Opinion | Why 'American Crime Story: Impeachment' is so hard to watch

Murphy’s dramatization of the puritanical politics of the 1990s tap dances on a raw nerve.

9/8/2021 8:01:00 AM

The idea behind the series is clear: This is ground zero for today’s divisive polarization, the first bad faith shot fired by the GOP in a war that would culminate in the nomination of a man accused of serial sexual assault, Ani Bundel writes NBCNewsTHINK

Murphy’s dramatization of the puritanical politics of the 1990s tap dances on a raw nerve.

Kurt Iswarienko / FXSept. 7, 2021, 5:56 PM UTCBy“Impeachment: American Crime Story”may be Ryan Murphy’s hardest to watch creation yet. It’s so difficult, it’s almost impossible to tell if the new FX series is actually any good. Is the urge to turn the TV off so intense because of the show’s tabloid melodrama, or its depiction of male misogyny? Ultimately, I found it hard to stop watching — even if was through my fingers.

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Is the intense urge to turn the TV off due to the show’s tabloid melodrama, or its depiction of male misogyny?Every year, a new group of high school and college grads are badged up and let into the White House aspart of its storied internship program. Billed as a “public service leadership program,” the internship is the first step for elite, ambitious young people interested in a career in politics, or who are attracted to the idea of power. At 21 years old, Monica Lewinsky was just another in a long line of recent college grads when

a family connection helped her land a spot in the programin 1995, but what happened after President Bill Clinton seduced her — and then tried to cover up their affair — changed the course of the presidency, and American history.The affair and its fallout is the subject of Murphy’s third season of “American Crime Story.” Despite the reputation of his first truly big hit “Glee,” Murphy is a master of horror. His “American Horror Story” anthology series (now in its 10th season) kicked off the “American Story” spinoff, while maintaining a bit of that horror via the abhorrent behavior of real people. headtopics.com

(“American Sports Story” and “American Love Story” are planned to follow in 2022 and 2023.)The first season of “ACS,” “The People vs O.J. Simpson” stands as the franchise’s crowning achievement so far, a look at the cynical side of a racist justice system and the way money can bend it. The second season, “The Assassination of Gianni Versace,” mostly missed an opportunity to talk about the consequences of societal homophobia, but was still an emotionally resonant piece grappling with the horror of internalized self-hate.

“Impeachment” begins with an opening as terrifying as any “AHS” show, as a seemingly hapless Monica Lewinsky (Beanie Feldstein) heads to the mall to meet a person she’s trusted with her deepest, darkest secret, Linda Tripp (Sarah Paulson). At the last second, she realizes Tripp has betrayed her, as suited men surround her in a sting operation the show dramatizes as designed to bring down the president. (There is a literal scene where the agents start high-fiving one another and crowing “we got him,” after Tripp gets Lewinsky on tape to admit that Clinton tried to buy her silence.) The idea behind the series is clear: This is ground zero for today’s divisive polarization, the first bad faith shot fired by the GOP in a war that would culminate in the nomination in 2016 of

. (Donald Trump has long denied any wrongdoing.) Read more: NBC News »

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anibundel THINK It's a story about a grown man that should have known better , that was cheating on his wife! A young lady who should have been taught at home not to sleep with a married man! Not watching this! We had a good economy just like we had a good economy with Trump! anibundel THINK I could care less. I’m not watching this.

anibundel THINK Because HILLARY WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING! THINK Or…or… could it be all the damn commercial breaks? Gotta feel that had waaay more than the normal broadcast. THINK I can’t wait to see it! Thanks THINK Lol, you think the GOP runs Hollywood Lmao. THINK THINK SAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDUPPPPPPPPPPPP!

THINK Apparently written by someone who never heard of Willie Horton or Lee Atwater. THINK Which was never proven THINK Who made the choice to do such bad programming? We had to endure years of torture over this when GOP gleefully broadcasted to the world and impeached Clinton, all the while having their own secret affairs. I will never watch!

Monica Lewinsky Explained Why She Doesn't Need An Apology From Bill Clinton'I don't have that feeling anymore.' Dude she loves all the attention can't everyone just leave her TF alone? Well, he also never HAS...so, the fact remains that Clinton has never repented, never asked forgiveness, and the whole ordeal is still called the Monica Lewinski scandal to the day, when in fact, SHE was the victim, HE was a predator, and somehow he still is getting a free pass

THINK The idea behind the series is that maybe they can convince suburban housewives that the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans in time for the 2022 midterms. THINK She should have spoken out decades ago THINK Actually I think that it is pretty disgusting! THINK The idea behind the series is clear. Sex sells. Don’t pretend it’s altruistic. That’s just adding insult to injury. At least be honest. It’s tawdry tabloid porn.

THINK Joe Biden got a pass for his accusations. The Dems took their time to have outrage over ex governor cuomo. Dems need to take log out of your own eye before pumping up their sainthood!

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