Panic buying breaks out in Finland, bomb shelters checked after NATO move

Panic buying breaks out in Finland, bomb shelters checked after NATO move

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5/13/2022 4:10:00 PM

Panic buying breaks out in Finland , bomb shelter s checked after NATO move

Residents are stocking up on food and preparing for a potential conflict with Russia , which shares a more than 800-mile border with the Nordic country.

bid.Shortly after Finland's President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin issued a statement saying that their country must apply to join the military alliance"without delay," Russia's foreign ministry said the Kremlin"will be left with no choice but to respond."

"Russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps, both of a military-technical and other nature, in order to stop threats to its national security arising," the ministry said.Some residents are now stocking up on food and mentally preparing for a potential conflict with Russia, which shares a more than 800-mile border with the Nordic country, the

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One totally normal day in Finland. Maybe You are panicking in Newsweek but I don’t know why? If You are hyperventilating, use paper bag, sit down and relax. ”The freedom to disagree” 😂😂 fakenews PutinsPuppets 🤣 Pure BS! Who wrote this nonsense? Fakenews. You can do better. This 'article' is utter BS. The Eurovision Song Contest is what Finns are currently concerned with.

Yes, we are panic buying drinks in the bars... Is Newsweek getting their info from Russians trolls or why so much disinformation? Haven't seen a single person panic yesterday. Fakenews 🤷🏻‍♂️ What is this news media? Russian paid fraud? A piece of shit journalism.

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What bull is this? We in Finland haven’t seen any kind of panic.😂 Since when Newsweek has been a part of russian hybrid operations? There is no panic in Finland whatsoever. I bought red wine and local cheese. Will enjoy those in the evening watching Eurovision final. Stop spreading disinformation, life is completely normal in Finland, no extra worries!

Are you working for newsweek or Pravda? Your facts are on Pravda level. It’s all about Ice Hockey Word Championships and Eurovision song contest. Do we get tickets to games? Do I still have time to visit a shop before ”Jezebel”. Still needs to have time to visit grandparents and go play squash with my son… I’m in panic ⏳😱😂

What the hell is this? We're not doing any of that. Shit, I forgot to panic 😱 What the fuck are you on about? I bought some ribs for barbecue and only thing I'm checking is the score of mens hockey team now that the worldcup started (that we are hosting btw). 🤣🍻 I live in Finland and the only panic I've seen here is when Newsweek reporters are trying to create some headlines of the situation.

Kim Kardashian says she’s ‘having panic attacks’ without Kanye as her stylist“I was like, ‘How do I wear something that hasn’t been pre-vetted first?'” the star said on the new episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians.” Selfish vampire This is absurd. She has plenty of money to hire a stylist. If getting dressed is her biggest problem in life she should be grateful. Maybe Pete can get SNL to hook her up

People bought beer to celebrate the announcement What on earth are you talking about? 😂 Everything is just fine in Finland, I know this because, well, I live in here 😁 Only Finnish panic is that,you get your beers before sale time ends at 9 pm. It is normal to have 72 hrs food,water etc in backup. Shelters should be allways in good shape. So it is normal in here. So please check the facts. Total crap news.

Kävin ilmiantamassa tämän koska valhe. I reported this because it is a fakenews I bought a gas grill and terrace furniture. I have considered both for weeks. But we can call it panic buying if you will! That's just absolute rubbish No shit Sherlock! Well if you live in the states where everyone is working this weekend and you have no bomb shelters, I guess the notion of the 'cabin weekend' and regular bomb shelter inspections are a bit foreign.

What the F Newsweek. Desperate head line from you. We are calm and following IceHockey. No panic seen anywhere. Well maybe in Hockey ticket booth. Fake news.

ONLY ON 2 - ‘Never Panic Early’: An Apollo 13 astronaut’s journeyIt was a mission that captured the world’s attention: a moon landing mission turned heart-stopping rescue.

For f**cks sake . What kind of journalism is this? Doing my grocery shopping every day near the Russian border and have not seen any panic what so ever. People are cool, calm and collected as always. Please stop buying your headlines from Putins trolls! You guys told earlier, year 1986, that all finns were killed by Tshernobyl. How dead people can panic?

Eat mämmi and panic Pics or didn't happen. today i panic bought lonkero, to make sure i have some in the cold for the weekend. FALSE Just gave My tractor a full maintenance. You can report that as panicin. fakenewsweek What is the data source? This is totally fake news! Very unprofessional article

No Time To Panic, But Time To Prepare: COVID Cases Rising In ColoradoCOVID-19 cases are rising in Colorado. Boulder County is prepared to take action to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. I didn't panic the first time. Or 2nd... 3rd... 4th... Lol we’re not playing pandemic anymore Last time rates were this high. Health departments were ruining people’s lives. What changed? Oh yeah! Politics.

Thought my dachshund was panicking, but she was only stuck in a sleeve. All good. Haha what an article! 😄 The only ”panic buying” was the candies which I almost forgot. And yes - it was a candy day for the kids. We watched Lego Masters and then played some Switch games - what a catastrophy of a night it was! 🙄

i bought two whole bottles of coke today, does that count as panic buying or am i missing something here? Well.. usually I buy 2 beers for w-end. Today I got 4. Can’t really say why, I swear.. I guess this explains it, I was in panic buying 🤣 We Finns don’t panic, we don’t even know hot to panic. Bullllllllllshiiiiiiiit.......

Is it possible to move my panic two weeks ahead? Ain't got no time to panic properly now Leijonat MMkisat IIHFWorlds2022 Finns Finland What crack are you smoking to post this? It's not true. No panic buying going on but enjoy the clicks. Might be a bit over used but fake news. What a big fake news. Delete.

Andie MacDowell Details Her First Panic Attack at 58 While on Set: ‘I Dropped to My Knees’It happened in “a sea of men” on set. “It flashed on something that was personal for me,” she said.

This is not true - dont know anyone doing these type of things. We are calm, determined and always prepared. BS Real shit news, not real, and nothing to do with reality. The biggest panic today was, when a colleague brought too many donuts to work Excuse me, Newsweek. So, what the heck are you writing? Do you check your sources? At least somehow. For your notice: there is no panic in Finland. Nothing at all. Pls come and see with your own eyes. fakenews media Finland Nato

The empty rotting shell of Newsweek shambles on, undeterred by reality… Is this really the best time to try to sell fakenews Newsweek? What a stupid headline, are you all out of warporn? This is NOT true. Nope. Regular every day life going on. Can hear Steelfest going on a few clicks away, pretty good array of metal there this weekend.

Meanwhile in Helsinki:

NATO chief says Finland's entry into alliance will be 'smooth and swift' NATO 's chief said Finland 's entry into NATO will be 'smooth and swift.'

get your shit together!! The only panic in Finland is that will there be snow at Midsummers eve.. This is Finland today. Happy people watching ice hockey. What a ridiculous claim. I thought could be taken seriously. Smh. Toiletpaper can´t be found in any store. Hold a fuck on🤔. Havent seen or hear anything about this, and i live in Helsinki. Only thing we fight for allways are free plastic buckets👍

You are trending now in Finnish twitter 🤣 The best joke in the decade. Everybody is telling now what they bought today. Someone bought a bicycle, another one a holiday. We bought one bread. You're the most welcome to come to Finland to see the 'panic'. My panic knäckebröd is full grain ☝️So next three weeks covered 😂

I haven't seen that here. Maybe Putin has given you a cue...... Really, where? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Not true, sorry. Always worth remembering this about Newsweek's present owners. Absolute bullshit! We're out of red wine currently. It's pretty bad actually. Yes, I admit buying maybe too much of tortillas, feta and beer. Not out of panic, but for tomorrow’s Eurovision watching party. Today I stocked two packs of Italian coffee. And 500g of margarin too. No rush in the supermarket. Where do you get these stories from?

Newsweekiä viedään nyt 6-0 No, we don't have panic at all. This is fake news. We enjoy today Finland hockey game which we won. No panic. ?

I haven't bought anything for two days. I don't know what the hell you're talking about. UmlandAndreas This is BS. No one in Finnland is panicking. Stop spreading RussianPropaganda. The only panic buying I did was the the bottle of red wine I had to get before Alko closed. One single psychologically toxic man should never be allowed to have sufficient power (that's enhanced with access to nuclear weapons he threatens to use) to not only destroy a country at will & commit genocide, but also turn the world upside down with fear of him like Finland.

What a load of Bull. No one is panicking here. It's ice hockey and BBQ season. What a load of crap. I bet they are 'panic buying' beer for the weekend. When Finns head to their cottages for the summer en masse for vacation, will you be saying Russia is attacking from the south? Newsweek has been useless for years.

Stop lying. fakenews What complete nonsense. Shame on you, Newsweek. No matafaking panic 👐 FAKE NEWS. The only thing we're panic buying is beer, but that is every single Friday 8:55 pm (alcohol sales are prohibited from 9pm on every day). Fuck you.

Höpöhöpö WTF !!!! 😂 Finland is full of WORLD ”economic” (=SATANIC) FORUM leaders like our wef president, wef prime minister etc.. FINLAND IS TOTALLY CORRUPTED NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA COUNTRY! I HATE OUR LEADERS WHO WANT TO TAKE FINLAND TO NATO 😡😡😡 We don’t need nato! 🇫🇮‼️ They all belong to WEF👇🏻

nonni!!! People are ”panic” buying chips and beer because it’s the first warm spring friday and Finland is playing ice hockey in world championship. Panic buying? Utter rubbish. And if anybody tries to invade we will tear them into pieces. Vittu täällä paniikkia ole, just tulin teranssilta ja täräytin saunan tulille. Turskat ottaa vielä leijonilta pataan, korkkaan oluen.

That’s the ”alternative” truth 😅😂🤣 I buyed four Friday beers instead of the ordinary two…this huge stock did not last long…exaggeratation nopanicinfinland I was panic buying today as I was afraid I was going to miss the ice hockey game. It's all good now, you can remove this news article We are doing what? Fakenewsweek, panic is not in our DNA.

I was slightly in panic as Norway hockey team hit the post in the 1st period. Thank godness Pesonen scored 1-0 and it’s all good now. 🇫🇮 I did buy a LOT of fresh strawberries from a local berry farm today 😋. And I may have overstocked on nibblies & bubbly, just to be on the safe side for tomorrow's Eurovision finals 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🥂🎶

Bullshit, there's no panic buying. No it does not. Well, i live in Finland and this is complete fear mongering... i can gurantee that What's the purpose of this BS? Whose idea? I've considered you as a quite trustworthy source of information but that's a thing of the past now for sure. In my opinion you owe an apology to your readers - and an article about intellectual dishonesty.

Panic buying? Heh. Is this the same Newsweek that used to have half decent weekly magazines back in the day, what the hell has happened to you? Maybe buckets are being delivered for free? That usually causes a hassle. 🤔 I ordered a kebab in a massive panic. I bought a bottle of red wine and pizza...

Buying food for 72 hours has absolutely nothing to do with panic. It is normal Finnish home preparedness recommendation. Read more from here HomePreparedness Utter rubbish, Finns do not panic. Just had a sauna and now enjoying the beautiful evening. Your journalism sucks. Lol, we went playing football. It is summer time! Relax a bit, pls.

F**k off. Just paint my house. This is bs. Where do you get your money? I was just at the grocery store, but I didn't know I was suppose to panic. Should I go again? Utter garbage. There is no time for that now. the hockey world championships start today in Tampere and Helsinki. Perhaps, you have seen bucket queue .. Finns really love free bucket. If you want to get Finnish spouse and you want to make her/him light up, just give her/him a free bucket.

Not entirely wrong here, I were panic buying today because I remembered I need a new suit and tie and shirt for tomorrow. I was victorious in this 👍 Ain’t nobody got time to panic here. We’re watching ice hockey world championships and drinking beer.

Bomb shelters? Really? … 👆 Mute 👆 Irresponsible. No need for this. The only panic buying you see this Friday, too, is just before 9 PM when the sale of alcohol ends. Hey now, I only bought two magnolias and one teeny-tiny packet of seeds. Rude.😤 Panic buying? Oh yes. It was when everyone was trying to get tickets for Tapparaofficial HCTPS Last game a few weeks ago.

Today I went to work. Played golf. Grilled sausages and had a beer. Normal day in Finland. This headline is bad. Mitä helvettiä nyt oikeesti :D Bulls**t! We are doing great and drinking beer.😊👍 Stop spreading LIES! Life goes on normally in Finland. 🇫🇮

Interesting that none here in Finland has seen any 'panic' nor read about it from news. Talk about click bait. That's not true. This is bullshit. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I'm a Finn and haven't seen any sign of panic. Really?! Shit, I only bought ice cream… 😬 Sorry, but who the Fudge gave you this kind of BS info? Finns are not panicing or scared, we are just awake and ready!

Total BS! Nobody is panicking here. It's nice, warm spring day here and people are enjoying the weather and weekend. Our bomb shelters are always in good shape. Why did you make up such a disgusting piece of rubbish? Please explain. Anyone could have told you if you asked. Nullshit Newsweek. Nothing like that is going on here in Finland. Russian fake news. newsweek

Only panic buying i have seen is To buy beer before alcohol selling stops at 9 pm. But that has been always like that haha fake news.... 😘 Not a panic buy in sight when I was at the supermarket an hour ago. What a bull this story is! 🤦‍♀️😂😂 Just bought a frozen pizza and 3 beers. For my panic.

isakstom Lol There is no panic in Finland, just the opposite!🙏 We are waiting for the ice-hockey game FIN-NOR to start and of course the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow (12 points to Ukraine🤫). ☀️is shining here. Have a nice week-end on your fake news editorial. Fake news. erm... Come on The only panic here is to get out today when the sun is shining. Tomorrow spring will continue to cool again. You can calm down there in Newsweek, the Finns will do well.

What a Bullshit. Have not noticed anything referring to panic. Where did Newsweek got this idea? Haven't seen any panic anywhere today. Strange, maybe i am not in Finland then. I didn't see any panic today and I went to many stores. 😀 In Helsinki city center there were lots of Finnish people and tourists, many dressed in icehockey clothing as ice hockey WC starts today. They didn't seem to be panic either. 🥳

😆😆Yeah.., right 😄😄 Best joke this week ! Must go and panic shopping now !

I think the only thing that would cause Finns to even consider panic would be if the country is out of coffee This is what the panic in Finland currently looks like. Maybe slightly more activity when the ice hockey world championships start here later tonight. I dont think we are panicking here at all What the fuck ? This is total bullshit! Stop spreading fake news...

This is propaganda. Fake news... No it doesn't. I came back from groceries half an hour ago, and it was just a regular Friday there. Plenty of stuff to buy. Finns panicking? What a fear-mongering piece. Not true. That is total and utter BS.

Bullshit What a panic-mongering piece. Ordinary Friday at shops, people buying beer and bbq stuff for the weekend. I actually just came from shopping. Lol wtf What panic buying? 🤔 Rubbish Everything is calm here.🙄 Relax y’all. NATO will protect you. Finland has been preparing for war with Russia for decades. They are prepared, not panicked. Also, the NATO headline should read NATO joins Finland in telling Russia to fuck off or die.

Are you doing Putin's bidding I call bullshit


NATO bid. Shortly after Finland's President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin issued a statement saying that their country must apply to join the military alliance"without delay," Russia's foreign ministry said the Kremlin"will be left with no choice but to respond." "Russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps, both of a military-technical and other nature, in order to stop threats to its national security arising," the ministry said. Some residents are now stocking up on food and mentally preparing for a potential conflict with Russia, which shares a more than 800-mile border with the Nordic country, the BBC 's Russian news service reported. "Many people are buying food for 72 hours, at the city level we have checked our bomb shelters, we are prepared for possible hybrid attacks," said Kimmo Järva, the mayor of the city of Lappeenranta, in the South Karelia region, located about 19 miles from the Russian border. Support for Joining NATO Järva said that the Finns aren't afraid, but they are getting prepared. The mayor said that he supports his country joining NATO . "A small country like Finland needs friends, especially when there is a war going on in Europe," he said, referring to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which began in February. Finland and its neighbor Sweden have been weighing applying for NATO membership since the invasion began. The countries joining the military alliance after decades of military non-alignment would mark a major change in their security policy and a dramatic shift in Europe's security landscape. Should Putin decide to take" " of a"military-technical" nature, Finland has bunkers in more than 54,000 locations to shelter 4.4 million people, with more than 5,500 in Helsinki alone. Read more