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Paramount Reveals ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Features Tom Cruise Actually Bombing A Yemeni Village

Paramount Reveals ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Features Tom Cruise Actually Bombing A Yemeni Village

10/12/2021 5:30:00 PM

Paramount Reveals ‘ Top Gun : Maverick ’ Features Tom Cruise Actually Bombing A Yemen i Village

LOS ANGELES—Stressing that the movie eschewed computer graphics and digital wizardry to give viewers a truly edge-of-their-seat experience, Paramount Studios executive Kevin Holt revealed Tuesday that Top Gun : Maverick would feature Tom Cruise actually bombing a remote Yemen i village. “When we sat down with Tom to…

Top Gun: Maverickwould feature Tom Cruise actually bombing a remote Yemeni village. “When we sat down with Tom to discuss this movie, he told us to forget about all the technical mumbo-jumbo and just let him work his magic in an actual F-35 taking out a Yemeni wedding,” said Holt, explaining that watching early cuts of the leading man dropping cluster bombs onto the small village of Rak

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ah proved that the film wouldn’t have been the same without including real civilian casualties. “Obviously, we said we could just kill a few Yemeni children on a sound stage. But Tom is such a pro that he looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘Look, this wouldn’t be

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Oh My LMBO 🤣🤣🤣🤣 perfect photo choice itd b nice if we could ever see the shit happen. This is assuming the movie is ever released. MeretriciousPro LeeCamp grahamelwood jimmy_dore miserablelib PatTheBerner Remember when you’d read a headline, do the double take and then be all, “OH Onion!” I just did that.

I highly doubt it Stickler for realism, that Tom Cruise. Feel the need, the need to bleed! This is the most relatable thing tom cruise has done Geez. You'll have the gullible thinking this is real.

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🤣🤣🤣🤣 😂 That’s like how the pentagon does product placement. To be fair, If the film accurately reflects the type of combat missions the US Navy has been flying off its carriers since the first movie premiered, we'd see Maveric bomb a few villages in the ME That’s some method acting right there Gold I heard it's really going to pop on screen! It's supposed to look incredible on IMAX!!

hutchinson Bahahaha this is such a bait article and not in the slightest bit true 😂😂😂 barenpork only the houses on the right though, yeah? DistortBot 🤣

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Remember to click the link so they make money This is so believable it's almost not satire. I could totally see him lobbying to actually bomb someone. Though he'd probably bomb anticult folks rather than Yemeni, but he'd totally do it. Can't learn the ABC's without Another Bombing of Civilains, good on Tom!

Oh man. Not surprised about the bombing, Tom is a Scientologist. I burst out laughing in the middle of a meeting because of this lmao Even though they were innocent civilians they were probably potential terrorists anyway. Method actors are the worst Onion equal Truth Hooah MFs !

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Good - I hate CGI in movies Method salelosviernes Lo veo capaz , y con esa risita de desquiciado. Was just talking to someone about how there’s not enough movie magic these days brilliant Im glad the US government doesnt insist on hogging the spotlight

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Tom Cruise & Son Connor Make Rare Appearance Together at Baseball GameCruise and his son were spotted at game 2 of the National League Division Series between the SF Giants and LA Dodgers. I am not surprised he went out to a baseball game with his son. I think it’s awesome! Think about it for a second, would ANYONE actually think someone like him would be out in the general public? It’s like hiding in plain sight. 😂