Opinion | What the West should learn from the protests in Iran

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Opinion by Karim Sadjadpour: What the West should learn from the protests in Iran

. This was the correct response; now others should follow suit. History has proven that Iran only compromises when faced with a unified international front. Foreign governments, international news agencies and nongovernmental organizations should cease legitimizing the Islamic republic’s gender discrimination.

While Tehran has on occasion bowed to external pressure, throughout its 43-year history the Islamic republic’s sole response to internal crises has been to double down on repression. It is this brutality that has sustained the government. But there are growing fractures in the foundation, at a time when the countrydue to 83-year-old Khamenei’s uncertain health.

The unrest triggered by Amini’s killing should push the Biden administration to reassess its Iran strategy. Until now, the sole focus of U.S. policy toward Iran has beenthat President Donald Trump exited in 2018. This is shortsighted. So long as the leaders of the Islamic republic — whose identity is premised on opposing the United States — rule Iran, Washington will never be able to reach an accommodation with Tehran.


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washingtonpost OK!

washingtonpost The only cure for the oppression of women is our unity 💜

Seems like history does repeat itself.🤔 1953 Iranian coup d'état It was orchestrated by the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project or 'Operation Ajax') and the United Kingdom (under the name 'Operation Boot')

IranProtests2022 iranregimechange IranRevolution Iran

womanlifefreedom womanlifeliberty womenlifefreedom womenlifeliberty mahsaamini

We need people from other countries and the world leaders to talk about us, to talk about this brutality and savagery that is happening in today’s society!!! MahsaAmini oplran مهسا_امینی اشنویه

This is what happens America when women have NO rights! Ugly as hell. Get it?

MahsaAmini oplran

and opersaion of women

MahsaAminii please be the Iranian people voice

Let the world know, let it hear us. We iranains just don't want to live under the shadow of Islamic Republic. Their crimes is an endless list of murder and making war in different spots of the middle east. Let us be free. OpIran مهسا_امینی اشنویه

مهسا_امینی MahsaAmini

MahsaAmini please be iranian's voice

Brings back memories of the Westernization Revolution in 1979.

مهسا_امینی حدیث_نجفی OpIran MahsaAmini Hadis_Najafi



If you stand for nothing, what’ll you fall for? MahsaAmini

Lesson? Try not to start your CIA-sponsored ready-to-go protests just a week after Iranian drones used by Russia wreak havoc in Ukraine. It looks suspicious.

MahsaAmini HadisNajafi


مهسا_امینی IranProtests2022

So was her head being bashed in a “pre-existing condition”

that defund the police movements spring up in other countries too and the government will say that is crazy

STFU. You frauds at Bezos’ blog celebrate the hijab as being acceptance and diversity. You have no say in the matter

MahsaAmini مهسا_امینی IranRevolution Be our voice, Long live Iran. 🙏

اشنویه مهسا_امینی OpIran

I've never met someone who called themselves Iranian, they call themselves Persians, all you need to know about that government

زن، زندگی، آزادی “Zan, Zandegi, Azadi” Women! Life! Freedom!


Justice for Iran Mahsa_Amini OpIran IranProtests2022

It is not about learning, it is about helping. Why is it so ckear n Ukraine andnot in Uran? Western liberal democracies are a burocratic scam most of the time. But they are far more better than the s*** these people -particularly women- must endure every day


mahsamini مهساامینی

Don't support scarfed women in the US

Never promot / support Jihad or Jihadis, in any form, whatever be the reason. Will you?

This is completely insane! Iranian police posted the footage of Mahsa_Amini ‘s last moments that clearly shows how she passed away, but you guys still ignoring the truth and you built your whole assumptions on the same lie!

In Iran a nonelected religious elite rule the Country. In Britain the same applies to the Monarchy, although the rule of the latter is much more tenuous. Still, the British example can be used by any undemocratic regime to try to justify its existence.

Muslims and sharia law are bad 👍

Why the west is still protecting this brutal regime in Iran ?

Iranians esp. The women had suffered much a lot give them a break from what the world offers extremism and fanatics cannot emulate their gods afterall we are just humans

Focus on Kashmir and Palestine issues why not look this side?

It’s premature to assess whether these protests will meaningfully change Iran’s politics, or whether they are simply another crack in the edifice of a rotting regime whose lone source of diversity is whether the beards and turbans of its ruling men are black or white

Finally, somebody wrote something worth the paper it’s written on MahsaAmini مهسا_امینی

We’re still dealing with white supremacists and anti-democratic radicalization, so take a number.

The West won't learn a thing. They call protests of their people insurrection!

Iranians are sacrificing their children for the safety of the whole world. We will take down the most dangerous terrorist organization on Earth so we can live in a peaceful world. All citizens of the world join in to change the course of history together. IranProtests2022


The only true religious freedom is to not vote for anyone who wants the freedom to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of Americans.

What do Iranians see when they look at America and its protests?

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