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Dylan Probert, New York Police Department

Panic erupts in Times Square over shooting false alarm

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8/7/2019 6:43:00 AM

Panic erupted in Times Square late Tuesday night after a motorcycle backfired and caused fears of a possible active shooter. The NYPD said it received multiple 911 calls about the incident. There have been no reports of injuries.

Get breaking national and world news, broadcast video coverage, and exclusive interviews. Find the top news online at ABC news.

The Crossroads of the World was packed with tourists and revelers at about 10 p.m. on a warm night in New York City, when a few passing motorcycles backfired and people thought they were hearing gunfire.Video showed thousands of people running north on Broadway as they thought their lives were in danger.

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The New York Police Department's Midtown North Precinct later tweeted the explanation about the backfiring.There is no #ActiveShooter in #TimesSquare. Motorcycles backfiring while passing through sounded like gun shots.We are recieving multiple 911 calls. Please don’t panic. The Times Square area is very safe! @NYPDnews @NYPDTimesSquare

Times Square is one of the most heavily protected areas in the country. Even on a normal day, a large presence of officers can be seen roaming the area."All of a sudden I heard this kind of muffled 'pop' and said, 'What was that?' and I looked over and there was a sea of people running," witness Dylan Probert told New York ABC station WABC.

People fleeing and hiding from #timessquare after suspected live shooter #NewYork we caught this from our hotel bar 10th floor #police confirmed this was not a live shooter #timessquare #NYC pic.twitter.com/IKfagFbtzyThe NYPD said it received multiple 911 calls about the incident.

There have been no reports of injuries.Shoppers at Disney's flagship store were herded into the back as a precaution, one shopper shared on Twitter.At the Disney Store in Times Square when a backfiring motorcycle was mistaken for gunfire. Staff kept all customers safe and were clearly well prepared. pic.twitter.com/e4A38Fzjw6

A shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday resulted in the deaths of 22 people and injuries to more than two dozen other shoppers. A man was taken into custody in the shooting. He told told police he was targeting Mexicans, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

Just about 14 hours later a man opened fire outside a bar in downtown Dayton, Ohio, killing nine people, including his sister. The suspect shooter was fatally killed by police, who were patrolling the area, in less than a minute. Read more: ABC News »

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Bunch scared ass new yawkers SOOOOOOOOO You ask yourself ... dam it I can’t run my decisions / thinking / & My choices ,,, I need a idiot like this 👇👇making them for me All because I was educated by Federal Govt public schools I want socialism to run my life That’s today’s 18 to 32 young people MadameND They certainly don't make New Yorkers like they used to. When I grew up there, we would've been like 'Gunshots, schmunshots... I been waitin' in this line for an hour and I ain't movin'!'

This is why i rarely do crowds! DONE!!! it's a good . no incident. Welcome to the new America full of polarization, destabilization, instability, full of hate, resentment, anger and no sense of trust. Yo estuve allí con mis hijos, mi prima y sus niñas... Realmente fue horrible, me quedé allí en medio de todo y nos tiramos al piso con mis hijos mientras mi prima buscaba a sus niñas... De terror francamente!!!

kaitlancollins 😢💔 😰😰😰 so sad what we have become So many people around the globe living in such fear, what a sad world this is. Scary Understand! Insanity. Saw this today and said the same thing. A nightmare of our own making. Defies belief. Stay in the house if your that triggered by sound This is a clear example of the stress that people are feeling over the fact that there have been so many mass shootings in America, yet the Senate will not take any type of responsible action. How many more American's need to die in mass shootings?

America the Beautiful... Truly come on. New Yorkers? probably tourist. Talk about paranoid liberals. Hahahahaha. This is what it has come to..... and yet spineless Republican traitors like Moscow Mitch still refuse to act..... act for them-vote them out! So. Nothing happened and this is therefore news about nothing?

Get some free shit. We’re all so on edge, such a normal way to be during these times, so sad I hope we all come out of it ok Americans are suffering from PSTD who is gonna do something about it? Back fire? Friends episode.... 911 post Era This is our new normal. That is so incredibly sad Well this just gave some idiot the idea.

Well that doesn’t sound like a terrorized society Jesus. This is the world we live in now. So sad This is what you get with a hysterical media that pushes a shooting and white supremacist epidemic narrative to a country to 350 million people. It's irresponsible and sick. This is the beginning, many people who are troubled are recognizing this atmosphere of hatred&division breeds fear&anxiety; enticing them to want to capitalize on the moment and transcend to infamy. Guns are great tools for protecting oneself and loved ones.

Again PerfumeFlogger 😔 Welcome to America where people shit their pants over a car backfiring Good job MSM you have every NY snowflake living in fear of noise. Sad This is America I thought Guy Fieri tried to re-open his restaurant😏 Better always to have an exit strategy. Could mean life or death. Survivor or victim. No matter the situation.

People panic because they feel helpless. They know this administration and government won’t do anything to stop the shootings. heartbreaking to see a widespread PTSD abc welcome to the United States! I absolutely love how countries like Venezuela and Uruguay have issued travel warnings about their citizens traveling to the US. Oh how the mighty have fallen! DumpTrump

USA is now PTSD from all the gun violence in this country! This just makes me so sad for our country. And GOP is doing NOTHING! realDonaldTrump This is what Trump is doing to this country. This is the ‘new normal’ when ONE man Mitch McConnell blocks SensibleGunReform because of the NRA’s influence on our political system & McConnell’s silence on Trump’s daily hate rants. 🇺🇸 Resist 🦅VoteThemOut🗳

kaitlancollins This is so sad and may become our norm kaitlancollins Shame on America for creating fear because of the stupid 2nd amendment which should be abolished kaitlancollins This is America, where a motorcycle sounds will cause chaos because people are scared of guns. pretty sad that panic erupted over a backfiring motorcycle. that just goes to show people are on edge every day. but that’s the new normal of America so my opinion doesnt matter.

JonLemire people have been terrorized. And this is how badly the Americans already are fucked up. Statistically over 1 shooting a day, that doesn't leave you intact. An entire nation with PTSD. JonLemire People in this Country are realizing we're not safe anymore in our everyday lives thanks to assault rifles in the hands of white Nationalists and hate groups, and Donald Trump's Twitter account.

JonLemire Having 'mixed feelings' make one jumpy nytpolitics JonLemire Witness trump’s America! Bradjow TrumpsAmerica Obviously these people have never been around firearms. Everyone is a victim now days. We live in a society of victims. God help us Thanks realDonaldTrump for making America so great

So sad this is what our country has to fear now Just terrible that people have to live with this fear in their bodies😔 I hope no one got hurt 😔 'This is what being traumatized looks like!' This is a gun-terrified nation. Unbelievably, this is what the elites want. No one pays attention to their dismantling of America.

This is the new America! So sad! 💁‍♂️ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This is trumps America welcome New normal Very heartbreaking that we’ve arrived in this state. Lawmakers won’t do anything; they don’t work for people’s interest but theirs instead. Just feeling so angry that nothing can be done. This is AMERIKKKA 🤦🏻‍♂️

ei see this country oooh oneal_gh 1_brainyyy NOforiOwusu JibrilBellahJr Dattydon This is the America we live in, fear hangs over all of us and rightfully so, we hear about mass shootings like it’s the fucking weather. Welcome to trumps great America , this is what he’s caused ! 🤬 Good job propagandists.

What’s the answer, ban motorbikes😂😂😂😂 senatemajldr, this is your legacy. I hope all that lobbyist money was worth it. TrumpsTerrorists realDonaldTrump is the cause of this 😂😂😂😂😂 what a nation! Greatest, bravest! Hahahaha... Constant fear ...isn't it great that just anyone could have a gun? andrewcuomo SenSchumer RepJerryNadler SenGillibrand senatemajldr SpeakerPelosi Ban military weapons now. Treat gangsters as terrorists too.

I don’t get it; we as citizens see that our country has problems. We the people elect leaders to go to Washington and solve these problems. And the only result we get back is a tweet telling us that the country has problems. TimesSquare WeThePeopleMarch WednesdayThoughts Can you imagine how Trump would react if there was another terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11?

The terrible world we live in. Friends flashback. Don’t forget to save the sandwich😂 So this is who we are... in a constant state of shock and fear at this point. Are you really wondering why? Stupid gun laws... _waleedshahid Stupid motorcycles. Wow. Life as we know it in these times, unfortunately. Democrats

iamDOAS That's funny... 😂 Sad. Dear Republican politicians, isn’t this an indication that Americans are scared of the next MassShooting. Isn’t your job to provide peace and security? Do your fucken job KOLO8 sheepleofny 😂 😂 😂 People run for their lives and that's great. No one deserve to die untimely.

How very sad Trumps AmeriKKKa How on edge people are. Any kind of bang clang or boom thats not gunfire panics people. Isn't this great to live in tRUmps America! 😕 Two very different sounds. Who do I know who wants to keep the American population in panic mode? iamDOAS they were shook lol This is America 💔

RobertAlai Seems that land of milk and honey isn't safe anymore I know this is messed up but just imagine the reaction of the person whose bike backfired. 'Woah, that was loud...oh shit, no, everyone! It was just my bike!' SamanthaAngeliq Lol. Y'all White folks continue to ignore White terrorism. These is what Donald Trump has created in this Nation all over America. He is very DANGEROUS everything he touches or talk has bad luck.

That’s awesome. I read a sign dropped in a mall and same reaction. More secondary reaction here with a pop or loud noise than after the towers dropped. Now that’s sad Incredible, this is the America the GOP and seanhannity wants, an America full of frightened people that will sell their very soul for some kind of safety and normality. An America full of weapons and armed guards to protect the hobbie of a minority of gun owners.

Car back fires in England where we dont legalise guns and we all look round and carry on with our every day life. Car back fires in USA where u can buy a gun anywhere and this is wat happens. Not at all shocked by this tho. smokeydogg777 Yall some scaryass niggas This is the future the GOP, foxnewsnight, and the NRA want.

You can tell the people who stayed behind and did not panic were not Americans lol joshtpm Make America Afraid Again _waleedshahid Welcome to America Mass shootings at this point are copy cat crimes. We need political leaders to protect us and the media to report the truth. probably started with just one genius running without having a clue what a gunshot or motorcycle sound like and then started a chain reaction

You used to be able to go somewhere and look at the offers or look at the lines. Now you travel with a “ what if” in mind and which way to run “if”. This is the world that we live in. I hate this current reality People be scared of their own farts nowadays This what happens when a country is ruled by a gun and enslaved by its home grown terrorists !!

Americans might as well be living in Syria..probably feels as safe If you’ve had Enough, text READY to 644-33 to help MomsDemand end this uniquely American public health epidemic. MGC3I It's so sad that this is what we are now having to accept as the norm!! It should not be this way at all!!! Please to all that are facing some scary signs of mental illness, it is absolutely ok to reach out for help.

He made America great again... So sad that we all have to think about guns immediately. No other country in the world has this problem at this magnitude. Guns have more rights than humans at this point. 😂😂see what the media does Paranoid people How everyone who runnin look 🤡🤡 This is a beautiful scene line

I don't blame them for panicking since NYC doesn't allow them to have guns they can protect themselves with. MGC3I Oh No!!! And imagine if they were all armed what would happen next. These mass shootings absolutely are domestic terrorism. Look at what they've done to society- caused terror. I don't think this would have been the response 20 yrs ago. We had a 'War on Terror', but left out domestic terror. We must not allow ourselves to be destroyed from within

Watch the say this: We will regulate motorcycle muffler systems more effectively to avoid this from happening. Before they say this: Mandatory background checks for gun permit. Assault rifle ban. Mental illness fire arm possession ban. Etc etc etc This is sad!! All because of video games... Madness. Everybody scare for their lives! This racewar with these domestic Terrorists, have everyone on the edge. ScareForMyLife EnoughIsEnough NationalNightOut2019 TrumpsTerrorists

You tell me if this is not chaotic. Utterances by Trump resulting to this chaotic circumstance This is what PTSD looks like Gun controls need to take action and banned them is so scary pray and thoughts to nyc It breaks my heart to realize what America has become since the most useless, hateful administration took over. All the hate. All the pain. All the fear. This is not America anymore. This is a primary stage of hell. My heart is bleeding...

America. Mission accomplished, we live in constant fear. Fear is a powerful thing when it controls you. I was there when everything went down. I didn’t even hear the motorcycle but started running. I was afraid but wouldn’t have been surprised if it was a shooting. It sucks that it was so easy to jump to that conclusion so easily.

How wants to go for holidays? Great challenge... RobertAlai The moment you start living in fear, the terrorist don’t need bombs. The end game is fear. Do you think we are all tired of winning Yeesh. This is no way to live, folks. joshtpm Terrorism works! Thanx nazi kidz! America, your gun violence issue is not an exception to your gun laws...it’s the result of them.

I was here about 15’ away. It sounded EXACTLY like gunfire, and I am very familiar with firearms. It was not paranoia. These people were right to duck for cover. Yeah we might have a gun problem jamesc0890 New york puss€ asf smh smokeydogg777 When you spray the Raid All the more reason to ban cars from NYC.

Donald trump, America now puts your fires out, the fires that you have initiated and flamed. Please just RESIGN Donald, please just leave. I live in NYC and frequently go to the movies at the Times Square AMCTheatres. Thank God I’m never there when horrific shit like this periodically happens. can someone show this to neiltyson

trumpeffect TrumpsAmerica joshtpm This country. We had better get it together. Its sad that people are sonused to expecting a shooting that a motorcycle can cause panic now. thenewnormal expectingashooting Snapshot of a society that's collectively suffering from PTSD Too ready to believe the worst Too traumatized to believe anything will ever change It's instinctual This fear our bought govt has ingrained into our populace is the same fear our military instills across the globe

I say ANALIZE, ANALIZE n ANALIZE Y this happening, whoever making Mr Trump happy check that one he is BIGGEST ENEMY OF AMERICA, actually that one using America n creating PANIC IN AMERICA, please listen to my advise b/f it will be too late, there r so many BIG ANALISTS AMERICA You see what mass shootings caused? Panic from loud bangs

People are on edge, thanks to trump inspiring racist people to kill innocent people. 🙃 📽📹this film was taken by DanielsGrp please credit Africa is a shithole indeed! 😢😢😢 Thoughts and prayers from shithole that has NEVER experienced this. This is just sad. This makes me so sad. My heart aches for our neighbors South of our border. This is so heartbreaking, your nation is now so traumatized. Please take steps to remove Trump and start repairing the damage they've done. We stand in solidarity with you. ❤️

We are all traumatized. 😰 Thankful it was nothing. My parents were seeing “Hamilton” when this happened. Not comforting to receive a text saying “If you see anything on the news, we’re fine”. She expressed it somewhat chaotic and a lot of confusion. Again thankful it was nothing. Imagine living in a society where just the sound of a motorcycle causes widespread fear for your lives.... change is needed the most rn

Because of you guys( news media) , this happens. Ban assault motorcycles now. It’s almost like there’s something we could do to make people feel safer. Remember after 9/11, how we bent over backwards, gave up rights and decided we needed DHS & TSA, all in the name of safety? This is just an inconvenience when making a purchase. That’s all. Do something.

queenlerinda man could u imagine!!? I thought you didn't have to worry in a city like NYC with all its strict gun laws that they have... is this how nervous people have become? they don't no the difference between a backfired car and a gun built? United States of Panic. Who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind And your politicians are doing it so far.

Omg 😭 Trump’s America. FEARICA People are a bit jumpy 🙄🙄 Sad Once upon a time in America ... _waleedshahid Here it comes ..the fear This is really sad Oh what a sad world we live in Why were people lying on the ground? Is that the normal response when hearing possible gunshots? Me, I’m like Forrest. joshtpm Muricah

Guy on the motorcycle was probably white. Beto should be along shortly to blame Trump for white guys on motorcycles traumatizing AOC supporters. 🙄 It's as if the entire country is suffering from PTSD. The city must start fine these motorcycle people, the majority are irregular with their vehicles inspection and several factors the inconvenience, air pollution and sound annoyance.

We’re all on edge Whoa Scary asses haha,good job😂 Someone’s running lean Oh man, sounds scary. You know what a situation like this needs? MORE guns. More guns are always the answer. That would make everyone feel safer. Making America Great Again. Keep throwing gasoline on the fire 🔥 ABC. We are living in a failed society if people stampede at the sound of motorcycle backfire.

Thanks trump 🖕🏿 I hope more shops will start to accept onion as payment term. I like this coin a lot because of their great technologies, dedicated dev team and a fantastic community DeepOnion DeepOnion GetDeepOnion $ONION That is really sad!! So aware and panicked of mass murder in America, that a motorcycle backfire could cause people to run for their lives.

We are all traumatized by this dystopian version of America. When they say make America great again 🙄😡😡😡 Tuesday Night Motorcycle Club. Listen to Sheryl. Maybe Angels is a good one. I hate closing my eyes because all I can see is the eventuality of the masses tiring of this and someone like Duterte rising on a platform of vigilantism and culling out those red flags if this continues into and past the next dove's administration as the follow up after Trump

Our country is on edge and rightfully so. Thankfully this was just a false alarm, but really shows insight into how we are feeling with all the mass shooting in the US. We are scared and need gun law reform now. Did the person on the ground in the teal shirt get ran over lol wtf How loud was that backfire? Especially in NYC. I live in a quiet neighborhood & once in a blue moon a backfire is scary.

Luxury department store Barneys files for bankruptcy: New York TimesU.S. luxury department store chain Barneys New York Inc filed for Chapter 11 ban... People finally got tired of wearing all black - except for antifa - and they can’t afford BarneysNY You know Manhattan real estate is sorely out of whack when Barney’s can’t afford its rent!! 😳 Another brick and mortar retailer bites the dust, taking jobs, tax revenues, & building rent out of the economy with it

7 Times Colin Firth, Lovable Nice Guy, Killed as a Movie VillainThe 'Mary Poppins Returns' star can be bad when he wants to be. 🖤

‘New York Times’ Amends Recent ‘Hero Trump Disarms Would-Be Shooter’ HeadlineNEW YORK—Following backlash from journalists, politicians, and the public, The New York Times announced Tuesday that it had amended a headline from the morning’s front page reading “Hero Trump Disarms Would-Be Shooter.” “The original headline did not live up to our standards of objectivity at The New York Times and has thus been changed to ‘Trump Gives Speech’ in order to more accurately represent the president’s recent actions,” said executive editor Dean Baquet in response to criticism that the piece inaccurately framed the president as a champion of racial harmony and lionhearted hero who acted alone to stop a white national terrorist plot. “We were wrong to imply that President Trump courageously rushed into an active-shooter situation inside a Washington, D.C. gas station, held the gunman in a chokehold until he dropped his weapon, and then provided first-aid to casualties, thus single-handedly preventing more bloodshed. We deeply regret intimating that the shooter realized the error of his ways and denounced his bigoted beliefs after a tough-love conversation with Mr. Trump. Readers will see that these statements have been retracted from the second edition.” At press time, the new headline, “Trump Gives Speech” had been changed to “Unifier-In-Chief Provides Hope To Fractured Nation.” nytimes During the Election, The New York Times published thousands of stories about Clinton email/Benghazi, not one on Trumps lifelong ties to NY/Russian mob. As if The New York Times wasn't in a particularly knowledgeable position to report on 70 years of NYC construction & mob history nytimes snopes where you at! nytimes The news media has become beholden by the left. They dictate the headlines for articles now. The thing is, Trump did push for unity, not racism in the speech. How was the headline wrong?

I Watched Mom Make Sunday Sauce 900 Times, but Never Learned Till She Was GoneI watched Mom make Sunday sauce 900 times, but never learned till she died. I'm sorry for your loss

If You Understand How You Fit, You’re Five Times More Likely To Be Inspired At WorkIt’s hard to thrive when work feels meaningless. If you want to enjoy and succeed at your job, you’ve got to proactively learn how you fit into your organization’s strategy and goals. Casper_peakon It's so important to know that on an individual level you matter on the high-level things going on in a company.

Sarah Palin’s Suit Against New York Times Revived by Appeals CourtA federal appeals court ruled that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin can proceed with a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times over a 2017 editorial that suggested the Republican politician had helped incite political violence. calling Popehat yashar In today’s climate, she’s unlikely to win. Gonna watch this from my house