Opinion: Xcel Energy’s plan will move away from coal too slowly

5/17/2022 7:33:00 PM

Xcel’s latest plan is a bloated commitment to maintaining big, outdated, centralized fossil fuel generation for far too long.

Opinion | Xcel’s latest plan is a bloated commitment to maintaining big, outdated, centralized fossil fuel generation for far too long.

Xcel’s latest plan is a bloated commitment to maintaining big, outdated, centralized fossil fuel generation for far too long.

$585 million to them the year before.Bloomberg later corroborated Kuo’s prediction.Hyundai Ioniq 5 gains bigger battery and new technology “Each piece of chess looks and functions differently, but put together they work as a team.on Twitter Stronghold Digital (SDIG) reported first-quarter revenues of $28.

The Public Utilities Commission will decide soon on Xcel’s plan.It’s difficult for the Commission to keep up with a large corporation of attorneys and donors protecting millions in profit.Kuo only said the transition would happen “in the foreseeable future.The PUC has allowed Xcel profits to go up and up despite flat sales.” Lee also suggested the success and positive reception of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 had opened up a new chapter for the firm’s design philosophy.It’s a good business if you can get it! Unfortunately, Coloradans can’t, Xcel is an out-of-state monopoly.It would make the most sense for the company to complete the move all at once, but there's no guarantee it will do things that way.Instead of flowing out of state, this income stream should be going to Colorado communities to invest locally and own long-lasting solar and storage, on rooftops, in microgrids, in solar gardens, and where farmers and ranchers want it.In total, Stronghold said it had $47 million of cash & equivalents plus unrestricted bitcoin holdings, and more than $60 million of liquidity.

Now Xcel wants to spend $9.In an effort to cut down on electronic waste, the European Union has spent years pushing for a.Instead of doing the retro design we bring them into a totally contemporary approach which has actually created a lot of freshness for the market.9 billion from all our pockets over the next 4-5 years for electric distribution, transmission, generation, natural gas, etc.Their past and proposed spending fill up the grid and electrical supply with fossil fuel generation that costs us now and later.The last century’s model of big central generating plants and distant transmission lines is more vulnerable to outages in increasingly extreme weather.“We were a brand typically known for its value for money, but now we’re moving to be a more ‘design and living’ brand.Coloradans will be better served by planning for and investing in more distributed solar and storage, local ownership, incentives for demand management, and charging when renewables are available – during the day in sunny Colorado – all economical approaches.Following its , Stronghold shares tumbled as the company said it wouldn’t be able to achieve its prior target of 8.

Solar and storage are assets that Coloradans want to own.Xcel would like to own as much of the energy generation as possible to keep our communities paying hundreds of millions in profit annually to Xcel, growing at over 10% instead of local ownership, with panels paid off in 5-15 years.We need the PUC to better regulate Xcel starting now.Likely we need an actual public service company in Colorado, a non-profit consumer-owned power authority, keeping investment and income streams here in Colorado, where they circulate in our local and state economy, instead of mining our pockets to send to Wall Street.And we would get clean air and clean electricity faster.

We can do this.It’s time for candidates and elected officials to stop taking money from Xcel.It’s time to have open data, access by our communities and experts, and public interest planning.Our kids, our neighbors, our community, and this beloved place we’ve grown up in and want to protect are depending on it.Neal Walia is a longtime Colorado resident and a candidate for Congressional District 1.

Jamie Valdez is a community organizer with Mothers Out Front, and Marie Venner is the chair of the Colorado Call to Action and the Small Business Alliance.To send a letter to the editor about this article, submit.

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