »

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It’s funny that Christ never acted or said things that these so-called “pastors” do. Could it be that most “Christians” are not really Christians at all? Based I couldn't take anyone seriously if he is preaching from the back of his truck.

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Oregon church won't close after COVID-19 outbreak infected 74 members, pastor saysReturning to the pulpit after a COVID-19 outbreak infected him, his wife and 72 members of their congregation, the senior pastor of an Oregon church said Sunday that he will not kowtow to pressure to close the doors to the house of worship. Pastor Scott Erickson of the Peoples Church in Salem, Oregon, began his Mother's Day sermon by addressing the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in his church and throughout the state. “In the last several days, it is apparent that voices in our community and region want the church of Jesus Christ to be quiet and to be closed,' Erickson told those in attendance at the church and others watching a livestream online broadcast. Trump followers/ supporters now following in his footsteps, continuing his 'forget saving lives from Covid' state of mind by breaking all Covid safety rules & boy have many paid a huge price in losing loved ones. I got my vaccine. Good luck to you and your flock. Satan’s own church

Pastor Johnny Enlow says 'vision' of Donald Trump with 'golden scepter' proves he's president'Heaven does not recognize [ Joe Biden ] having any scepter nor wearing any crown,' the self-described prophet wrote. 'From heaven's perspective, there is only the legitimacy of [Trump].' Yeah ☺️ a Golden scepter up his arse I'm sure.. I had a vision from G-d to saying ur a false prophet😊 Can't these 'Christians' not see that their Trump worship is idolatry

Oregon church won't close after COVID-19 outbreak infected 74 members, pastor saysOregon church won't close after COVID-19 outbreak infected 74 members, pastor says in sermon: “Not us, not here, not now. That’s not what we’re doing.' Phone Cleaner App: Phone Cleaner Can Help You Optimize Your Phone With Junk Files Cleaner, Antivirus Cleanings, Phone Booster, CPU Cooler, Notification Cleaner, Mobile Refreshments: App Link 👇 Let the radical racist righties purge themselves, every single one refusing vaccines & masks is one less trumpanzee on our planet, they deserve what is delivered to them ...people are wicked

Canadian pastor whose Easter confrontation with police went viral arrested after holding church serviceA Canadian pastor who went viral last month for ordering out police who showed up to his church on Easter weekend was arrested Saturday for violating COVID-19 limits on gatherings set by a new court order. Canada ? Let's review ummm all I have is they have a whiny little b___ch for a Prime Minister. Oh ya loots of snoow eh. And hotass Shania Twain . Prob start wearing covid masks when playing hockey too. Why didn't they apply the highly fashionable knee-on-the-neck routine? Alberta’s spreadnecks.