Opinion | With Wars to Wage, Who Can Afford Peace?

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'Why do we spend trillions of dollars preparing for and waging war and, in comparison, pennies on the creation of peace—on the outreach and empathy that emerge from our knowledge that we are all one?'

Why do we spend trillions of dollars preparing for and waging war and, in comparison, pennies on the creation of peace—on the outreach and empathy that emerge from our knowledge that we are all one?Texas and Arizona have begun busing refugees at their border—at a cost of millions—up to a couple liberal Northern cities . . .

The threat to America! Hungry, desperate people...children...yearning for safety, yearning for security and acceptance. What choice does the governor have but to do what he can, what he must, to make this nuisance go away—and in the process turn the refugees into pawns in a snarky game of political back-and-forth across the Mason-Dixon line?:"We pretend to have enemies, but mostly what we 'have' are people whose lives simply don't matter.

But this is the irony. We spend enormous amounts of money simply having enemies. Texas, for instance, has reportedly run up a bill of about busing multi-thousand"illegals" up to Washington, D.C., and New York City. What if this money were spent actually helping them instead? I mean, so much for granted that our investment in it is not only limitless but without the least bit of awareness—awareness that wars are never won and never end. And so last month, the U.S. House passed next year's defense budget, adding $37 billion to Biden's proposal and pushing it well over $800 billion.


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Peace isn't as profitable as war, been that way for thousands of years. Only way to fix it is to get rid of the profit motive, and money. Reject political and economic hierarchy.


To some extent, I think the world grew far too big far too quickly, and our tribalistic tendencies went into overdrive. I also wonder if global militaries are aware that the resources modern life depends on are running out and are trying to prepare for more resource wars.

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