Opinion | Why Kyrsten Sinema's pro-filibuster speech was maddening

Opinion | Sen. Sinema is in denial about the Republican Party's sinister intentions


1/15/2022 10:32:00 AM

Opinion | Sen. Sinema is in denial about the Republican Party's sinister intentions

The Arizona senator's floor speech called for unity with those who seek to subvert our democracy.

, the filibuster was in fact at odds with the vision of the founders of this country:The Founding Fathers, who designed Congress to be run on simple majorities, would have seen the filibuster as a perversion of their vision for the Senate. Despite recent claims about its centrality in the Senate's working, the filibuster was not a product of the founders' work, and it has never been enshrined in the Constitution. It came about after the fact, largely by accident, enabled by a loophole in the Senate's rules and a willingness of some members to exploit it.

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She is the primary argument in understanding and comprehension. She might think she understands, but sadly she doesn't comprehend. 🇺🇸🇻🇮😷 sinema and manchin are not democrats they are pure republicants.throw them out . A sherep a none existent person She's not in denial. She's complicit in upholding Jim Crow

😡😡😡 No shes not, shes part of them Don’t think so! She is doing exactly as she was paid to do She’s not in denial, she just doesn’t care!

‘Height of cynicism’: Why Joe thinks Kyrsten Sinema ‘smacks of bad faith’Joe Scarborough. Mika Brzezinski and Eugene Robinson discuss Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's Thursday speech on the Senate floor, and how her pre-emption of President Joe Biden and refusal to negotiate 'smacks of bad faith.' JoeNBC When Demc caucus they should exclude Manchin & $inema. No need to give the opposition their playbook. JoeNBC Here’s a thought. The voters in Arizona can initiate a RECALL as she’s failed repeatedly to represent the interests of her constituents! JoeNBC One word: RECALL

She’s not in denial. She knows exactly what’s happening. Since her election, her personal wealth went from about $35,000 to 1 million. I’m sick of Manchin and Sinema WHAT ABOUT THE 50 Republicans? ‼️💙‼️💙‼️💙‼️💙‼️ She’s not in denial about anything she’s one of them. It’s called a closet Republican. There are two possibilities here: SenatorSinema is either dangerously naive, or she's lying. She's either a fool, or she's evil. There is just one other possible answer: she's a fool AND she's evil. It's quite common to be both at the same time.

No she’s not. She’s siding with them. Period. She’s not in denial. She’s in bed with her donors that’s all. I did wonder if she would respond if we did a crowd fund equal or greater than her donors. Why can’t we the people buy our congressmen? darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney darkmoney

No, she's not! Like too many politicians, on both sides, her only interests are lining her own pockets, & re-election, so she can continue lining her own pockets. Stop justifying this behavior & hold them accountable! She is either an odd duck, too naive to hold elected office or has been bought-off. She's immature, sophomoric and lacks even the most fundamental qualities of leadership and vision.

Bagley Cartoon: Being Kyrsten Sinemait's not wrong Nailed it. Patbagley *Karen* Sinema.

She knows what she’s doing. When a person tells who they are, believe them She is not in denial. She knows exactly what she’s doing and why She’s in denial about a lot of things Hopefully Kyrsten Sinema will be a one term Senator. Words mean nothing without action. If she truly supported voting rights legislation to protect citizens from the Republican abuses that emanated from Trumps lies about voter fraud, she would do just as she did for the debt...

I don’t think she’s in denial at all , I think she has the same intentions She’s a great Democrat, she trying to stop the far left special interests groups from committing election fraud..🇺🇸 No she’s not You got proof that is their intentions or are you just running your mouth pushing lies and conspiracy theories? We said people with other issues was being counted as covid patients and was called conspiracy theorists. We said mask dont work and was called the same


Kyrsten Sinema Faces Backlash From Arizona Democrats For Pro-Filibuster StanceLeaders and activists alike sounded off: “Like being almost in an abusive relationship”; “disappointed to say the least”; “I will never understand.” I'm voting for Jennifer Netflicks next time She’s gonna switch to Republican Party. Always hangs with them on Senate floor already. 🤷‍♂️

Stop. This woman nor her pal Manchin aren't confused or in denial about the Repugs & their ugly attack on our democracy, voter suppression & election subversion. These not Dems are trumpers & financially tied to GOP donors who oppose Biden's agenda. She's not in denial, she's in bed with them... Disinformation

Two while people decide the fate of voting rights in America? That's unamerican. Nonsense. She’s doing what she’s been bribed to do. This is so NAIVE. We waste so much time analyzing words that she doesn’t sincerely mean. She has sold herself out to Rich GOP donors. This is all about greed. And then she just spouts convenient words.

She’s not in denial she’s on the payroll When Rs eliminate the filibuster for their pet project, Sinema can have lunch with Collins. Crow will be served. Whether the GOP did it or the Dems allowed it, if the 19 states that have changed their voting had done it before the election Trump would have won. Dems are throwing in the towel on the slow motion coup!

She’s just a clueless tool the Republicans have learned how to use to further their agenda. History will not be kind to either.

Kyrsten Sinema Is Living In An Alternate UniverseIn a floor speech defending the filibuster, Sinema described a country and a political system that just doesn’t exist. Living in a dream world doesn’t help with todays realities 🤨 Enema’s just full of shit. So is Man$ion.

She’s not in denial, she is doing what she is told to do by her pimps. Obedient until the bitter end to her corporate masters. nancygower Because she has been bought. She will never be re-elected and should be stripped of all committees. Nonsense. Claiming stupidity won't work. She's not in denial. She's fully aware of what she's doing and how maintaining her obstructionist scam is rewarding her personal financial coffers. This isn't innocent naivete. It's quite sinister.

Nah. She's aware. This one is a no brainer I get not wanting to swim in the swamp but then instead be rightous about the basic principle of voting rights Cloak yourself in the shield of doing the right thing for ALL the people these are perilous times democracy needs you to seize this moment Her and Manchin just don't get it!

Sinema & Manchin are Wolf in sheep clothing!!! They are not really Democrats just pretending to be! In denial or just denying it with full knowledge of GOP's sinister intentions?

Kyrsten Sinema Dooms Democrats' Voting Rights Push With SpeechThe Arizona senator's speech opposing filibuster changes on Thursday cast a cloud over Democrats' final voting rights push. So, you use an old photo. The cross jewelry was part of the act. Funny how the Democrats were against doing this in 2009 but now they are for it. SenTomCotton was brilliant in reading SenSchumer own speech word for word now against him.

my link my views Plain and simple . She is not in denial . She is in lockstep with Republicans. No.. She's in someone's pocket Yes, or she is really part of their Republican Party If the mean old republicans are really that sinister, maybe her idea to keep the filibuster is a good idea? Especially since the inept democrats are all but guaranteed to lose control of congress later this year.

Stop normalizing SenatorSinema! It is clear to all that she is only in the job for grift! Normalizing the grifters & not reporting real problem undermines our democracy! The press is lazy & not doing their job! Freedom of Press under Authoritarianism won’t exist! Without voting rights, democracy we won’t need congress, senate, judges, governors, police etc…. Doesn’t realize this😳

Can anyone on this thread give me one example of a legal citizen that cannot vote? Anyone? Authored by Chuck Todd or was it Andrea Mitchell? Ummm

Sinema Hid in Bathroom Because She Thought It Was Illegal to Film Her There, Cops SaySen. Kyrsten Sinema chose to go into a bathroom in October when she was being pursued by activists because she believed it would be illegal to film her there, according to a newly released police report. If you are going to be a corrupt stooge be prepared for the consequences. You have to love America, you can actually criticize politicians publicly here. 😂😂😂 oh SenatorSinema 😂😂😂 statepress Liberal activists have no shame.

Denial or just posturing? Is she really, or is this the same old act 😏 She was probably chuckling in her head after each word. She is appallingly naive and has fallen in with a bad crowd. Very poor political skills. Comically cliche sound bites. Opinion, opinion, opinion, fiction as usual from MSNBC!! No, she is complicit.

Or in cahoots with them The Democrat media. We are not fool our eyes and minds are open we see exactly what she is doing to us as people forget about Democrats we understand she undercover like the other senator for republicans libs forget that Schumer and Biden recently supported the filibuster. Maddening.

Or she supports them fully and is trying to play innocent, gaslighting everyone else. It's what Republicans and DINOs do.

She is a .... No she's not, she knows exactly how the Republican Party is. She's just like them. She's all about power and greed❗ Sinema is bought and paid for. Here's an opinion piece from MSNBC promoting further division in our country, while they cheer for the widening divide. Stuck my foot in my mouth. Advocated for her, thinking she would make a good democratic Senator for Arizona. wow. was I wrong. 😳

No. She's helping them. I don't believe that Sen. Sinema is in denial at all. She figures that the wealth she collects from donors that favor the GOP and therefore Trump will be far more beneficial for her pocketbook. After all, why would she care if people of color vote at all? voting is so hard they made a short video on how to do it.. but I'm a big dumb dumb dumbie it was very very very difficult to figure out,but hey I'm more upset the cats,dogs,bugs,people from different countries can't vote.

She does not give a f*** about democracy! She cares more about money & power !

And so is the MSM She knows!!!!!! Just doesn’t care!!!! kyrstensinema is bloody useless And her performance was full of lies if anyone deserves an Academy Award it should be her for her fake ass tears!! She's not in denial. The plot is unraveling just as it was intended to and her veil lifted. 'seek to subvert our democracy.'? YOU MEAN HR1

I am sick of hearing this broad’s mouth…how dare she not support the President…if you are a Republican which you seem to be, why don’t you and Manchin stop pretending and have the guts to say so..support your Presidents agenda or go join the trump items. She need Trump voters to win November primaries. They just don’t like to talk about it.

the democrats have to fired that woman and menchine of North Carolina for traitor to the people and the party. No she is not she feels comfortable she will hold onto her senit seat because she and her constants hate people of color

That is kind observation. Sen Sinema knows exactly what she is doing and why. Vote her out of office! money my friends money corruption will make all excuses legit or not as long as they get more money and power They dont care of what is lost Quit simple You guys are freakin hilarious 😂😂😂 Maybe she isn't. She is just a subtler version of of some of the Republican Senators who will do anything for attention.

It's obvious when she was standing in line to get her brain, she thought they said train and caught it instead. I think she's just collecting too much $$$ from lobbyists & has now changed her point of view. Money brings delusion in govt, where they forget Abt those who sent them. She's not the 1st, certainly not the last. Vote her OUT!

Follow the money BoughtAndPaidFor and we know the intentions of the Democrat party and it is far worse. hey kyrstensinema can't see sinister because she is sinister! Thus, sinister looks normal to SenatorSinema I been trying for to warn Democratic leadership for years that this is a standard tactic of the right/gop to embed one of their own into Democratic and Independent offices or even organizations.

I think she knows exactly what the GQPee is up to. She simply does not care. A picture of the GOP Bluebonnet that spreads easy for them !!! Excellent job teaching the Dem party how democracy works. We need more adults in the room like her and Manchin! What’s wrong with the people that voted for Sienna and Manchin. Please know who u vote for

oh my god, America found a politician who can Not be bullied.. can one good apple ruin the whole rotten barrel ( of dc politicians)..? SenatorSinema knows She is complicit in their scheme She’s not in denial. She’s a Republican herself. Either that or Sinema cares about Sinema. It could be that simple. And you might as well throw Manchin in the mix too.

Only the great Addison Mitchell McConnell can beat the mighty buster!! She’s not in denial. Her donors have given her marching orders.

She is not in denial she knows exactly what she is doing she just doesn't give a F She is bought buy the pharmaceutical companies should be thrown out This is a bullshit story. It would help if the media stopped assuming these people are simply naive, confused or stupid. They know exactly what they are doing. Stop excluding them.

She’s woefully unqualified to serve. oustsinema Sen. Sinema needs an enema. 🤪 Airhead SHE IS DENYING... THAT IS NOT DENIAL... THAT IS....................................LYING!

She pretty much claims the filibuster ensures debate and compromise. The opposite is true. It has stopped debates, votes, and compromise. The senate is broken because of it. To be clear, there is no Republican Party. A 'party' w/o a platform is not a party. So, if you checked Republican, and voted in line, what did you vote FOR ?

She’s my hero FireSinema Her ego, she is not naive in the least — she is a plant & Sadly, the good people of Arizona are now realizing they were duped. But is she? She really doesn’t know? The people around her don’t know and don’t advise her? She not in denial, she & manchin are the cause democrats don’t need republicans to pass any bills it’s just that in Washington there are many whom are corrupt just as republicans

Someone primary her! SINSEMA AND MANCHIN take every opportunity to block every great Bill Biden sends forward. Nothing but dishonour out of those 2. They are definitely on the Trump side. The push Trumps agenda and that is evident. See republicans cannot win without destroying voting rights. Self-preservation is a key strategy for any politician. The fact of the matter is it is better for her and Manchin’s brand to take the positions that they are taking them to go toe the party line.

Republican sinister intentions? The Democrats used the filibuster this week to support Russia 🇷🇺 Nothing but a Wolf in sheep clothing!!! I really wish people would stop saying SenatorSinema is in denial! She is not only fully aware, she has been well paid off to be complicit in the demise of American Democracy. She is doing exactly what she’s been told and paid to do. The truth behind her betrayal will come out

Not in denial. In cooperation with... That's the crazy part, the world and a blind man can see. She has 4 eyes and can't see it. Is She? No she's not, she's on their side. She's proven she'll do anything for money. Get real! If she's (Sen. Sinema) is that dense she shouldn't be a Senator. SenatorSinema This woman is a destructive force to our democracy. She is both naïve and ignorant. She needs to be canceled- legally. SenateDems HouseDemocrats Pull her off of committee assignments!

kyrstensinema SenatorSinema is bought by U.S Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber opposes the For the People Act & is rewarding Sinema & Manchin with campaign cash for opposing Biden’s agenda, preserving the filibuster & working with the GOP. Denial my ass, she's all about the $$$ DINO Of course as she, Sinema may very well be a part of the Republican Party’s sinister intentions!

No she’s not, SHE IS COMPLICIT! FireSinema2022 SenatorSinema Call her a proctologist 13kmalone SenatorSinema is not in denial, she's complicit. Almost half of US voters have similar thinking, so MSNBC is demonizing 1/2 the population! Get real this is about division drama for media ratings/ profit! When is this company going to be charged with a Federal Crime?😎

Shes an agent of the GOPee If GOP gets in, their first thing will be to abolish the filibuster.

She isn’t in Denial. She’s flying the plane. SinemaEndsDemocracy That’s generous “denial” The hypocrisy is beyond ridiculous the Democrats just used the filibuster thursday to stop the bill negating the nordstream pipeline so i dont get it its ok when they use filibuster but the other part cant ? She is the keystone

She is not in denial. She knows exactly what she is doing. Quit giving her a pass. 'With a Good Conscience Our sure Only Reward... With History the Final Judge Of Our Deeds... Let's go knowing here on earth God's Work Must Be Our Own.' - President John F. Kennedy POTUS 🇺🇲 kyrstensinema Sen_JoeManchin VotingRightsAct USHistory

Lincoln's GOP Party of 1976 pledged unwavering support for 'speedy ratification' of EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT! 46 Years Later, America Asks: Will GOP finally fulfill its promise ? God Bless Harry Reid 🇺🇲 VotingRights EndTheFilibuster kyrstensinema 🚨 June 22, 1970 - President Richard Nixon signed an extension of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Proposed by Ted Kennedy... POTUS 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 VotingRightsAct USHistory SenatorSinema

Oh she knows, she just doesn’t give a fuck Rest In Peace Capitol Police Officer Brian Sisnick. 🙏 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 VotingRightsAct USHistory

🚨 Another Capitol Police officer has filed civil lawsuit against Dotard Tunt. Officer says she suffered concussion & vision problems. Says Dotard 'inflamed' MAGA Fascists & She includes Dotard's social media posts in her civil complaint. USHistory She’s a republican! 💁‍♂️ Susan Collins did the same thing to trump and your network called her a hero. John McCain as well. Rings or dinos same shit.

Nevertheless, She Persisted... God Bless America !!! Live the Dream 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 VotingRightsAct

has pointed out , the filibuster was in fact at odds with the vision of the founders of this country: The Founding Fathers, who designed Congress to be run on simple majorities, would have seen the filibuster as a perversion of their vision for the Senate. Despite recent claims about its centrality in the Senate's working, the filibuster was not a product of the founders' work, and it has never been enshrined in the Constitution. It came about after the fact, largely by accident, enabled by a loophole in the Senate's rules and a willingness of some members to exploit it. The name given to the new practice in the mid-19th century showed what contemporary Americans thought of it at the time. A "filibuster," in the language of the day, was a plunderer or a pirate. Those who employed the newly invented scheme to block legislation and prevent progress in the Senate were seen, metaphorically, as exactly that — pirates who had hijacked the legislative chamber and steered it to their own ends. Bipartisanship helps our government run more smoothly, and the impulse to persuade the opposition is a good one. But bipartisanship is not proof of wisdom, and partisanship cannot be conflated with recklessness. But more importantly, Sinema isn’t being asked to be a partisan of a party; she’s being asked to be a partisan on behalf of democracy. Earning the ire of those who are trying to take it down is a good thing.