Opinions, What Europe Fears Most About The Us Election (Opinion) - Cnn

Opinions, What Europe Fears Most About The Us Election (Opinion) - Cnn

Opinion: What Europe fears most about the US election

Europe, but particularly France and Germany, recognize that the future of the trans-Atlantic relationship, the very nature of the Atlantic alliance, could depend on the outcome of the US presidential election, writes David Andelman.

10/29/2020 10:17:00 PM

Europe, but particularly France and Germany, recognizes that the future of the trans-Atlantic relationship, the very nature of the Atlantic alliance, hangs in the balance as the US presidential election approaches, DavidAndelman writes for CNNOpinion

Europe, but particularly France and Germany, recognize that the future of the trans-Atlantic relationship, the very nature of the Atlantic alliance, could depend on the outcome of the US presidential election, writes David Andelman.

(CNN)Europe, but particularly France and Germany -- the two motor nations of the continent -- are holding their collective breath for the outcome of Tuesday's American presidential election. They recognize that the future of the trans-Atlantic relationship, the very nature of the Atlantic alliance, which has preserved the peace in Europe for three-quarters of a century, hangs in the balance.

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However, there is a dawning recognition in both nations that some elements of a decades-long trans-Atlantic partnership may be all but irrevocably lost -- regardless of who wins in America next month. There is considerable uncertainty both in Paris and Berlin as to just how much the United States can be trusted any more."Donald Trump has not fallen down from the sky out of nowhere," Jana Puglierin, head of the German office of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) told me in a Zoom conversation from Berlin."He has not taken half of the American population hostage and kind of brainwashed them. So there is a reason why he is there, and the reason remains even after he leaves." Is Donald Trump leading America toward a Belarusian model presidency? Still, Germans, and especially the French, may be forgiven for being somewhat distracted at this moment. Even more immediate and frightening for Europe than the US elections is the sudden resurgence of coronavirus infection for which the United States has been of little help and certainly no model for containment. Read MoreWith France counting more than 270,000 new cases in the last week, President Emmanuel Macron told the French people in a nationwide address Wednesday evening that a second nationwide lockdown was coming Friday for a nation already approaching paralysis. Germany, too, headed for a second partial shutdown.The elections across the Atlantic, of course, can hardly be ignored. Yet at the heart of all feelings among French and Germans today is the increasingly intransigent belief that the will of the American electorate is so unpredictable, their choice of a leader so self-centered and dependent on forces spiraling out of control, that Europe may be unable to count on a solid and dependable United States over the long term. The ECFR found, in a continent-wide survey, that even if Joe Biden were elected, voters in France and Germany believe Europe should"maintain good relations with the US, [but] prepare for disengagement." Should Trump win, however, voters in Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Croatia also believe preparation for disengagement would be necessary. In France, most commentators, as well as officials within the Macron government, have become persuaded that even a Biden victory"would not mean a return to old times, often wrongly mythologized," as Le Monde's diplomatic commentator Piotr Smolar put it recently. Vote the whole ballot. The next decade depends on itMacron, who sees himself as the rightful heir to the mantle of European leadership that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be relinquishing when she retires next year, has already begun campaigning for the creation of a European defense force that could make Europe less dependent on the American military, even if Biden reverses Trump's announced plan to begin withdrawing thousands of US troops from bases in Germany.The French are still hoping for a more realistic military perspective from a Biden victory. Like Trump, Biden has pledged an end to America's involvement in"forever wars," particularly in the Middle East. Yet Biden has pledged to leave residual forces in some key countries, particularly Iraq, to maintain stability and prevent the rise of terrorist groups that could be threats to American interests."I think we need special ops capacity to coordinate with our allies," Biden told Stars and Stripes last month.Of course, not every European initiative opposed by Trump has been embraced by Biden unequivocally. The contentious Nord Stream 2 pipeline, designed to bring cheap Russian natural gas to Germany and that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has long believed is a critical building block for future German prosperity, has been vigorously opposed by Trump. But equally, as it happens, by Biden who described it four years ago as"a bad deal" for Europe that would lock in"a greater dependence on Russia." Biden's views, though unchanged, are likely to be somewhat more nuanced than Trump's escalating threats of retaliation if the pipeline project were to continue. These have been described as"blackmail" by Manuela Schwesig, premier of the German state where the pipeline would terminate. Get our free weekly newsletterSign up for CNN Opinion's new newsletter.

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DavidAndelman Opinion All allies will suffer under a Trump administration. DavidAndelman Opinion Europe is a person? DavidAndelman Opinion They should be concerned that they are loosing their souls, identity, heritage, culture and identity and having foreigners, illegals and Muslims coming in by the droves taking over their countries

DavidAndelman Opinion Iran and China are rooting for Biden, too. DavidAndelman Opinion Hunter Biden's 'Laptop From Hell' Was National Security Nightmare DavidAndelman Opinion 'trans-Atlantic relationship, definition: A relationship were one nation transfers its wealth paid by its people to a whole bunch of other nations, while receiving close to nothing in return. Got it

DavidAndelman Opinion No, it is not. It never was. Calm down. DavidAndelman Opinion A word to the dear people of America, both blacks and whites. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party and Mr. Obama are pursuing a dirty policy. They want to sacrifice people for their own interests, and in this way, the lying media are supporting them! !

DavidAndelman Opinion America FIRST! They’re just butt hurt my president is making them pay their fair share. Trump2020LandslideVictory DavidAndelman Opinion 3 things that need to be rid of the government are: 1 Current election system which favors donors more than voters; 2 Lobbyist free access to elected officials; 3 Fund raising activities. A lot of evils are embedded in those things. Set up minimum requirement & draw a lottery.

DavidAndelman Opinion Pay your fair share.... DavidAndelman Opinion Recognize that if Trump wins, he’s handed victory to Putin, who without having fired a shot, will crown himself leader of the free world. Try to remember what this COUNTRY stands for when you vote. It’s not perfect, but it never succumbs. That’s what Trump’s done these last 4 yrs

DavidAndelman Opinion DavidAndelman Opinion America can do it better: less selfishness, we all live in the same world. Europe needs the USA and the USA needs Europe. If we do not defend freedom together we both will lose it. Others are in the starting blocks to take the role of the US ... DavidAndelman Opinion This proves the bias and blatant lies these fakenews will go to in order to manipulate a presidential election journalism is supposed to be helping someone get elected they should be reporting openly everything anyone can se the Venezuelan style socialism journalism from CNN

DavidAndelman Opinion F**k them they need us more than we need them they don't like to be made to do their fair share waaaaaa DavidAndelman Opinion Germany upset that the Easter Front & US Army moving to Poland Those damm peace treaties in the Balkans & the mid-east countries We have to chip in for our own defense of NATO? But,Russian Nord-Stream NatGas is a great buy Why can't all Americans drive Mercedes? Biden for Europe!

DavidAndelman Opinion DavidAndelman Opinion jana_puglierin YOU ARE WRONG! realDonaldTrump DID take a portion of our population hostage & brainwashed them! He targeted the uneducated, angry & racist citizens & continuously spewed his rhetoric at them vs. teaching & inspiring them! WeAreTiredOfHim VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

DavidAndelman Opinion I’m a Brit. If Trump is returned to the White House I would ‘almost’ certainly like to see an international Trading Alliance specifically created as self defence against an economically aggressive US predator. The world can’t rely on an irrational White House....EU Plus? DavidAndelman Opinion

DavidAndelman Opinion Macaron enemy of muslim. We hate macron DavidAndelman Opinion Welcome in 'Trumps world': USA 320 million people with over 225.000 corona deaths. Germany 83 million people with over 10.000 corona deaths. Thanks God, that this man isn't chancellor in Germany!!! Believe in God, but don't trust Trump!!!

DavidAndelman Opinion Is it really as simple as one of our two political parties doesn’t like how the other is winning so they want to brake our republic?! No country is better then an inclusive&equal country?!? This is not American it’s not patriotic and it’s not how you evolve. Wake up!!! DavidAndelman Opinion

DavidAndelman Opinion DavidAndelman Opinion DavidAndelman Opinion Fear MAGA!! We have all the Juice Now!! Weezy, Record Recovery GDP (+33%), Google search, PRIDE, 4 Year Better Off Answer, Facebook like, Demographic realignment, Twitter follow, yard sign, rally size, voter registration, self-reported enthusiasm = RECORD TURNOUT!! Let’s Go!!

DavidAndelman Opinion This is the most CNN story I’ve seen on - if you think working middle class Americans give a shit about this? Europe’s view of America comes from CNN and we know how biased you are. Europeans I talk to are shocked the Trump isn’t eating peoples hearts and shitting fire DavidAndelman Opinion Our neck beards that vote for Trump. Same as us.

DavidAndelman Opinion They should be very worried because you know trump will cheat with the help of Putin😩 DavidAndelman Opinion Exactly and both countries are preparing an office for Hunter incase good old Joe wins. The office will be equiped with a laptop, sauna and ofcourse a duffle bag. DavidAndelman Opinion Germany and France leaders have made some bad decisions that hurt their people. Donald Trump fights for America and prioritizes US citizens. I choose Trump.

DavidAndelman Opinion DavidAndelman Opinion Why Germany’s army is in a bad state A false sense of geopolitical security has left the Bundeswehr poorly equipped. Only paying 1,1 % of GDP instead of 2% agreed with NATO & USA ! DavidAndelman Opinion Not everybody in Europe accepts that Germany and...especially France...have grabbed the mantle of rulers. They have tried many times before and not succeeded. Neither have they now...although it looks bad.

DavidAndelman Opinion They fear being sniffed DavidAndelman Opinion Trump made it to be the way it's. He doesn't have an idea of how diplomacy works. Instead of doing it confidentially,treating it as an in house issue, he criticized the allies openly, which they found quite disgusting. And it gave rise to a mistrust which will be hard to rid.

DavidAndelman Opinion We are worried in the UK as well. With having to go through this idiotic brexit process, we won't be trading with Europe, as our PM destroyed that, to deal with Trump. This election could break try UK if trump gets his hands on us. DavidAndelman Opinion Twadle! Europe just wants the US to pay for and do everything as before.

DavidAndelman Opinion What Trump is doing in this picturr.? DavidAndelman Opinion DavidAndelman Opinion Correct, if Biden wins, the US will go back to bending over and taking it dry from Euro nations with terrible deals again. DavidAndelman Opinion Are you going to choose this corrupt, incest, child abuse, abusive family as president of the United States? See full evidence exposed by Whistleblowermovement on gnews and gtv, but censored by corrupt Twitter!

DavidAndelman Opinion Both of these countries are occupied by imperialist United States. DavidAndelman Opinion DavidAndelman Opinion I voted for a man named Donald J Trump DavidAndelman Opinion . DavidAndelman Opinion True DavidAndelman Opinion FAKE NEWS!! DavidAndelman Opinion lol you mean how much they contribute to NATO right?

DavidAndelman Opinion What kind of liar do you hate most? B-liar DavidAndelman Opinion 4 more years of not propping up their socialism. DavidAndelman Opinion 'Plausible deniability' Jim Biden DavidAndelman Opinion Europe is facing terrorism while we remain safe due to president Trump ! Europe is going back to lockdowns as our country is opening up! President Trump puts America first and the American people first and that's the way it should be!

DavidAndelman Opinion Great news! Europe will be friends with Russia) DavidAndelman Opinion trump winning is what all good people fear DavidAndelman Opinion China is very interested in JoeBiden winning. DavidAndelman Opinion Ifb guys DavidAndelman Opinion 🥺💯IF 💯Your 🙌Looking🥺 for🥺 Followers 🙌Follow 🥺Me I 🙏Follow Back 🥺Immediately 🙏💯💯promise 💯🙏 SEE HOW FAST 💨I FOLLOW BACK 😞😞🙏🥺⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Stock market strategy: How to trade US election in Europe: UBS, Barclays - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Looking for another women's beauty pageantry for grading the meat!

U.S. coronavirus trajectory looks 'a lot like Europe' as cases rise, Dr. Scott Gottlieb warnsFormer FDA chief Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC he 'wouldn't be surprised if we challenge 100,000 diagnosed cases this week.' Do the people in Europe think this coronavirus was created in a lab & then sent over to their country just to keep their current President from getting elected again in their upcoming elections. Are is it just the dumb Trump supporters here in America that think that's what's up? Call me when ICU rooms are full and over run. El Paso is because of the border jumpers. Other than that it’s empty. Wife icu is empty because of remdesivir. Suits trying to steal your shares. How evil they are. Fake news to steal your money. So bad. Please keep driving fear into the weak hearts, so I can keep scooping up their shares on the cheap. 🙏🏻

Biden vs. Trump: Europe watches the U.S. election closely — and hopesTransatlantic ties have fractured since President Donald Trump arrived at the White House, but the EU hopes things may improve with the upcoming election. wow Trump wins! 'More conventional' = more corruption from the GlobalElite ; that's what it means.

Opinion: What India thinks of the US election'That the US is home to what is perceived by Indians as their most successful diaspora is just one more ... reason that India and the US will remain close, irrespective of election results in either country,' Pramit Pal Chaudhuri writes for CNNOpinion Opinion nah, demcrats have historically always been Anti India , so fuck off. Opinion Opinion I don’t really care

'Trump failed us' projected onto Arizona mountain as U.S. COVID death toll nears 227,000Nonprofit organizations collaborated on a light show against the backdrop of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix a week before Election Day. PrayForBarda The media is the virus all this scare tactics and fake news then got outta hand learn its terrible death are down yall just like keeping the fear going huh say some good news 4 a change

Asian shares, U.S. stock futures sag on coronavirus, U.S. election worriesGlobal shares slipped on Wednesday as coronavirus infections grew at an alarming pace in the United States and Europe, while uncertainty over next week's U.S. elections added to a 'risk off' tone. The US is falling apart, this will be fun! 💖 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆💖💖💖 Hello friend can you help the animal Share the video to friends Help the poor and destitute animals Support us in helping animals I hope you will share this video in friends And with me you will help us to help animals. The only election worry should be that Trump will cheat his way to victory and continue doing nothing about the virus.