PA Lt. Governor to Trump lawyer Giuliani: Where's the voter fraud?

Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are still attacking Pennsylvania's election results. The commonwealth's Lt. Governor John Fetterman says the evidence for that fraud simply does not exist.

11/28/2020 5:32:00 AM

“This Amway convention slash carnival barking and snake handling at the Ramada doesn’t change any facts about Joe Biden winning,” Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Fetterman says, following GOP state lawmakers' event over baseless claims of voter fraud.

Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are still attacking Pennsylvania's election results. The commonwealth's Lt. Governor John Fetterman says the evidence for that fraud simply does not exist.

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put him in jail too Good one! Democrats cheat DaveBall77 John Fetterman is a legend. Really? No voter fraud, huh! This is laughable! Whose zooming who ? I like Fetterman. Boy they are really starting to shake in their cheating boots. At this point I really really hope there is massive fraud. So we can once and forever expose the corruption we have in our country. The last 4 plus years has proven how bad it has become

Dude got game.... Rudy and Trump are 2 delusional fakes and belong in jail Trump is terrorizing Americans Lt governor of pennsylvania is just as Corrupt,, he's part of the Wolf administration.. Corruption,fraud, money laundering and lies... Just to look at this man, you can see all the bad, he's going down with Gov Wolf, along with AG Sharpiro, secretary of state & CDC Dr.levine...

Pennsylvania legislature taking back power, and Biden didn’t win according to them. the math don't lie. whtbu mean no fraud ? u are the fraud . Joe Biden did not win there are over 100,000 people who are dead that vote ?you have a job and stop covering up your be a new station and journalist what happen is the Democrats pay you off

I know, you peddled the concocted baseless and zero-evidence Russian collusion hoax for four years and now you ask “where’s the evidence of Biden’s election fraud?” amid the sea of actual verifiable and compelling evidences. You’re not called fake news for nothing. Rudy’s family should hide him away or tape his mouth shut he is a embarrassment to his former self when he did have brains

NO ONE BELIEVES WHAT YOU ARE 'REPORTING' BYE BYE TRUMP! Rudy wasn’t snake handling! He was just tucking in his shirt! FAKE NEWS MEDIA CRACKPOTS----ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE Trump didn’t build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. He built up his brand and made America pay for it. All the stuff they're saying was either not brought up in court, or was and then shot down by the judge. They have no evidence to support their horse hockey, but then again, that is their standard operating procedure.

Illegitimate Joe stole the election fair and square. This is what desperation looks like. This group of faces represents the brainlessly who can't, and will not, accept that Trump has lost the election. It's a sad picture of ignorance and denial. Where’re the disbarments? TRUMPISM WORKS ONLY WHEN YOU'RE MORE STYPID MORE CORRUPT

The election was stolen from Trump Giuliani just needs a few good men to infiltrate the inside government of Pennsylvania, specifically, the election commission, to prove or rather create the fraud in Pennsylvania. Trump, Giuliani and the Republicans are continuously looking to damage our Country through fraud.

Pa house says otherwise If mayor G words didn't change his mind he has none . Lyve_Wire RudyGiuliani had a play date with the rest of his delusional friends This is called PR stunt The answer is, have a forensic recount if you don't want the courts to decide and ultimately the Legislature. Simple. Whats to lose unless you have something to hide?

Completely illogical statements about the election that Trump lost decisively should be labeled as disinformation or misinformation. Never mind the source of the misinformation. There is no ‘If’ about the elections. Trump LOST the election. “Baseless” enough to get a PA judge to stop certification of their vote. At any rate this is opinion masquerading as fact, and MSNBC didn’t have the stones to make it their own.

Unfortunately for Lt Gov. Fetterman, Pennsylvania illegally allowed votes to be accepted until November 9th and the SCOTUS will see it differently. Has Pa audited the Dominion server's? Then it's not over for Trump2020 Someone needs to put Giuliani out to pasture. His showrunning days are over. Con’s making money !!!

Milwaukee recount gives Biden a boost. The recount in Dane County, with historically progressive Madison, is expected to be completed in two days. Where's the Beef? That Biden Scam was no fraud indeed, many are correct but the truth is Biden's followers cheated through Dominion, USPS, counting votes, and general flipping, mainly proven is 80,000,000 not possible & 50,000 ea county in Penn not possible.

Supreme Court 6-3 😁🇺🇸🗳 Thank You Sir!! Remember in 2000 and every lower dismissed all of George Bush’s lawsuits and the Supreme Court overturned an election. Just saying!! To find ANY fraud they need to look at the votes for Trump! As the fraud is increasingly exposed & the legislatures vote Trump your days, as well as Google Facebook & Twitter are numbered- gonna be awesome to watch! BidenHarris Elections2020 stopped dead in their tracks. They’ll never get near the WhiteHouse Pentagon SCOTUS

PA senate leader said fraud evidence so overwhelming Stevie Wonder could see it. I bet Ray Charles could see it from his grave & he’s upset his vote got changed from DJT to Biden. Watch your fellow frauds at CNN crap their pants explaining DJT path to victory. BidenCheated MSNBC must use this video clip to tell Americans that Donald Trump has got a history of blaming it on rigging every time things do not go his way. Watch:

Wow I'm glad that BidenWonTrumpLost Rudy is too far gone to realize that he’s too far gone, just like his boss. There really needs to be more protection of the vote— from politicians! Just wait and see tick tock. Amway never saw anything close to this. So funny to MSM squirm. 😂😂 Might seem like nothing on its own...but. Put it in conjunction with the Hunter Biden stuff and you have a lot of stuff.

Hope Rudy had his depends on. Holy 💩💩 Sadly, when Trump’s grift is over, the snakes won’t go back in the bag... They’ll just slither off to spread their venom....Not sure what antivenin will stop their poison from spreading... I never ever would have dreamed I’d actually feel sorry for this man. But dang. Stupid is as stupid does.

BidenCheated Hey Lt Governor suck it. the whole party is a joke because of d. trump ! Your fake news is so full of it The commitee there was in now way a court of law. These so called witnesses that you claimed would have to be put in witness protectiob if they spoke in court of law? but here they speek with same suggested staemnet you have not yet given proof?

👇👇👇🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 GUILIANI AND TRUMP ARE THE FRAUDS AND BOTH KNOW IT! Y'all want to miss it You keep telling yourself that. Let’s just hope you’re not too connected to this sir. Just say no to communism and The Peoples Republic of China. PS Joe, could you email the Ukraine and ask them for my tax payer funded billion dollars back?

Biden cheated, everyone knows. It's a 100% certainty that trump will sell American secrets! Don't listen to MSNBC they're garbage news and most likely didn't watch the hearing. Do yourself a favor and watch the hearing. The claims are not 'baseless' and every American should want answers for what happened in Pennsylvania.

Lunitict fringe death cult WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? devil worshippers votes null and void ... who want to be lead off a cliff ? ErF not having tht trubaba I am so fn glad that we still have honorable judges. It’s concerning that we managed to elect a president who appoints judges and expects complete loyalty from them.

Fetterman is awesome 👌🏽 Mega wonders of The Bible that are beckoning this generation eternity. Cripples are walking Watch Irony is that Trump could take credit for PA registering 10K deaths due to Covid-19 for 1st time - PA Lt. Gov. Fetterman: “This Amway convention/carnival barking/snake handling doesn’t change any facts abt Biden winning.” Refers to GOP's voter fraud event

I missed it. Did you’ll see his hair dye running down his face again? Mainstream media doing what they do best. You shouldn't call yourselves americans. Are you blind or are you deaf How Do With Nothing But Respect For All ..... .......... He must be blind and deaf or both I want a recount of the 2016 election!!! The email lady didn’t win so there must be massive voter fraud. My neighbor’s uncle’s friend said he saw a truck taking papers to the dump so proof positive that the republicans destroyed honest democrat’s votes.

All of those leeches need to get out of the spotlight. (!) This is accusation is baseless and disputed by millions of Americans What a sideshow with a bunch of half baked clowns!! Amway convention! JohnFetterman 🤣 (My mom sold Amway in the 70’s.) The GOP is a giant MLM pyramid scheme. Why would he insult carnival barkers and snake handlers?

The Trump campaign paid $3 million to Michigan to have a recount of Milwaukee & Dane counties. Milwaukee has finished it recount & the results showed a net gain of 132 votes for....BIDEN!! 😂🤣😂 What’s up with the lighting at this crucial “hearing”? Could Giuliani and Trump file a few more lawsuits? We want to make sure that Biden having the most votes ever to be the hardest record to break.

Biden won and is president if you don’t like it you can leave The Republican Party is a rank, rotting cesspool of diseased minds. MSNBC continues to ignore all professionalism.