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Party Reaches Point Where Toilet Somewhat But Not Completely Clogged

Party Reaches Point Where Toilet Somewhat But Not Completely Clogged

9/17/2021 6:15:00 PM

Party Reaches Point Where Toilet Somewhat But Not Completely Clogged

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Auston Matthews is the NHL's must-see superstar

The Maple Leafs center is far from a traditional NHL superstar -- but he might be exactly the kind of star it needs.

🤧 zem42 But they're still papering over it. Is this from the new Dumb and Dumber prequel? Flush it 2-3 more times as quickly as you can. See if that helps. It's a high time to go, because in 27 minutes it'll stat reeking of the barely digested food. Now we just need someone to drop a steamer on top of the almost clog to really get this party going!

The party is not over until the toilet is completely clogged, so get in there and finish the job. It's the moment of terror. That’s when shit’s gettin’ lit! As a Republican, I object to this offensive characterization... oh, you meant a literal party, not a political one. Never mind. Jet sprays are the best

Robert Pattinson and H.E.R. Co-Chairing Academy Museum Party Ahead of OpeningRobert Pattinson and H.E.R. are helping the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures open its doors. The two are co-chairs, along with museum director and president Bill Kramer and Vanity Fair’s senior we…

🔥 Good day! The most legendary AlRDR0P has started! 🎁 Come to the online stream!! ▶️ tonight finna be a movie

Democratic resistance to drug pricing plan underscores dilemma for partyA small group of House Democrats voted against key drug pricing provisions in 2 separate committee markups, underscoring the challenges the party is facing to stay united as it races to finalize sweeping legislation to expand the nation's social safety net The entire “can’t negotiate prices” thing was a scam led by one man and big Pharma $. I remember it well. Google Billy Tauzin. Start here: dollymad1812 Awww. Geeez. I don’t want to lose this war. It’s no longer a social safety net. It’s a cradle to carry all the pacified leaches.

Emmys ceremony will be a 'fun, ritzy party' with 'plenty of music,' producers sayWith the coronavirus pandemic still raging, the Emmy Awards will once again break with tradition. We dont care. No one cares

Bomba Estéreo's 'Deja' is a Party Record for a World In CrisisThe Colombian duo’s has made the most urgent, fully realized album of its career.

Inside Balenciaga’s Hush-Hush Met Gala After-Party–Where Justin Bieber Performed Once AgainCo-hosted by Balenciaga, Justin Bieber, and drew house, the celebration took place at Cathedrale, which had been fully transformed from restaurant to nightclub with strobe lights and a black jersey textile haphazardly draped and swagged all over the space. this is amazing BALENCIAGA justinbieber MGK and Megan are the only ones who understood the assignment BALENCIAGA justinbieber Kaia won No contest (That boy is Yumm 😍👄)

Biden to meet with Manchin, Sinema on party-line megabillPresident Biden is set to meet with Democrats’ two most prominent holdouts on their massive social spending package: Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema Remember the knuckle dusters and baseball bat, Joe! They aren't democrats. Time to LBJ their a** and stop projecting weakness.