'Outer Banks's Season 2 Finale Has A Huge Reveal

'Outer Banks's Season 2 Finale Has A Huge Reveal

8/2/2021 12:25:00 AM

'Outer Banks's Season 2 Finale Has A Huge Reveal

Here's a breakdown of that twist(!) and all the other surprises from the finale.

Aug 1 2021, 5:23 pm EDTSpoilers ahead.Season 2 of the Netflix thrillerOuter Banksbrought the drama, with an epic twist and a cliffhanger that sets up the all-but-confirmed Season 3 while also changing the entire trajectory of the show. After 10 episodes of the Pogues' treasure hunt, which gained even higher stakes with a new relic that brought a family connection, the show saw the Pogues facing off against the Camerons for a fortune worth half a billion dollars.

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Here's a breakdown of all the twists and turns, and how that reveal may affect the show moving forward.Ward's still alive, and the Camerons are headed to a private island.The episode starts with the show's"Big Bad," Ward Cameron (Charles Esten), revealing himself to Sarah (Madelyn Cline) onboard the Coastal Venture ship. Sarah slaps her father as he starts apologizing for everything he put her through, explaining he escaped the explosion of his boat, My Druthers, thanks to some scuba gear. He claims that the fake death, along with his confession, was his only choice to clear Rafe's (Drew Starkey) name.

Ward also lays out his plan to take the Cameron family to a remote French island and tells Sarah that Rafe got the Cross of Santo Domingo. He also lies to his daughter, saying that he gave the cross to John B (Chase Stokes). The Cameron family is all reunited on the way to paradise, but Sarah is still angry about her father's betrayal, and worried about John B. headtopics.com

Cleo joins the Pogues.Meanwhile, John B and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) find their way out of the shipping container where the Pogues stowed away. Pope ends up in the engine room, where he finds Cleo (Carlacia Grant) repairing the ship's engines. Cleo doesn't know that he's one of the Pogues, so she and Pope fight until he lets her know that he's there for John B and Sarah. Cleo ends up helping the Pogues, leading the crew away from the storage container for a cut of the treasure.

The Pogues plus Cleo succeed at trapping most of the crew in one part of the ship, taking over the wheel, and getting the Cross hooked up to a crane as John B goes to look for Sarah. Instead Rafe finds him in the engine room, and there's a very stressful fight where Rafe wields a huge hook as the boiler explodes behind them. At the same time, Sarah has escaped from Ward and is trying to take a lifeboat home, not knowing John B's already on the ship.

The Pogues loose the Cross to Rafe.Of course, nothing can just go smoothly for the Pogues. The crew gets free and come after the Pogues before they finish leading the cross on the lifeboat. One of them knocks J.J. (Rudy Pankow) over the side of the boat, and Kiara (Madison Bailey) jumps overboard after him. Trapped by the crew, Pope decides to drop the cross into the ocean rather than let the Camerons have it. Unfortunately, Rafe grabs one end of the rope holding the Cross right before Pope drops it, and they all pull the cross back aboard.

Ward finds Sarah before she gets into the lifeboat and has a realization that she's more of a Pogue than a Kook. That realization, and also the threat of Sarah telling the authorities he's alive, leads Ward to strangle his daughter. John B saves Sarah before Ward can kill her, and then when John B gets the upper hand, he decides to spare Ward instead of taking revenge for his father's death. Instead, he and Sarah get the lifeboat and save all the Pogues, plus Cleo, who have jumped overboard to escape. headtopics.com

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Once all the Pogues are on the lifeboat, there's a tense moment where the boat stalls, and Rafe has the chance to shoot them with a machine gun. He and Sarah look at each other, and Rafe doesn't shoot. Instead, the engine gets going and the Pogues speed away. As they watch the Cross get pulled onto the ship, Pope literally says,"This shit ain't over."

Next, Rafe goes to check on Ward, who's bedridden after his fight with John B. Rafe tells his father that they still have the Cross and the gold, and he promises to step up as Ward's healing. He also promises to go after Sarah and bring her back to them, meaning that the show's main"Big Bads" will continue to torment the Pogues if the show gets a third season.

The Pogues wash up on a deserted island.The Pogues plus Cleo wash up on an abandoned island in an unknown location. They immediately lament that they lost the gold and the Cross. John B, being the effervescent leader that he is, tries to cheer them up, saying that they're living the Pogue life, and pointing out the great waves off the island. J.J. jokingly claims the island as Poguelandia, and the friends decide to work together to set up shop on the island.

There's also some cute romance moments as they pair off, with each guy helping a girl stand up. John B and Sarah remind us that they're sort of married now. J.J. helps Kie up, in a small nod to the conversation they had earlier in the episode, where J.J. fantasized about a worldwide surf-trip and Kie asked if she could go with them. We also get a hint of a brand new couple, as Pope helps up Cleo and welcomes her to the Pogues, before teaching her their signature handshake. headtopics.com

Big John's alive!The show doesn't end with Poguelandia. Instead we get to see how the Outer Banks are doing; Kie's mom is putting up missing posters and the sheriff announces a hotline for them at a press conference. Topper (Austin North) is looking through the window into the empty Cameron house. We also see the Pogues hanging out and smiling around a fireplace.

Next, in Barbados,Outer Banks' newest villain, Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell), arrives at a house to meet someone after receiving a letter about the shroud that she has been looking for all season. She gets an update, that the man she's meeting has been"half dead, for a long time." When she comes up to with the man, who's facing the sea, he says that he knows where the shroud is, and that he'll help her. But she has to help his son. The man turns around, and it's John B's father, Big John Routledge (Charles Halford).

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Big John's reemergence shakes up the entire show, since John B's motivations will completely change once he learns that he somehow faked his death. Showrunners Jonah Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke have said that John B's relationship with his now-alive dad will be a large part of Season 3 if the show's renewed.

" John B's relationship with his dad is a huge theme and having his dad back around and eventually they're going to meet back up and John B has to reconcile his idealized version of his dead dad with the reality of his alive dad. It gives us a lot of thematic father-son stuff to work with," Josh Pate told

Entertainment Weekly.That final revelation leaves us with the Pogues broke and possibly thriving on a deserted island, Rafe determined to find Sarah, and John B likely to freak out once he reunites with his now-alive father. Once the show's renewed, it's safe to say that

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