'Outlander' Season 5 Is Back to the Show We Fell in Love With

The second half of the season feels completely different.

3/30/2020 1:23:00 AM

'I think as an entire production, we took some real risks this season,' caitrionambalfe said of Outlander_STARZ season 5. And tonight's episode proves she's right 👏👏

The second half of the season feels completely different.

OutlanderWhen Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan were promoting Season 5 ofOutlander, they were asked about what effect their new roles as producers of the show had on the story. At apanel at the 92nd St Yin February they said we wouldn’t really see their influence till the second half of the season."We’ve always kind of been part of the process in more or less a degree," Heughan told the audience,"but I think this season, as the season goes on, we have more of a say, and by the end of the season we really fought—or not fought, but were very collaborative with the director and producers...and I hope it comes across, because it’s some really strong stuff."

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"I think as an entire production, we took some real risks this season," Balfe said in agreement."It sounds like we haven’t seen them yet, but it seems like the fact that in season five, we’re taking risks is a really great thing."Well, I’ve been lucky enough to get an early screening of the next four episodes–most of that second half of season 5, including episode 7, which airs today. And I feel like I’m looking at an entirely different show.

There’s still a big battle scene in episode 7,"The Ballad of Roger Mac. There are major turning points for Heughan’s character, Jamie Fraser. A heartbreaking one when a beloved character dies–somethingHeughan accidentally let slipat the Y panel. A decisive one when Jamie tells off the Governor for his actions and begins to choose a side in the Revolutionary War. There’s a casting surprise and a final tragedy at the end of the episode.

Tumblr/themusicsweetlyBut this episode and the others I’ve seen feel much more intimate. The chemistry between Heughan and Caitriona Balfe (who of course plays his wife, Claire), so sizzling in earlier seasons, is back. It’s different—filled with moments of teasing tenderness and a love so deep that words are not always necessary. But the words that are spoken feel genuine and organic. No matter what kind of mishegas is happening behind the scenes, on screen their connection is palpable.

Tumblr/avasetocallmyownClaire’s medical knowledge, threaded throughout the episodes is key to so much of the story. But her 20thcentury self-confidence incurs the hatred of a misogynist that may come back to haunt her later.The acting is better. At times it’s great. In Episode 8, Rik Rankin as Roger MacKenzie gets to shine along with another favorite character who returns to the show. The directing is interesting here–especially the use of a cinematic device to illustrate flashbacks. Episode 9 is just a showstopper. Balfe and especially Heughan really bring it to this one. There is a moment between the two of them that is so intimate and moving as Claire makes a desperate effort to save a man’s life.

Mark MainzStarzAt the 92nd St panel, Balfe talked about how the episodes this season felt more like those in the first season in that each one was a self-contained story arc."One thing about this season is that I think we've managed to get back that feeling of each episode having their own flavor, and being slightly their own little contained story, and having their own arcs," she told the audience."A chapter," interjected Heughan."Yeah, and some episodes almost feel like little genre episodes. And it's kind of nice because I think that's something that was really special about our show in season one in particular, that we always had the through-line of these stories and these characters, but we sort of took time to make each one feel individual. And that was really interesting. So I think we've definitely gotten back to that."

Well, episode 10 is that exactly. There is a chillingly evil bad guy, suspense, and retribution. Much of the action centers on Sophie Skelton who plays Brianna, the Frasers’ daughter, and she does her best work in it.This beingOutlander Read more: Marie Claire »

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ One of the emotionally charged episodes ever 😭🖤🙌 Sam you were exceptional 👏👏👏 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Really strong stuff!! I’m still recovering 4 hours later!! Writer_DG SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Great article! Sam and Cait give honest and heartfelt answers to great questions

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ I agree It could not have been better.👏👏👏 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Cannot wait to see season 5. Im in Aus and only just discovered Outlander (Yes better late than never). Watched all 4 seasons in the last week. Now obsessed 🤗🤗 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ It’s AMAZING. Great job on tonight’s episode SamHeughan 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ It came across. SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ SamHeughan tonight’s episode was amazing!!! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Your influence came across loud and clear in 507. Bravo SamHeughan caitrionambalfe you are the best hope for Outlander going forward. Assert yourselves confidently. Well done!

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ It was a brilliant episode, my favorite to date such a wonderful strong Jaimie,husband, father and father-in-law. Beloved God Son 💔😭😭😭😭😭😭 Bravo Sam !! Brilliant SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ It came across in spades today in 507. The difference was remarkable as was your performance I have many favourites, but the top 4 are Culloden, Helwater, Prestonpans and 507.

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ The best episode this year And more....... Thanks for bringing it back SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ oh it came across allright... 5.07 was epic but also heartbreaking!! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ I think I can speak for all fans: we noticed 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ I definitely came across on episode 7. Heartfelt.

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Spectacular! STILL in love with Outlander 🥰 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Agree 🙌🙌 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ caitrionambalfe RikRankin SkeltonSophie Excellent episode and 😭! Actors had time to let scenes develop. Funny. Intense. Intimate. Devastating. Tender. SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ No spoilers here, but it was one of the best episodes they have done in quite a while. Thank you SamHeughan and caitrionambalfe plus the rest of the cast for this wonderful episode. 👏👍😢

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Great article! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Tremendous chapter 7. I was excited , I cried with Jamie. What a great performance Sam congratulations , your face conveys so much. Impressive I loved it...so far the best of the season. Eager for what follows..!! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ I have said this already but I want to know that this esp. was like nothing I have ever seen or felt with a series. Sam did an amazing job with his performance. He has talent to play a part with such feelings and emotion that makes u feel and leaves u heart 💔.

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ It really is 😭 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ We see you both and we are here for it!! 😍 The rest of season 5 is going to be epic! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ It really does come across! Very powerful! Absolutely, Stunning! One of my favorite episodes!

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ OMG.. I’m only halfway through...So well done . The scene with putting on the redcoat. My heart is in my mouth the whole time OutlanderHQ SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Beautiful and best birthday present ever SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ If 507 TheBalladofRogerMac is a sign of things to come....we are in for some of the BEST Outlander yet!!

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Last night 507 was superb - just the best - I can’t even put it into eids how moving the entire episode was. There are so many excellent episodes and this is coming pretty close to my favorite - love, loved this. Sam and Cait please keep producing💙 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ It definitely has a whole different flavor! Like a rich decadent chocolate cake fresh out of the oven. Stimulates the senses , creates profound emotional responses, clears tear ducts, and ignites sparks that warm your entire body. Extremely satisfying!

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ S7 was everything!!! Wonderful writing, directing, producing, battle sequencing, not to mention acting accolades for all! Shout out to SamHeughan caitrionambalfe TimDownie1...you guys nailed it 😱OMG I may not recovery after ALL that 😵 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Bravo Sam! As usual, a spectacular, heartbreaking, nuanced performance. ♥️

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ perfectpairofpartneredproducers SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ I need to stay off here until Monday after I've watched Outlander ....too many spoilers 😭💞 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Ep7 IS very much like season 1. Your influence is evident in the pace and exciting drama. Way to contribute!!👏 SamHeughan caitrionambalfe

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Loud and clear...well done✅ SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Definatley agree👍 The episode 507 was epic and acting of SamHeughan and intire cast outstanding 🙌❤️ SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ I did shed a tear today after watching 507. Wonderful performance! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ It definitely came through. Awesome!

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Very strong episode 7. This is why we tune in every week. Why we bing watch every season. The Jamie we fell in ❤️ with is back!! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ hey, it's the strong stuff that makes outlander so great! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Couldn’t agree more. SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ We must wait tomorrow morning to see episode 7 on Netflix France !! Grrrrrr.......

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Definitely came across! Award time has to be coming! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Sam you definitely have brought it Every Episode & You Own Every Episode. KingOfMen KingOfActors KingOfProducers SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ This episide 507 is so awesome and I know you said you had a lot of say in how it was done. And what an affect you have had!!! So kudos to you and Caitriona and I’m so looking forward to the rest of S5. Incredible!!

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ It this was the START of the back 6, I may not make it to 512!! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Best episode to date since season 1 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ I promise you we could all tell! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ SuellenHarral voilá SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ You guys rocked this episode!! You both brought us right back to season 1 and I THANK YE both ❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿📚⚔🥃🔥🎂

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ They are real ! And they’re spectacular! Producers caitrionambalfe SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ 90 min yet! SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Oh man did it come across in episode 7! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😭😭😭😭😭😭 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ It definitely came across!!!! Excellent job SamHeughan caitrionambalfe !

SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ This!!!! ❤️💔 SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ Yep. Episode 7 sure shows it! It was spectacular. SamHeughan Outlander_STARZ The Red Coat contribution was brillant.

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