Opinion | Why Biden's Covid policies can be deadly for disabled people

Biden's Covid policies have left millions of Americans once again feeling abandoned and demoralized.


1/17/2022 3:01:00 AM

.EricMGarcia: Biden's Covid policies have left millions of Americans once again feeling abandoned and demoralized.

Biden's Covid policies have left millions of Americans once again feeling abandoned and demoralized.

on Friday, there’s still a heavy focus from the administration on making vaccination and masking a matter of personal responsibility instead of taking more collective mitigation efforts such as requiring adequate ventilation of indoor spaces. Thus, U.S. policy has essentially made contracting Covid-19 a matter of morality.

Disabled and chronically ill people who run the risk of becoming seriously ill or dying may feel like the losers in this morality contest or feel that their infections are the “bumps in the road” Cardona was referring to when speaking of the complications of keeping schools open. There is a word associated with making health a morality play: eugenics.

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EricMGarcia How many more shots are you going to take at his positive achievements turning them into failures. 60 plus % of Americans are vaccinated while science rather than vodo are driving our policies. You seem to forget he is leading us through a pandemic which should not have occurred. EricMGarcia Stop lying about Biden! He's doing a great job and would be doing even better if REPUBLICANS and a few so called Democrats would stop blocking everything.

EricMGarcia He was supposed to shut down the virus! EricMGarcia But it’s a good thing they keep talking about the FBI’s Jan 6 entrapment, because nobody cares EricMGarcia Biden keeps trying to protect Americans. But the republicans keeps fighting him in court. The courts keep shutting down Biden’s plan. Sorry. It’s not Biden! It’s the republicans!!!

EricMGarcia Careful MSNBC, too much truth will send your followers running. EricMGarcia Dont blame him,blame the supreme court. EricMGarcia Why are you posting this!! It’s people’s stupid refusal to get vaccinated that’s the problem. Time to change your storyline. Biden can’t make enough people get vaccinated to change the trajectory. Make your stories about selfish unpatriotic people because they are the problem!!

EricMGarcia Please explain to me what more Biden is supposed to do? He has done very thing in his POWER. I think what you really meant to report is that the GQP=GarbageQANonParty has sabotaged Biden’s efforts to combat Covid! EricMGarcia NaziVaccineIDs EricMGarcia stop IT JUST STOP IT You are killing people with your damn disinformation

'SNL' Biden Tells Americans ‘Spider-Man’ Causes COVID'SNL' slayed with their cold open, where 'President Biden' blamed COVID and pretty much every other problem plaguing on America on ... SPIDER-MAN!!! I’m surprised they don’t do this show with masks on SNL isn't funny Politics aside… I miss when snl was must watch tv. It hasn’t been funny in 20 years. Even sketches people say I have to watch I can’t get thru 20 seconds of it.

EricMGarcia Well that is not Joe Biden's fault let's place the blame where it lies with the republicans and with 2 democratic senators President Biden has done everything humanly possible to try to get this passed but he has so much opposition and for all the wrong reasons. EricMGarcia Why are you blaming him? Pharmaceutical companies have to produce it all. Shame on MSNBC

EricMGarcia come on give me a break tired of you always cutting Biden down ...........go join FoxNews tired of your shit..... EricMGarcia Lay off Biden. How about you take on the ignorant 40% who refuse to bring this to an end? EricMGarcia Your opinion…. EricMGarcia Do better MSNBC!!! But then again, you employ Chuck Frickin Todd,..

EricMGarcia You’re not helping. Report the positive. It won’t hurt your ratings. EricMGarcia WTF IS THIS

SNL’s Joe Biden Reveals the One Thing Americans Can Do to End COVID-19SNL’s Joe Biden enlists the multi-verse version of himself to end the pandemic for good Worst cold open in years. Who wrote this ridiculous material?

COVID-19 deaths notably rise, as hospitalizations dip: Weekly COVID roundupThough still remarkably high, Ohio hospitals saw a decline in their daily COVID-19 patient count this week. However, the state also reported its highest number of COVID-19 deaths in recent memory. Stay safe. Mild viruses do not kill. Because deaths lag behind hospitalizations. 90% of Covid patients in Cleveland Clinic’s ICU are unvaccinated. Get vaccinated if you haven’t already. It’s safe and effective.

Covid-19: No further Covid-related deaths and 2,668 casesThe total number of deaths linked to the virus reported by the Department of Health is 3,035.

Biden Team Regroups After Court Loss On COVID Shots-or-testBiden said the mandates have already had their desired effect on reducing the number of unvaccinated adults. I track vaccination status for my employer and we did have an uptick recently, some people were under the impression they were being forced. This is true most businesses had a get vaxxed date by last November, December.....there are some deadlines in January......it has increased the of vaxxed until SCOTUS decision. So Biden buys up the manufacturer capacity. There won’t be any at CVS where u could buy it in 5 minutes . Now the govt inefficiently distributes in 2-3 weeks. Brilliant.

‘SNL': Joe Biden Blames COVID Surge on ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home' in Cold OpenAfter taking a few weeks off for the holidays, “Saturday Night Live” returned to Studio 8H for the first episode of 2022. 2 minutes of this made me turn the tv off