Opponents of Jerusalem cable car plan lose Supreme Court case

WATCH: A plan to install a cable car across Jerusalem to the Old City took a step forward after the Supreme Court ruled against Israeli and Palestinian opponents of the project

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5/22/2022 12:40:00 PM

WATCH: A plan to install a cable car across Jerusalem to the Old City took a step forward after the Supreme Court ruled against Israeli and Palestinian opponents of the project

Israeli and Palestinian opponents of an Israeli plan to run a cable car over Jerusalem to the walls of the Old City lost on Sunday their Supreme Court case against a project they argued would alter its ancient landscape.

The proposed cable car would shuttle some 3,000 tourists and worshippers per hour from the western part of Jerusalem to an area near the Dung Gate entrance to the eastern Old City in a four-minute ride.Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com

RegisterPalestinians say the project would erase their heritage in areas they seek for a future state, and that the planned route would place cable cars just metres above their homes in East Jerusalem.1/2A man look on as he sits in a golf cart near Dung Gate, close to the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City November 7, 2019. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

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