Paris Hilton Opened Up About Being 'Purposefully Humiliated' In A 2007 Interview with David Letterman

'Just being up there, it was like he was purposefully trying to humiliate me.'

3/2/2021 6:36:00 PM

'Just being up there, it was like he was purposefully trying to humiliate me.'

'I was just getting so uncomfortable and I was so upset. During the commercial breaks I'd look at him like, 'Please stop doing this.''

CBSFor those who don't know, Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail in 2007 after an alcohol-related reckless driving charge. In a documentary released last year, Hilton revealed that the experience was deeply traumatic after attending Provo Canyon School during her childhood, where she

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she was forced to spend time in isolation."That was a horrible thing," Letterman said in reference to her time in jail."They locked up your[Richie] — she was only in for a short period of time wasn't she? She was only locked up for 45 minutes. Tell me, how does that work? How can somebody only be in for 45 minutes?"

CBS"I don't know," Hilton awkwardly responded.CBS"Looking back on that experience, what can you tell us? What have you learned? What's different about you?" he went on to fire at her.CBSA visibly uncomfortable Hilton replied:"Obviously it was a very traumatic experience, but I survived it, so now I can do anything."

Letterman continued to bombard Hilton with questions about the food in jail despite her only offering monosyllabic responses.CBS"I suppose the food was awful," he said."Did you have three meals a day? Did you start with breakfast? What would that be? Lunch? How were the bologna sandwiches? Is there a midafternoon snack? Do you go right to dinner? Are you eating alone in your cell or was it a common dining area? What was dinner usually? Of the three meals, I guess the only thing you wanted to eat was the breakfast, right?"

"Did you lose a lot of weight while you were in prison? What did you do to keep your energy up?" he continued.He then pontificated about how"bizarre" her jail sentence had been, questioned why she was arrested, asked if she"still used alcohol," and probed as to whether her friends treated her differently now she was"out of the slammer."

CBSAnd when Hilton said she didn't want to talk about the subject anymore, Letterman made it clear he still did. He sarcastically asked if she'd received any letters from"kids and teachers and clergymen" describing her as a role model, before saying"this could be your legacy."

At this point, Hilton became silent and slightly tearful. When an audience member shouted:"I love you, Paris," Letterman asked:"Is that somebody you met in prison?"CBSHilton was left with just one minute to discuss the projects she'd actually been invited onto the show to promote, while the audience audibly laughed and mocked her.

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Well, Hilton has now spoken out about the"cruel" and"mean" interview, accusing Letterman of"purposefully trying to humiliate" her. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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ParisHilton I think that is just Dave Letterman, his show was not a infomercial, and he fried males and females alike, and good thing she was not in front of Don Rickles, he was really mean. To frame it in the light of a attack on women, is wrong, after all the show had his name. ParisHilton When she was on Letterman she looked high or drunk. If you actually watch it she asked for it. Everyone knew Letterman had no time for ignorance . She wanted to be on the show What did she expect.

ParisHilton This chick You acting like your jail time was serious. Lmao u were in jail for like what 2 days? Lmao. Maybe you shouldnt drive drunk and or without a license. Oh and yea you defended Trump and accused ppl who said he sexually harassed them or wanting fame . YOU ARE A JOKE ParisHilton This chick cant be serious. When she was at her height of fame her n her friends made jokes on everyone and didn't care about ppl's feelings. She wore blackface. Dressed as a Nazi.

ParisHilton I want a classy person like kingsthings Larry King back!!!!😥😥😥ALWAYS THE KING! He didnt need that bullsh*t for his ego when he interviewd her after prison. Larry was THE BEST! 😍😍😍✨✨✨Still remember when I watched it as a teen. Iconic. ParisHilton I rewatched it also. Very diplomatic and great how she brushed it off. We can learn so much from Paris Hilton and still even if we ignore the bullies they still hurt us. Fk Letterman really I was so angry watching this too when saw it last week shared by NickyHilton !

ParisHilton Oh please. Paris Hilton made a career out of doing absolutely nothing. There was a whole entourage of these kids were just a bunch of rich kids running around acting like assholes. She was the queen. She didn’t even do that much time in jail & never was remorseful for her actions ParisHilton Lettermans harresment of Paris was inexcusable. Still, no accountability for the SOB............yet.

ParisHilton My bullshit meter is going nuts on this claim. A decade later? Really? Paris used the press as much as they used her to gain fame and money, creating a career based upon zero talent. Any embarrassment was brought on by yourself. Shameful to blame others. ParisHilton I’m waiting for an apology from SarahKSilverman 🤬

ParisHilton And let's be honest, when you ride the fame and benefits from a video of you having sex, be sure to expect some scrutiny when you have young girls following your every move and you are then arrested for driving a car drunk. ParisHilton I'm sorry but there were young girls following her every move and following example. Both Letterman and Sarah Silverman were right to call it out and make an example. If she hadn't done it, it wouldn't have came up. Simple. Learn the lesson.

ParisHilton letterman was known for his snarkness. many of the people he had on his show knew that going on the late show. look back on any time trump was on with dave. ParisHilton This makes me sooo sad :( ParisHilton ParisHilton the fact that she was bullied all the time and she has always bee the sweetest and classy🥲

ParisHilton This is horrible! 🤒 & educational! He did it too a lot of women sis Comedians are screwed! They literally can no longer exist! ParisHilton I remember watching part of the interview and had to switch away because of how creepy Letterman was and how obviously uncomfortable Paris was. But then Letterman was always a creep.

ParisHilton What an absolute and utter cock!!! He made a fool out of himself. ParisHilton was trying so hard to keep it together - she kept poised and was such a lady. ParisHilton 'Just being up there, it was like he was purposefully trying to humiliate me.' ParisHilton Tbh, she put innocent lives are risk by driving intoxicated multiple times, then she spent a very short period of time. When people are clearly privileged, it makes the rest of mad, for good reason. Also, just got out of jail and went to a talk show. You know he’ll ask questions

ParisHilton Toujours j'attends ta réponse pour ami si possible Please...🙄 Hilarious. I think it's about addressing the elephant in the room in a humorous way. She seemed okay with it in the end, I never liked David lettermen, he’s a narcissist “Hilton was ostensibly on the show to discuss her new perfume”...Did she really think she was invited on Letterman to promote her perfume ?

She was driving under the influence. Fuck her feelings. Not entirely clear on what questions were out of bounds. Hilton was the first to be famous for being famous....for a sex tape. Heir to a fortune, limited talent and unwarranted fame. She can handle a few uncomfortable questions. Jackson played dumb on boobgate until she couldnt

Question, Was he an equal opportunity humiliator? If he was it was not personal. Poor drunk driving trust fund baby. I find it harder to sympathize with her as I do with Britney. Just like she use to humiliate the Olsen twins and Lindsay Lohan. Fuck her.