Oscars Best Picture Contenders Required to Meet Diversity Standards

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Movies competing for best picture at the Oscars will be required to meet criteria aimed at fostering a more inclusive Hollywood

After years of facing criticism for lacking diversity among its Oscar nominees, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided it will require films competing for best picture to meet criteria aimed at fostering a more inclusive Hollywood.

Since the #OscarsSoWhite...


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Never watch the mediocre awards...it’s nothing but an opinion-fest!!

The death of OSCAR has been decreed...


I’m not so sure anyone cares Hollywood. What we do care about is the morality decay, sex & violence & killings promoted in movies today. These types of movies & music are financed, backed & produced by Black Moguls not just white men. NO WONDER THE YOUTH HAVE VERY LITTLE HOPE

More stinuking leftist corruption.

This is like hiring a person to be a firefighter depending on if they fit the gender and race quota rather than if they can actually lift the 200lb water hose/person/object needed to extinguish the fire.


Hypocritically people who claim they want diversity want no real diversity at all.

So the best picture may not be the best picture. Got it.

Pandering at its worst

Merit affirmative action

How is it that the most woke.... the most liberal enclave in America (aka Hollywood) was not getting it done in regards to diversity from the beginning of time until now? And yet they preach to us? Hypocrisy

funny. more criterias. less creative. we can foresee The falling of Hollywood

Movie producers will now be required to molest equal number of genders, cisgenders and transgenders. MeToo

RealJamesWoods Films/studios don’t need the Oscars! The Oscars need films/studios! Nobody cares about the Oscars anymore! I bet most people don’t know who won best pic, actor, actress last year?.........................crickets? R/T If you don’t know or could care less! WakeUp

Never thought Hollywood would drive the last nail into their own coffin.

Too much

This just in. For any NFL team to be eligible for the Lombardi trophy, they must be 20% women, 10% gays and 5% transsexuals. They also have to be at least 20% black which they will probably have no problem with.

So much for art.

Hahahhhaha funny too bad I stopped watching the adult pretender awards years ago.

Of course inclusiveness is necessary. But it is impossible to create any kind of art expression submitted to criteria and regulations.

No need to even make a movie. Just take the Intersectionality Test and start handing out those trophies.

An UNEQUAL requirement. This is the opposite of equality.

And the winner for best picture is.............................. My Wife Angus The Transsexual African American Lakota Sioux Jew Who Saved Palestine and Tibet Too.

I can say I haven’t watched movies and haven’t missed them. It’s something I don’t intend to spend money on.

When there is no freedom of creating, there will be no great art.

Hollywood probably will first ask Chinese Communist Party for approval since it is now part of the propaganda department of CCP.

If I won something based on my race or orientation and not on my accomplishments or abilities...I would not be honored and would not accept it.

And just like that 'affirmative action' is reborn while actual talent takes a backseat. I detest promoting inclusion for its own sake. I don't care about the colors, I want excellent performances. I will not watch the Oscars anymore, it has been hijacked by politics.

Many movies have a cast that is all one race. Or the black guys are the villains. Does this mean that I'm Gonna Git Ya Sucks and Hidden Figures will be the only films qualifying for Best Picture?

Diversity. Great. Now it’s time for pro-sports to follow suit. Do it quick. Their knees hurt.

So a film without this person can never be considered?

I guess there will be an alternative to Hollywood pop up and generate entertainment that people want to watch.

political correctness kills freedom thus kills creativity.


'Required' always leads to the best artistic expression 😂😂😂😂

How about focus on who was involved with Epstein and make that the goal, Hollywood. VRSVirginia

Social change from the top down. Very Leninist, well done

Kinda gross

🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 Hollyweird

“And the Oscar for Best Affirmative Action movie goes to....”

Disney does it in all of their movies since the 1990's and only more so since. Nothing wrong with diversity in movies. Opens it up to a more diverse audience. No surprise they make hundreds of millions per movie.

Goodbye Hollywood! You are irrelevant!

The new World order is here, we all need to think and act the same. The opportunities and jobs must be earned not given by law

Yep. The end of oscar.

So I’m guessing a really good movie on the history of the Vikings would never be up for an Oscar then

Such as Pedos

Who cares!! That’s no longer worthy to watch!!! Rubbish!!

🤔🙂🙂 👥🙂 👥 1. ' will be required to meet criteria ' ... 2. Aberatii PROLETCULTISTE ! 3. Intai cuvintele, dupa cartile si monumentele, in prezent extravagantele intelectuale hollywoodiene cu discrete nuante grotesti.


All I care about is merit. I don’t care about race. If a movie is good, then it’s good.

They should start by giving a oscar to this movie

When people are coerced into specific social “norms” when creating art, then those norms are no longer genuine and instinctive. Just let filmmakers do their job and reward them accordingly.

So much for talent.


In other words black movies will win awards even if they suck. Diversity is spelled B L A C K. No other ethnicity need apply!

Isn't that basically racist Forcing a casting standard to include 'enough' races seems quite racist. What am I missing here?

Nobody watches...

Just writing down something that’s been going on for the past decade, these people have no respect for art, and so much political agenda.

Couldn't agree more with this. Time to bring some dignity to the Oscars

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