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Pakistan remembers 'black day' for the first time since India's Kashmir move

Pakistan remembers 'black day' for the first time since India's Kashmir move


Pakistan remembers 'black day' for the first time since India 's Kashmir move

'Eight million people made to live in a siege, it's a slap on the face of the international community,' Pakistan i ambassador to the U.S. Asad Majeed Khan told Newsweek.

While their ties have long been fraught with hostility, this year has been particularly difficult, with the two sides exchanging rare cross-border blows in February. In August, however, New Delhi made the unprecedented decision to remove the special status of India-administered Kashmir, enforcing restrictions on movement and communication that Pakistani officials like envoy to Washington Asad Majid Khan have described as a"siege."

India's controversial repeal of Articles 370 and 35a effectively put the country's only majority-Muslim state under direct federal government control, ending its longstanding semi-autonomous status. While some services have reportedly been restored, a number of human rights monitors have complained about deteriorating living conditions and political repression.

."Hence, we ask—what is the criteria used by Government of India for this extension?

"There is anger across the valley and people are in a state of civil disobedience over what's happening," Khan told

Fresh violence has also transpired across the border, setting the stage between what Khan noted were"two nuclear powers, two big powers." In the deadliest such incident this year, up to nine people were killed in an exchange of artillery between India and Pakistani armed forces.

In his speech, Modi emphasized peace and sustainability, among other priorities. He did not acknowledge the ongoing situation in Kashmir, further frustrating Pakistan's attempts to raise awareness to a crisis it considered a violation of nearly a dozen United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding the final status of sovereignty over the contested valley.

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