Outspent In The Homestretch, Trump Campaign Says Its Ground Game Is Stronger

He is getting outspent on advertising by his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. But the president's campaign says in-person events, rallies and outreach are making up the difference.

10/26/2020 6:11:00 PM

In the final stretch of the presidential race, Trump is way behind Biden in fundraising and trailing in the polls. But the Trump campaign claims to be in a good position — citing in-person rallies and outreach.

He is getting outspent on advertising by his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. But the president's campaign says in-person events, rallies and outreach are making up the difference.

and Georgia. That group includes both states he narrowly won in 2016, and others he won easily but is having to work harder for this time.Meanwhile, the Biden campaign seems as if it is on the air everywhere in the final lap, running local ads in 19 states and spending millions during major sporting events, like the World Series. In contrast, Trump is only

'Beyond an embarrassment,' legal experts say of Trump and Giuliani's floundering efforts in court Biden Team Finally Gets .Gov Domain, Federal Cybersecurity Support After Weeks Of Using Google JFK Jr. would’ve been 60 this week. Friends say his legacy is about ‘who he would’ve become’

in 11 states and is getting outspent in most of them, according to the tracking firm Ad Analytics..has officially surpassed Michael Bloomberg as the highest spending candidate of 2019-2020 and all time.— Advertising Analytics (@Ad_Analytics)October 23, 2020

"We very much like where we're at," Bill Stepien, Trump's campaign manager, told reporters, making the best of a less-than-desirable situation."We have more than sufficient air cover."The latest campaign finance reports show Biden with more than three times as much cash on hand as Trump. Biden had $162 million cash on hand in the period ending October 14. Trump's campaign had just $43 million. The advantage shows in Biden's TV ad buying totals. Ad Analytics pegs Biden as spending more than twice as much on advertising than Trump did last week.

Money Tracker: How Much Trump And Biden Have Raised In The 2020 ElectionAfter Thursday's debate, Stepien announced that Trump pulled in his strongest-ever small-dollar fundraising haul. But it's not clear just how much he raised and how much it will help.

The Republican National Committee is also pitching in with ads in four swing states and Iowa. The ads are aimed at senior citizens, making dire predictions about a Biden presidency hurting Medicare.Stepien argues television ads and fundraising dollars don't tell the whole story of the race."We're actually running a real campaign," said Stepien, who has knocked Biden's small, socially distanced events."You know, a campaign with voter contact. A campaign with events. We like our plan better."

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Trump-Biden transition live updates: Johnson latest leader to congratulate Biden

President Donald Trump has promised a prolonged legal fight over an election he refuses to concede while President-elect Joe Biden is moving forward with his transition.

Trump and the Republicans are betting on the Supreme Court to overturn the votes. And used to be a time in this country when you knew your vote counted one man one vote the Supreme Court never got involved but with this president all bets are off the table. As you work to boost this abnormal man's campaign, note this fact Republicans Against Trump point out: 'Never before have high-ranking staffers of an incumbent president opposed his reelection and endorsed his opponent.'

But the Trump campaign is flouting the Trump regime's own public health guidance with in-person rallies. Do better! His rally’s are the same people over and over , he’s never even tried to expand his base . Does Biden remember his name? It's a bombshell we now have the virus under control directly from the horse's mouth Trump is willing to lie to the American people and watch him die so he can get his name on a vaccine unbelievable and the Republican Party does nothing.

It’s Monday, October 26th 2020, and Donald Trump is the most corrupt President in US history! Vote for Joe Biden/Harris for President/VP! America deserves better! realDonaldTrump JoeBiden KamalaHarris ImVotingForJoeBiden BIDEN KAMALA 2020 He dont have to waist money he is going to win the popular vote

GO VOTE Lick your wounds and move forward ... and get on the right side of making the country right again This is news👇 Biden raised waaaaay more money from Wall Street donors. DrainTheSwamp You wouldn’t know it by the funding requests being posted on FB. Those show all races neck and neck. Please Resign 🙏🦠🐷realDonaldTrump

There is no doubt his “base” remains a cult like support group - the only way he’ll lose is if enough Biden voters show up to overcome the handicaps of the electoral college and voter suppression Guess you haven’t seen the new Rasmussen_Poll numbers You guys are really running with this narrative? Bold move. I guess we'll see if it pays off...

You have a candidate doing the work, and a candidate hiding in a basement throwing money at this. Would you rather have a president willing to do the work or one that will hide in his basement and blindly and ineffectively throw money at the problems we are facing? God help us! Wait until more people see this from Joe:

and all the polls and all the 'reports' were convinced Hillary won Get cha ice cold Kool-Aid here! Kool-Aid!! Purple Kool-Aid!! TrumpCult TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks With Barrett in, anyone who says they are voting for Trump, because they are pro-life is lying. They have what they want now, R v W is done along with ACA, they don't need him. If they vote for Trump now they are squarely in his corner.

Outreach Begging suburban women to 'love me' Yeah, but the Trump campaign says LOTS of things that aren't true! Biden had like 7 people at his last rally. He's doing, you know, good and stuff. . DEFUND NPR! . So many 'Mask-less Rallies'... So many spikes. Is he trying to kill off his base? NOR pushing a candidate with profound dementia. I hope you understand the consequences.

Biden is a corrupt politician with early onset dementia. Ever wonder if maybe all the money spent on advertising is just a way to pay off the complicit media? Maybe Trump has no interest in lining the pockets of the Mainstream Media who refuses to report the FACTS! Instead he is taking his case directly to the people, while Joe Hides!

It’s all to curb public opinion just like you not covering legitimate claims and evidence of seriously corrupt political and business dealings of a presidential candidate and his son. inbedwithchina afallenrepublic Stenography ≠ reporting. Claims should be, you know, investigated. You mean the super spreader events? 🙄

That looks like a superspreader event in the making. I wonder if we can contact trace through cell phone signals. Have you considered that the Trump campaign is lying? Wall Street wants the status quo of politicians/lobbyists/insiders back so badly they can taste it.🙄 If he keeps holding his super spreader events, he won't have many followers left to vote on election day.

'In-person rallies and outreach' claims of the Russia-Installed, Mass-Murderer POTUS & his complicit VP are SUPER-SPREADERS.... WhiteHouse JoeBiden TeamJoe TeamTrump GOP DNC SuperSpreader VoteOutTrump VoteOutTheGOP BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica Well, I must say, realDonaldTrump is very proficient at spreading Covid across the nation with his superspreader events. But, I don’t see this as a sign his campaign is doing well as much as proof that he’s leading a cult.

FakeNews ElectionInterference DefundNPR Might be a repeat of 2016. The rallies' enthusiasm isn't the only thing that's infectious. Oh yeah.... All those undecided voters at realDonaldTrump rallies will definitely turn things around. For someone who's so rich, he sure has trouble spending his own money when it comes to running for president for the good of his country. BlameTrump TrumpIsLosing

🗳George👍🏽 4 more yrs🇺🇸 👇 Trump2020LandslideVictory Elections2020 DonaldTrump Look at all the diversity in that crowd! “Deterrence” are they targeting communities of color online and filling them with propaganda - discouraging them from voting to suppress their votes? Just like 2016? His Covid/Ego rallies are not bringing in new votes, in fact its more likely its causing him to lose votes as people get too sick to get to the polls. He’s such a moron. And in 8 days we fire him. BidenHarrisLandslide2020

I don’t wish it on anybody but it makes me wonder how many of these people will contract Covid because of these rallies. Is there any other way that they can show their support and keep themselves safe? Idk . I just wish frump did not crave this adulation. Donald CRYS it’s It’s China It’s China It’s China It’s China It’s China It’s China It’s China It’s China OVER 8 MONTHS NOW Donald STOP DESTROYING THE CDC & Opposing the Scientists, WORK WITH THEM! As of Today 230,510 DEATHS 1000/day It’s WHAT HE MAKE’S IT NOT “it is what it is”

I guess they're hoping his super spreader victims wait until AFTER November 3rd to show symptoms. That's some magical thinking. Narcissistic/Borderline Personality Disorder 🤔 Just a hunch, IF you are going to a rally, I’m pretty sure it’s not to determine who you are voting for.... Get your tissues ready, lefties...

Crowd sizes are indicative of nothing. Trump had huge rallies in 2016 in states he lost. I hope the butthurt isn’t too much for you guys on November 4. trump continuing rallies at airports or 'The Hanger Tour' to celebrate his new supreme court pick Herd Mentality...smh, dumbasses. Wasn't he in the same spot 4 years ago? Seems like he has VP Joe right where he wants him 🤷‍♂️

Consolidating the stupid into a small area is brilliant during a pandemic. Election night is going to be hilarious Yes never doubt the power of ignorance of the people. Campaign hard til the end Biden 👏🏼👏🏼 How much of this in person campaigning is paid for by taxes? So...super spreader events? 'We're consistently running out of kool-aid at our rallies.' they added.

Joe 'put a lid on it' Biden is at home screaming at Hunter When POTUS concluded he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, he decided to take it to another order of magnitude by killing hundreds of thousands on streets all over the United States of America!

Signs Trump's homestretch seniors pitch may be falling short“I can’t do it this time," one older voter who backed the president&39;s first run in 2016 told NBC News. "I’m just sick of all of his s---." This frustrates me no end. Why would ANYbody listen to ANYthing this guy says at this stage that would somehow influence their vote? Do they think the last four years were just a rehearsal for all the fabulous things he'll accomplish if given another four? Forget-about-it! Bill19300155 Note, Virus takes about 2 weeks to really flare up. Less than 10 days to election. I would bet that this was discussed in the timing of Senior tour. Impeached Trump is toxic waste. Keep him in your state. We do not want him in ours.

Sen. Gary Peters: For Michigan manufacturers, ‘Trump’s shallow rhetoric won’t cut it’Democratic Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan says contrary to the president’s campaign promises, Trump wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt during the last recession and Pence voted against the auto industry bailout. Totally false. Bankruptcy exists for a reason. The bailout was totally unnecessary. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT IS FALSE. What a joke senator from a Michigan. Let me tell you about the Auto industry. My Family is in Executive for the largest developer of 3 buildings i Mi and Only by TRUMP. Not by Obama an Biden. I will send pictures Research would nice someday Biden is goner in MI

In the homestretch, signs Trump's seniors pitch may be falling short“I can’t do it this time,' one older voter who backed the president's first run in 2016 tells NBCNews. 'I’m just sick of all of his s---.' NBCNews Yes having a smooth talking nice liar 47 year do nothing politician with an empty resume is way better NOT than a non politician who has always used the same I am who I am rhetoric since day one till now and has a resume list of accomplishments in 47 months like no other. NBCNews Nope they still love him and hate Bidens kid. NBCNews Hear! Hear!

Today's Headlines: Trump's two adversariesIn the final days of the campaign, President Trump isn't up against only Joe Biden. New poll, please let them know how you feel.

Former GOP operative says ‘Trump campaign is pretty much broke’The Donald Trump 2020 campaign is ‘pretty much broke,’ while the campaign has no oversight, former GOP operative Kurt Bardella believes. Kurt and María Teresa Kumar also discuss how much this 'never Trumper' thinks has been spent on this re-election campaign. Is he the one hiding in the basement? I think this election may already be over with a Trump landslide!!! You idiots are in for a surprise Mr. Badfella knows nothing about politics.

Trump's Cash Crunch Constrains His Campaign at a Critical JuncturePresident Donald Trump&39;s campaign has far less money than advisers had once anticipated for the final stretch of the presidential election, as rosy revenue projections failed to materialize, leaving aides scrambling to address a severe financial disadvantage against Joe Biden at the race&39;s most Not when he does 3-4 rallies a day. Do not air his ads unless you get paid in advance. His credit is no good.