Opinion | Why defamation suits are the best weapon against the Big Lie

One way to stop the Big Lie is to impose big legal costs on the conspiracy theorists.

5/3/2021 6:44:00 PM

Opinion | LevinsonJessica: Why Newsmax apologized rather than face a defamation lawsuit. - MSNBCDaily

One way to stop the Big Lie is to impose big legal costs on the conspiracy theorists.

, be able to demonstrate three things: that the people they are suing communicated or published a false statement of fact, that the people communicating or publishing that false statement of fact had the requisite state of mind (meaning they knew or had reason to know the statement was false; again this varies a bit) and that they suffered damages as a result.

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March 24, 202103:52It's another victory in the battle against the Big Lie after the threat of legal action from Smartmatic, another voting machine company, alsoforced retractions from Newsmax and Fox Newsin December. The fact that Newsmax went even further when it apologized to Coomer and retracted its claims about Dominion in the face of a defamation lawsuit shows that these suits can lead to real action.

But defamation suits aren't a full solution to disinformation. By definition, one can sue for defamation only after the allegedly false statement is out there and has harmed someone's reputation. This, of course, means that many, many people have read, seen or heard the falsehoods about the election and will continue to believe them, even after public apologies are delivered. In addition, these suits require access to lawyers and resources, making them hard for many of the victims to pursue. headtopics.com

Defamation suits are akin to the costly medicine to help fight the infection of disinformation, but they aren't able to inoculate the public in the first place. Yes, the next Newsmax or Giuliani may think twice before they propagate lies and falsehoods, proving these suits have a deterrent effect on false speech — but it's not a guarantee that Trump and his ilk will heed that warning.

We should be circumspect about weaponizing defamation suits as a possible tool to silence the legitimate media.In addition, we should be circumspect about weaponizing defamation suits as a possible tool to silence the legitimate media, much as Trump has suggested over the years. It isn't difficult to imagine how a local outlet with few resources would become worried about its ability to survive, even in the face of a baseless defamation suit. It takes as much money, if not more, to defend against lawsuits than it does to file them.

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