Palestinians say Israeli troops kill 9 in West Bank raid

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BREAKING: Palestinian health officials say at least 8 people killed during Israeli raid in flashpoint West Bank refugee camp in Jenin.

The violence occurred during what Palestinian health officials described as a fierce operation in the Jenin refugee camp, a militant stronghold of the West Bank that has been a focus of nearly a year of Israeli arrest raids.

The Israeli military said forces were operating in the area but did not immediately provide any other details. Israeli media reported troops came under fire during the raid. At least one of the dead was identified as a militant. Palestinian Health Minister May Al-Kaila said paramedics were struggling to reach the wounded amid the fighting. She also accused the military of firing tear gas at the pediatric ward of a hospital, causing children to choke. The military had no immediate comment.Jenin hospital identified the woman killed as Magda Obaid.

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Amazing job by eliminating Islamic terrorists!!!! Well done !

ElizHagedorn А сколько убили украинские войска на Донбассе с 2014 года

I am submitting a formal motion to remove the State of Israel

Yet another reminder that Nazism is still alive in 2023.

Know and Blame the terrorists for hiding and shooting from civilian areas Palestinian leader Khalid Mash'al: “WE IMPOSE A NEW NON-CONVENTIONAL EQUATION IN WARS, Hiding among civilians denies armies respecting war conventions and western moral values to protect their own civilians

Know and Blame Arabs named Palestinianterrorists leaders for their criminal ideology Abbas,PA president declared : 'WE ARE IN LINE WITH HAMAS OPPOSING ISRAEL’S RIGHT TO EXIST”Our public statements recognizing Israel’s right to exist to the West are designed to trick the Americans

Know and blame the evil face of Arabs named by the KGB Palestinians in 1964 Arab named Palestinin by the KGB in 1964 leader Dr. Mohammed Afeef Shadid declared: 'Our Goal Is To Spread Islam Throughout The Globe; We Will Liberate Palestine By The Sword, Kill All The Jews In It'

Know and blame the Arabs named Palestinians goal. The Arab named Palestinian by the KGB leader Abbas Zaki declared: 'The Israelis Can Either Depart By Sea Or Wade In A Sea Of Blood'

Know and Blame Arab leaders for creation and unsolving the Arabs named Palestinians camps and Jewish refugees Fact recognized by Syria’s Prime Minister, Khaled al-Azam, wrote in his memoirs : “We brought destruction upon the refugees,by calling on them to leave their homes.”

Isreali actions and behavior against Palestinians reminds us that Nazism did not end in 1945.

Looks like Chicago during the Leftist BLM Riots of 2020.

Free Palestine

Zionism is the ideology which legalizes the Zionists to: - steal land/houses,places of worship - shoot dead Palestinian civilians every day - build apartheid walls - ban the right of return of millions of Palestinians in refugee camps Zionism =extremist ideology like ISIS/Nazism

I don't mourn Islamic Jihad.


Palestinians say a lot of things. Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt know how duplicitous Palestinian statements can be.

Free Palestine 🇵🇸. End Israel’s Apartheid and murdering on US tax payers dime.

Israel faith inevitable. They are building their own graves, and this process is irreversible. SAD. Time is all it takes.

Most of them were PIJ terrorists.

A successful counterterrorism operation.

petersbeaumont1 11, not 8

Why is the headline missing the fact they were TERRORISTS that were planning an ATTACK on civilians? These are Islamic terrorists people.

Just a reminder. These people were fro Islamic Jihad. These are not good people. These are Arab terrorists that would murder anyone that is not them. They plan attacks, Israel defends, terrorist die. Simple.

Terrific operation of the IDF! They surely saved many lives by eliminating those jihadists

Vast majority were terrorists, some belonged to the PLO 'security' forces. Good riddance.

You know, last night a Palestinian migrant started stabbing people on a train in Germany. There were dead and many injured. and he wasn't the first Palestinian to do so! So my sympathy is now limited.

Israel being terrorists again.

Izz Edin Salahat, one of the dead this morning in Jenin, was a militant in Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.

Here's one of those 'innocent victims'.

Eight people killed in Jenin. .... WestBank refugee camp. IsraeliCrimes IsraeliTerrorism IsraeliApartheid

Bloody awful, disgusting occupiers

is it the same nation that suffered from Holocaust?!

no_itsmyturn If no retaliation comes from the West Bank and Gaza over this, the only thing I can surmise is that Iran and Hezbollah have told them not to and stand down because it's not time yet, but having 8 killed is a big loss of honor and a kick in the teeth.

Horrifying but nothing new

Whatever. Sort your shit out.

Yes. What if everyone would start to follow Al-Jazeera and receive those daily updates? Would Palestine get the same help as Ukraine does?

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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