Oxford Shooter Ethan Crumbley Fell, Hit Head in Bizarre Incident Last year

Crumbley appears to have fainted while on the job last year.

12/7/2021 4:05:00 AM

Crumbley appears to have fainted while on the job last year.

Crumbley appears to have fainted while on the job last year.

The diner's owner says someone on the staff called his parents and sent him home.  His mom blamed it on Ethan not eating that day. But the owner has her doubts, saying she thinks it might've been related to his medications.

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Could be a seizure. Many different types. There was also a story that the neighbor reported to CPS that Ethan was left alone at age 8 or 9 while the parents went drinking at bars. 14 and working You don’t see that anymore …saving up to buy ammo I guess Maybe this was just posted for information. But nobody's feeling sorry for this little murderous bastard. Next they'll be saying he had a brain aneurysm or the devil made him do it. He did it because he's a evil bastard and was raised by stupid evil parents. I'm just saying.

Oh yah thank god for posting this now we all know why he went into his schoool and murdered people. Phew. Thanks TMZ. He was high They say 'accused' as if the real shooter is still out there🙄 Also, we know something is clearly wrong with a person that walks into a school & kills ppl🤷🏿‍♂️ What's this mean? 🤷🏿‍♂️ EthanCrumbley OxfordHigh Violence

Oh here we go 💀 What does this have to do with anything!?!? That explains what he did case closed. I used to box when I was a kid. Got hit in the head too. Zero murders!

Senate Democrat says he'll settle for scaled-back gun control reform after Oxford shooting'I want universal background checks...but I will settle for something much less because that will save lives,' Senator Chris Murphy said. How about you get nothing piersmorgan I can control my own guns.

Well TMZ you losed a fan trying to feed me this bs And? TMZ is garbage. So? I have MS with 48 plus lesions in my brain. I haven't killed anyone. So what your saying is he hit his head and was unstable (which Is such BS cause it's not true). But let's play the game anyway. The parents still bought an unstable teenager a gun and let him loose. They should go to prison then right? Somebody has to be accountable.

Getting those mitigating circumstances together to avoid a lifetime of incarceration I see 🙄 Stop the bs 😒 Clearly he didn’t hit his head hard enough Never ever punish white kids is the code of America Just say ya'll going to let him go because he's white. Just unleash more privilege kids go and never punish them and let them shoot up even MORE in society. And watch how this country goes down in the sewer more.

Third party to probe Oxford High's actions ahead of shootingA third party will investigate events at Oxford High School that occurred before a school shooting that left four students dead and six other students and a teacher wounded, the Michigan district's superintendent said Saturday. Oxford Community Schools Superintendent Tim Throne said in a statement that he called for the outside investigation because parents have asked questions about “the school’s version of events leading up to the shooting.” “It’s critically important to the victims, our staff and our entire community that a full and transparent accounting be made,” Throne said. Meanwhile, your friendly US Congressman sends you Merry Christmas wishes Metal detector….METAL DETECTOR

Why is this even relevant? I notice the only time mental illness is used as an excuse for murder is when the suspect is '🙋🏻‍♂️.' It didn’t take long for the excuses to roll out. They are setting up his insanity defense. Folks hit their head every single day, and they don’t go on a killing spree Drunk for sure.

So what has nothing to do with what he did SMH that only explain why he look like moe son off the Simpson's on that mugshot...that ain't got nothing to do with that bs he did.. That is a guy who’s playing around and either tripped or fell down intentionally, not a medical issue. Here comes the excuses He was sucking the nitrous out of the whipped cream cans. All the dishwashers did the same thing when I worked at a diner in high school.

You know I ran from the cops they hit me with the police car moral of the story I still went to jail now focus on the victims .....

Jared Goff Dedicates First Lions Win to Oxford Shooting VictimsJared Goff and co. made sure to honor Oxford's fallen. very helpful, much like thoughts and prayers That's awesome. Some slugs will disagree but I think that's awesome.

This will be part of his defense 100%. Crumbleys It’s always a mental health issue. Smfh. TMZ spin machine is active. 🛑 The fuck dose this have to do with anything WTF does this have to do with the fact that he shot up his school!? If fainting makes you a killer we'd be screwed. Okay, I wonder when this scenario was going to show up; he's not insane because he drew pics for a video, that's what he said about the gun, people dead and looking for ammo on the internet. Smh

And Side effects of crazy.😐 THIS IS CLEARLY WHY HE WAS VIOLENT!! CTE is known to directly cause mood swings, depression, aggression and violence. I KNEW HE WAS INNOCENT🙌

Third party to probe Oxford High's actions ahead of shooting | AP NewsPONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — A third party will investigate events at Oxford High School that occurred before a school shooting that left four students dead and six other students and a teacher wounded, the Michigan district's superintendent said Saturday. Merry Christmas Oxford High! RepThomasMassie GOP oxfordhighschool Yup. Someone should investigate how that school enabled this travesty. How on earth was it the parents' option to leave that kid in school? The kid had the gun in his bag the very MORNING his mom and dad refused to let the school suspend him. I’d say far more people than the parents of that kid are culpable for those deaths.

Mental health is only important after they shoot. So ya tryna justify what he did smh ridiculous af 🤦🏽‍♂️ Are his parents siblings? 😏 And? TMZ doing the lawyers work I hope he had an MRI to rule anything out! Why was a 14 yo working? He is white. They will try to find excuses for his killing spree Who gives a fck? Give em the noose.

Artist who let Oxford shooter's parents stay in his studio 'doesn't watch the news': AttorneyHe reportedly told the couple to lock up as he left in the evening. Police escorted them out at about 2 a.m.

International hurting to get attention. I really don't care do u? Who cares!!!!!! I fell out of a swing as a kid and hit the back of my head and was wide awake and had amnesia, a complete blackout, for 30-45 minutes. Didn’t know who I was. Haven’t killed anybody yet. Who cares!! Trying to save Ethan huh…… so he hit his head and that led to him going on a massacre 🤔

Gun laws…start throwing parents in jail, the jails will fill up fast! Too many shootings in the US with guns being too accessible to kids! Where does the problem really lie?

Michigan AG offers to investigate Oxford school district's actions ahead of deadly shootingMichigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Sunday her office has offered to conduct an independent review of the Oxford school district's actions in the lead up to last week's high school shooting in which four were killed and seven others were injured. The latest: The owner of the studio where the parents of the alleged shooter had stayed overnight before being taken into custody is cooperating with authorities, and claims to have had no knowledge of their overnight stay or the charges aga This review is virtually guaranteed to show that the parents were more culpable than previously thought.

Well I'm joining the club of others who have had severe head injuries and never killed anyone because of it yeah so Oh lord is this the excuse we’re going with now Jesus So fucking what? I fainted once too and I’m not a fucking murderer. Do better TMZ, this article is a joke and nobody feels sorry for him. Bye

I guess his defence team have got to take some kind of angle 🙄😏🤣 Don't nobody give a shit about him! Pretty sure he got high, nothing to see here. No excuses for murder, especially from some B.S ASS FALL going back a year + No sympathy for the devil. Jail will sober him and his parents up.

So when did the parents hit theirs? Y’all really trying to say he shot up the school because he bonked his lil noggin a year ago? lmao That will only help if it shows on a brain scan, and betcha his parents didn't care enough to have him closely examined after the fall. The Devil got him then Don't try it

This is now what they’re going to say caused him to “allegedly” murder people. I was thrown out of a car and dragged down a highway when I was 18. I didn’t go on to murder anyone. Him hitting his head isn’t why he killed people. …bruh really? F U C K. THAT. KILLER. To bad he didn’t fell into a wood chipper

There is nothing wrong with his brain. He planned to kill his classmates. Don’t try to cook up a story to give them an idea of pursuing closed head injury type shit. Put this kid under the jail.