Painter Ariana Papademetropoulos takes us into esoteric worlds at Deitch

Painter Ariana Papademetropoulos takes us into esoteric worlds at Deitch

10/16/2021 6:17:00 PM

Painter Ariana Papademetropoulos takes us into esoteric worlds at Deitch

Art and the occult at Jeffrey Deitch. Plus, Cynthia Erivo performs with the L.A. Phil and a Watts Tower mural gets a refresh, in our weekly arts newsletter.

“The Emerald Tablet,”which is on view through next week, consists of two parts. In one gallery, Papademetropoulos presents six new, large-scale oil paintings that seem to embody the idea of bewitched worlds within worlds: In one canvas, a troupe of ghostly spirits frolics in a Victorian bedroom; in another, a delicate bubble containing a cosmic world floats perilously over a rocky landscape. In the rest of the gallery’s voluminous space, Papademetropoulos has organized a group exhibition that brings together works by artists she is inspired by and whose works reverberate with esoteric themes.

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“They all had metamorphosis in common,” she says of the works in the show, “and that is alchemy.”“And in terms of alchemy, I was thinking about worlds within worlds, or bubbles within a painting or the object inside a crystal,” she adds. “There is a theme within the show about vessels and transformations happening within a vessel.”

The idea, she says, was to create a journey. “I thought of my paintings as the beginning of this journey,” she explains via telephone. “And all of the paintings that followed are meant to be portals.”Those portals include a riotous and eclectic collection of work. A functioning carousel by artist

Raúl de Nievesfeatures an assortment of monstrous and fantastic figures riding slowly in circles. A sculpture byIsabelle Albuquerquedepicts the body of a woman in the process of becoming feline. A pair of works by the lateHenry Dargershows little girl fairies. Times and styles are compressed for a show that feels rather ageless and otherworldly.

Raúl de Nieves’ otherworldly carnival ride, “When I look into your eyes I see the Sun,” from 2018.(Joshua White)The show, interestingly, ends up feeling veryLos Angeles. By choosing alchemy as a theme,“The Emerald Tablet”embraces theoccultand alternative spiritual practices that have long found fertile ground in the city. Featured in the show, for example, is the work of 20th century actress and

Marjorie Cameron — known simply asCameron— who was quite famously married to fellow occultist and Caltech rocket scientist Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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