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Paid family leave fight delays reconciliation bill as progressives warn of 'red line'

Paid family leave fight delays reconciliation bill as progressives warn of 'red line'

10/28/2021 3:24:00 AM

Paid family leave fight delays reconciliation bill as progressives warn of 'red line'

At least a dozen Senate Democrats have signaled that they might not vote for Biden's infrastructure package if it doesn't include paid family leave .

of Arizona.When asked about the possible exclusion of the paid family leave proposal on Wednesday, Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders called it"extremely disappointing." He said he doubted thatCongresswould pass the package this week.

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"Again, we're the only major country on earth [that doesn't offer paid family leave]. If a low-income woman has a baby, she's forced back to work after a week. Moms have to make the choice between staying home with their sick kids or losing their jobs? It's not acceptable," Sanders said.

Manchin didn't directly confirm its deletion. Democratic New York SenatorKirsten Gillibrand, said Manchin told her"it's not out" and that he was"looking into the details and he said he would remain open minded." However, he did tell reporters he doesn't think such"a major policy change" should be in a reconciliation bill such as the Build Back Better package, political reporter Lindsey McPherson wrote in a Wednesday tweet.

Democratic New York RepresentativeJamaal Bowmantold reporters,"I'm really really, really, really, really, really, really upset about what I'm hearing in terms of paid leave." Bowman added that the proposal's deletion might be a"red line" for him.

Democratic Washington Senator Patty Murray responded by saying,"We are not going to let one or two men tell millions of women in this country that they can't have paid leave."Democratic House Speakerof California has scheduled a Rules Committee hearing on Thursday to set up a debate on the package, Politico reported.

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Democrats Drop Paid Leave From $1.75 Trillion ProposalDemocrats dropped paid leave from their social spending and climate bill, people familiar with the matter said, as talks continue on funding the measure Say FU to the billionaires and allow this precedent...then we all pay in the end. Inflation is the problem. Investing is a hedge. We all need or unrealized gains protected until we choose to sell.

Democrats drop paid family and medical leave from safety net billBREAKING: Democrats to drop family and medical paid leave from Build Back Better spending bill, three sources familiar with the talks say. Thanks for nothing TheDemocrats HouseDemocrats dscc Because Sen_JoeManchin hates families that aren’t his. America really hates investing in its future. There is no way this will back fire🤦🏾‍♂️ it’s amazing how we watch China invest in themselves and we sit idol.

Democrats Cut Paid Leave From Build Back Better PackageBREAKING: Democrats are losing another key part of their spending bill, after failing to convince Joe Manchin to support paid family and medical leave. Sen_JoeManchin this is terrible! Start thinking about the people instead of yourself! everyone needs to bombard his office with comments. I don't care if I'm not from West Virginia. His vote has national implications and he needs to hear about it. The single most important person in making this duopoly corporate system run, is Joe Manchin, though not really Manchin, but the service he provides, which is to take the flak when he allows the Democratic Party to fail to live up to its promises but still keep its support base.

Paid leave falls out of Democratic package in urgent scramble to secure Manchin's supportDemocrats are expected to scrap paid leave from their economic and climate package, discarding a central plank as they scramble to strike a deal Democrats are trimming their $3.5 trillion bill to about $2 trillion , and paid leave is one of the programs at risk of being scaled back . Why does a man from one of the smallest, poorest, least educated states have so much freaking power? The power trip he’s on is unreal and how he can even pretend he is not in the pocket of corporate America and dirty energy is unbelievable. VERY disappointed to see this news, on behalf of our spousal caregiver members.

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