Parts Of Idaho Repeal Mask Mandates Even Though Hospitals Full Of COVID-19 Patients

Doctors and nurses in Idaho have asked officials for help, only to be met with reluctance or even open skepticism.

10/23/2020 2:05:00 PM

Doctors and nurses in Idaho have asked officials for help, only to be met with reluctance or even open skepticism.

Doctors and nurses in Idaho have asked officials for help, only to be met with reluctance or even open skepticism.

“Most of our medical surgical beds at Kootenai Health are full,” Panhandle Health District epidemiologist Jeff Lee told board members in the state’s third most populated county.The hospital in Coeur d’Alene reached 99% capacity a day earlier, even after doubling up patients in rooms and buying more hospital beds. Idaho is one of several states where a

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surge of COVID-19 infectionsis overwhelming hospitals, likely in part because cooler weather is sending people indoors, U.S. health officials said.“We’re facing staff shortages, and we have a lot of physician fatigue. This has been going on for seven months — we’re tired,” Lee said.

He introduced several doctors who testified about the struggle COVID-19 patients face, the burden on hospitals and how masks reduce the spread of the virus.But the board voted 4-3 to end the mask mandate. Board members overseeing the operations of Idaho’s public health districts are appointed by county commissioners and not required to have any medical experience.

Board member Walt Kirby said he was giving up on the idea of controlling the spread of coronavirus.“I personally do not care whether anybody wears a mask or not. If they want to be dumb enough to walk around and expose themselves and others, that’s fine with me,” Kirby said. “Nobody’s wearing the damned mask anyway. ... I’m sitting back and watching them catch it and die. Hopefully I’ll live through it.”

Another member, Allen Banks, denied COVID-19 exists.“Something’s making these people sick, and I’m pretty sure that it’s not coronavirus, so the question that you should be asking is, ‘What’s making them sick?’” he told the medical professionals who testified.

Similar scenes — with doctors and nurses asking officials for help, only to be met with reluctance or even open skepticism — have played out across the conservative state. Idaho is sixth in the nation for new coronavirus cases per capita, with the average number of confirmed cases increasing by more than 55% every day over the past two weeks.

Still, Republican Gov. Brad Little has declined to issue a statewide mask mandate or limit crowd sizes beyond requiring social distancing at large events and in businesses, which is seldom enforced. Instead, Little has left it up to local health departments and school districts to make the tough decisions that sometimes come with blowback from the public.

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In the southern city of Twin Falls, hospital officials told health board members this week that they too were in danger of being overwhelmed, with one out of every four hospitalized patients sick with COVID-19. The region’s hospitals, operated by St. Luke’s Health System, have been forced to postpone non-emergency surgeries and ship patients elsewhere.

“I want to be very clear: Punting those decisions is saying we’re willing to put that burden on the shoulders of our frontline staff,” Mike Fenello, St. Luke’s vice president of population health, told board members in asking for a mask mandate Wednesday. “Will you please help those on the front lines? They need you to help.”

Instead, board members decided to write a letter to the governor asking him for a statewide mask requirement. The board did restrict indoor gatherings to 50 people, except for grocery stores, schools, religious institutions, polling places and nonprofits.

In central Idaho, Adams County commissioners have approved a resolution rescinding all orders, recommendations and restrictions related to COVID-19.“And we resolve that Adams County is open for business and back to normal,” the commissioners wrote.Adams County is very sparsely populated, with about 4,250 residents. So far, it’s been relatively untouched by the virus, with just 32 documented cases.

Health leaders in the Boise region and in eastern Idaho have been more willing to take sometimes unpopular steps. Residents in Ada County, Idaho’s most populated, and Valley County, a resort destination with many visitors, are required to wear masks in public, and health officials have issued safety recommendations to schools.

Idaho reported 987 new COVID-19 cases Thursday, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University, bringing the total to more than 56,600 since the pandemic began. Infections are thought to be higher because a lack of testing and other factors. At least 553 people have died of the virus, including seven reported Thursday.

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So Idaho repeals mask mandates then expects WA and OR hospitals to take their COVID cases? Nope. Sorry. Idaho, you have a choice. Vote out mask deniers because they don't care about your health, or accept the consequences of your actions. It is not that hard to wear a mask and ask others to do the same.

Red states aren’t helping their reputations by being anti-science anti-maskers. Should the CDC have called it a Chinese curse instead? A Chinese ghost will steal your soul if it can see your lips? Um... this is a survival test! You either pass or fail this one! As so called leaders, you must (dare I say) lead! Lots of people depend on you ... just saying

This is insane. Seriously Idaho? Perhaps GovernorLittle might step up for the sake of Idahoans who would rather not get sick and die because of an obtuse arrogant few. Absolute ignorance & insanity! I’m so glad I’m in NY & have daily updates from the governors office! Wait ...Idaho is a red state, I thought trump said it was only the blue states that were rising in covid cases! How can this be happening in red state Idaho?

Dumb f’cks Who would believe this IDIOT Allen Banks anyway? Does he have a medical degree? Did he graduate high school? I hope they turn him away from the hospital if he has to go in. Sorry, not sorry. Funny fact is this “red” state that believes it’s a hoax and masks are evil now wants 2 “blue” states to help and take their patients because there hospitals are overwhelmed. Looking for a bailout. Ironic.

People in Idaho are stupid. MASK = SEAT BELT. covidiots After the apocalypse what remains will be only the values of culture. America is doomed. Do they have potatoes for brains? All of this insanity (reopening in full, anti-maskers, etc) a direct result of pushing that 'all opinions matter' and 'alternate facts are valid.' The GOP orchestrated this mindset for decades. This is not an accident.

I live in Idaho and when I dare to go grocery shopping, most people do not wear masks. The stores do not enforce mask wearing. I have stocked up and don't plan on going out for anything in the next 60 days or more. People in Idaho still think its a hoax. Are these the white supremacist areas of Idaho? Good.

Idaho County Ditches Mask Mandate Amid Covid-19 SurgeOne health board member denied the existence of Covid-19 entirely. Surge - 1 case to 2 cases right?🥱 Palative Air mask?

COVID Patients Are Voting From Their Hospital BedsCOVID-19 patients are casting their ballots from hospital beds. Gee, I wonder who they’re voting for? & you know they not voting for trump lol Bless them all

Idaho County Ditches Mask Mandate Amid Covid-19 SurgeOne health board member denied the existence of Covid-19 entirely. Surge - 1 case to 2 cases right?🥱 Palative Air mask?

Virus spikes have officials looking to shore up hospitalsHospitals around the U.S. are starting to buckle from a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, with several states setting records for the number of people hospitalized. Leaders are scrambling to find extra beds and staff. There was never a crisis and there never will be!!! Keep spreading it “It is what it is” - Donald J Trump

'It's a sad irony, isn't it?': Blood donations continue to drop off as COVID-19 cases rise and hospitals increase demandThe pandemic has strained the nation's blood supply, with donations increasing but demand increasing as hospitals continue to treat COVID-19 patients. hi, to anyone reading this, can you please share my moms go fund me? She survived COVID-19 but still needs help, Just one share would mean the world to mom and I ❤️ ❤️ 🙏🏽 thank you for all prayers, donated funds and shares of this campaign It might have something to with lockdowns. Omg that’s like a buffet for vampires (if buffets we’re still open in Transylvania)

Wisconsin admits 1st patient to field hospital, reports record COVID-19 deathsWisconsin admitted its first patient to a field hospital in the Wisconsin State Fair Park, near Milwaukee, the same day the state reported a record 48 COVID-19 deaths. 223,000+ dead from Covid-19, and most because of Trump decisions. SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg's amazing mind hardly even turned cold yet while MoscowMitch, MoscowLindsey, MoscowBarr, MoscowPence and Trump-cult 'GOP' are hurtling towards a confirmation of anti-ACA recklessness. Damn it! Come on Wisconsin! You need to save those lives! I need them to survive so they can infect others. I thought 🇺🇸 healthcare was designed to make people live with conditions so you can bill them forever and make billions off the insurance companies?!?! Work with me here!