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Opinion | When Donald Trump Is the Law

Guess who benefits?

2/21/2020 8:00:00 AM

In Opinion The editorial board writes, 'If there is anything useful to draw from President Trump’s degradation of the rule of law and the powers of his office, it’s that he is exposing a critical vulnerability in the Constitution’s design.'

Guess who benefits?

for Mr. Barr to “clean house” at the Justice Department, apparently referring to anyone with the temerity to maintain allegiance to the Constitution rather than to the president.Characteristically, while interfering in the justice system, Mr. Trump is both insisting he’s doing nothing of the sort and asserting his right to do so. “Just so you understand, I chose not to be involved,” he said Tuesday

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in response to a questionabout his meddling in Mr. Stone’s case. “I’m allowed to be totally involved.”This is in the style of autocrats across the globe, who weaponize the law to help themselves and their friends and hurt their enemies. The nation’s legal system is now run by a man who has spent his life mocking it.

He is trying to turn the people charged with federal law enforcement into presidential fixers, starting with Mr. Barr, who finds himself in a tight spot. Whether or not you believe him when he says the president’s tweets make his job “impossible,” the fact is that he said it, and that Mr. Trump ignored him. And if you do believe him, then you have to ask why, if his job has become impossible, he hasn’t resigned already. (You might also ask just what Mr. Barr considers his job to be.) Mr. Barr becomes only the latest in a long line of powerful officials Mr. Trump has seemed to take delight in publicly humiliating, including, to name just a few: Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, H.R. McMaster, Jim Mattis, Kirstjen Nielsen and John Kelly.

This is the second time in half a century that a lawless chief executive has tested the nation’s fundamental constitutional design. The first time, we passed. But now we know that the mechanisms put in place after Watergate were not sufficient. One potential new safeguard would be for Congress to make the Justice Department more independent, like the Federal Reserve, thus insulating it from the self-interested meddling of unethical presidents. The Supreme Court is

currently consideringthe scope of Congress’s power to establish independent agencies. However it rules, the current checks are demonstrably not strong enough.If there is anything useful to draw from Mr. Trump’s degradation of the rule of law and the powers of his office, it’s that he is exposing a critical vulnerability in the Constitution’s design, which anticipated presidents behaving badly, but not this badly. To be fair, the founders did include two backstops to guard against a lawless chief executive: One is impeachment. The other is a quadrennial election.

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Those pesky citizens and their rights. bader_diedrich Uh wut Absolutely. Opinions are editorials - like listening to your neighbor - sometimes factual sometimes not. Where was this opinion piece when Obama: used the IRS to target conservative people and organizations, got a FISA warrant against a reporter, unmasked hundreds of people illegally...

“Rule of Law“ you liberals throw that phrase around everyday and don’t have a clue of what it means. In Opinion: disagreeing with someone can mean that YOU are wrong...not always the other way. Elections help us decide these lost. Media is trying to influence the election more than anyone...with THEIR own opinions ThisTweet

Hysterical nonsense. The Sheriff of Not Him Again. The integrity of our US Constitution requires the integrity of character of those serving our nation and Constitution to uphold. Perhaps the flaw is our founders didn't imagine our current day corrupt GOP. It’s called the GOP Though Donald Trump is acquitted of impeachment he will not continue in 2021. God had anointed him for two tenures but now changed His decision. Another person is chosen.

He needs to be sending these hats to all these federal judges him & McConnell have appointed so they know that their courts mean nothing since he’s considered the law. . . . . and the basic plot theme of literally every John Wayne western. Yeah... impeachment should require a 2/3 vote in the House to prevent it from being abused as the Democrats did.

Democracy DIED due to Trump. You realize your editorial board and opinion section has lost all meaning right? You guys think you’re doing something so great but truly nobody cares The Republican Congress is All 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓 Zero issue when Obama did it tho 👍 Lol, he does that best in everything.

You folks smell like desperation....and you stink! He’s done that in spades. Your late to the game. *MAGA TRUMP! Trump is a QA tester. A beautiful beautiful tester. No one bumbles better than him. No one thinks about rule of law the same way he does. The constitution was concerned about corrupt presidents, not a corrupt Congress.

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