Opinion | What Morgan Wallen's success proves about country music's race problem

Elena Sheppard: Morgan Wallen's country music redemption arc is a sad sign of the times. - @NBCNewsTHINK


12/7/2021 10:02:00 AM

Elena Sheppard: Morgan Wallen's country music redemption arc is a sad sign of the times. - NBCNewsTHINK

The Wallen controversy gave country music a real, obvious chance to grow. Instead, it allowed the status quo to triumph again.

Rich Fury / Getty Images for iHeartMedia fileDec. 6, 2021, 10:20 PM UTCBy,cultural criticLess than a year after a video went viral of country singer Morgan Wallen repeatedly shouting a racial slur,he’s announced an eight-month, sure-to-sell-out cross-country tour.

Is It Real? When Everyone Looked At The Photo They Worried

As a country music fan, I’m disappointed. But I wish I could say I'm also surprised.As a country music fan, I’m disappointed. But I wish I could say I was also surprised.

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THINK The woke left failed on Morgan Wallen even black people love him. THINK And yet rap continues to endorse murder, rape, and gang violence. Calling their own the same racist term they dislike. Where is the story on that. 🤔 THINK He said something he shouldn't of, got caught learned a valuable lesson and is trying to move on. How long does she want this guy to pay for his mistake? He didn't do nearly something as wrong as say a Chris Brown, but hey I guess he didn't beat the shit out of a woman

THINK Oh fuck off lol THINK The article is trash. Trying to say country music is racist bc it’s majority white is idiotic. If you did rap, R&B, and blues you could come up with the same conclusion. THINK Who? THINK Nah THINK He didn't deserve to be cancelled. THINK Wallen is proof cancel culture is non-existent. Also he showed how tolerant of racism the fan base of the genre is.

THINK Just embracing Morgan Wallen after what he said says to me that a lot of country music fans really are the stereotypes that people have made them out to be. THINK Charley Pride won CMA entertainer of the year in 1971 and is still revered by long time country fans. If you were a country music fan like you claim to be, you wouldn’t dare claim most of what’s in here.

Bode and Morgan Miller welcome a baby girl — see the cute announcementOlympic skier Bode Miller and wife Morgan Miller welcome a baby girl, their sixth child. I thought we aborted babies, why are we celebrating this one? Dems, man, they are so inconsistent.

THINK This tells me all I need to know about his fans……. THINK White Americans' inability to face up to White fragility & White privilege have made them defensive, reacting quickly to any threat to their social status. They'll concoct rationalizations of all sorts to justify their reactions but fail hopelessly to question their own motives.

THINK Won’t be getting any of my money soon! THINK It's just another example talent allowing ppl to put aside questionable behavior. This has been going on since the beginning of time. THINK Listen to some rap music….it’s 95% racial slurs and shitting on white people while glamorizing crime….. THINK No it doesn't. This is all about context. Can anyone tell me how he used it in a hateful racist manner?

THINK Does this surprise anyone? Most, if not all of his fans probably agree with him. The South has been perpetually stuck in the past since they lost the Civil War.

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