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Opinion | What China Did to Apple Daily, It Could Do to Any Company

Beijing uses the odious National Security Law to silence Hong Kong’s feisty voice for freedom.

6/25/2021 9:00:00 AM

From WSJopinion: Apple Daily ’s death at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party is a warning of what can happen to any company in Hong Kong, write crovitz and Mark L. Clifford

Beijing uses the odious National Security Law to silence Hong Kong’s feisty voice for freedom.

June 23, 2021 5:55 pm ETJimmy Lai started the Apple Daily newspaper in 1995 to defend the Hong Kong way of life before the 1997 handover to China. Its inaugural launch editorial declared: “We are convinced that Hongkongers who are accustomed to freedom will not stay silent in the face of unreasonable restrictions and unfair treatments, for Hongkongers are born with a passion for freedom.” Apple Daily journalists pledged to “stick to our posts and work hard, to be proud Hongkongers through and through.”

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That was before the Chinese Communist Party last year forced Hong Kong under the boot of its National Security Law, which this week took down Apple Daily. Its crime was being the most popular source of news and opinion focused on Hong Kong values such as the rule of law, free markets and the free flow of information. The newspaper’s demise mirrors the experience of the Hong Kong people as Beijing deploys the National Security Law to exert control over the territory. Hundreds have been arrested under the repressive law, including longtime legislators.

As members of the board of Next Digital Ltd. , the publicly traded company that operates Apple Daily, we voted Wednesday to close down the paper after the Hong Kong authorities used the law to freeze the company’s assets without a trial or even a court order. The freeze makes it impossible for the company to pay its staff, buy ink or keep the electricity on.

Hong Kong authorities had already jailed Mr. Lai, who is now serving a 20-month prison term for participating in an assembly that was deemed unlawful. Some 500 armed police raided the Apple Daily offices last week. They arrested Next Digital’s CEO and Apple Daily’s editor in chief and denied bail to both; the chief editorial writer was arrested this week.

The way the authorities undermined the functioning of equity markets, property rights and contracts is a warning for other companies that are publicly traded in Hong Kong or simply doing business there. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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Umamaru5 opinion Hong Kong dictatorship destroyed our democracy, freedom, education, justices and human rights But Hong Kong people never give up Let’s fight against China dictatorship StandWithHongKong HKer20682966 opinion CCP conducting a series of systematic crack down of freedom of press in Hong Kong. They breaching the joint declaration and its now occupying the city illegally. The world must bring China to court to restore Hong Kong autonomy. StandWithHongKong

opinion It shall be closed earlier. It blacked the government and justicial people. It incited the riot which caused Hongkong suffered the serious economy lost. opinion It is extremely strange. In China, mostly 99.9% trust government and trust that is bullshit from west news and rare crazy guys. But west media blinded its eyes and convince us to trust the bullshits are the truth. Ridiculous.

opinion And Apple Daily is a public listed company on HK Stock Exchange. CCP can arbitrarily freeze your assets and forcefully shut you down only because you dissent with it. Can we still call HK an international financial hub under this circumstance? ChoiHungGuLeung opinion How evil can the Chinazi Tyranny be? . Hongkonger well knew CCP China & HKPolice HKGov are evil brutal Totalitarianism long ago.. HKer still fighting, For justice, HumanRight & democracy! StandWithHK FreeHK MilkTeaAlliance SOSHK SAVE12 Free47 StandWithHongKong

A Call to Protect People and Nature! T'h'a'c'k'e'r Pass, Nevada, Thread to Watch/read: Portello16 opinion Now they're coming for Stand News, one of the most popular remaining online news sites. opinion No one in HK police state can be safe under the NSL. Except CCP of course. Come and do business in HK and have your assets frozen for no reason at all. RuleByLaw

opinion Apple Daily worked for NED. China just want to shut down NED operation in HK. opinion It's very disturbing how the democrat media (CNN, ABC, AP, NPR, WaPo, NYT) are complicit in disinformation & cover up the true origin of COVID. Our press is no longer a legitimate source for honest reporting. They destroyed themselves from within in an effort to take out Trump

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily Will Close After Government Choked Funds Apple Daily , Hong Kong's defiant pro-democracy newspaper, will shut down under pressure from a Beijing -imposed national security law What about defiance? Good raddance👍

opinion Trump's twitter death at the hands of the US regime is a warning of what can happen to any twitter account in the US. Bear Stearns' death at the hands of the US regime is a warning of what can happen to any company in the US. opinion Western propaganda coated in Freedom of Press. Stay away from CIA and MI6,

EmmaDaly opinion crovitz kerokero_HKer opinion crovitz Hongkonger & many Freedom fighters are under HumanitarianCrisis now :( But HKer never surrender! Still fighting for justice, truth & HumanRight & democracy! Dear world, StandWithHK! SOSHK FreeHK LiberateHK CCP_is_terrorist AntiChinazi HongKong HongKongNeedsHelp

opinion crovitz Communist China genocide Ugyhur, Tibet & Hong Kong people. Biological warfare virus to the world. Xi & Communist China is 21st century of Adolf Hitler. Chinazi ChinaMustFall StandWithHongKong opinion crovitz Any country will do the same opinion crovitz HongKongers queue to buy Apple Daily final edition

opinion crovitz And a DOJ ready to hand out search warrants to the HK police, taking away things they can claim as 'evidence' opinion crovitz This should be widely spread and all foriegn companies should be alerted. opinion crovitz hk has demonstrated that there is no room for democracy and freedom under ccp administration the world should not ignore what is ccp doing to hk 1 country, 2 systems, just kidding StandWithHongKong AppleDaily

Taiwan condemns closure of Hong Kong's Apple DailyTaiwan condemned the closure of Hong Kong's most vocal pro-democracy newspaper the Apple Daily on Thursday as 'political oppression' of the Chinese-run city's media, saying it sounded the death knell for freedom of speech and the media. thanks 如丧考妣! A province condemn Center。。 funny!

opinion crovitz the forced closure of appledaily is a devastating blow to pressfreedom in Hong Kong opinion crovitz Hong Kong's fate is more than a tragedy. It is a warning to any institution that thinks it can do business with China and come out unscathed. opinion crovitz Absolutely. CCP shred the Sino-British Joint Declaration blatantly. That mean there are nothing can protect the fundamental rights of everyone. CCP_is_Terrorist HKPoliceState HostageDiplomacy begin.

opinion crovitz Sad😭 Totally political persecution. Further provide that HongKong is RulebyLaw!!! Today is appledaily_hk, Tomorrow will be all HongKongers. No more Freedom in HK now. HK already become the NewBerlin under the NationalSecurityLaw. StandWithHongKong SupportApplyDaily opinion crovitz This man decide China's business & economy.

opinion crovitz We Are Apple Daily✊✊ opinion crovitz I wish US gov would have the same resolve to combat disinformation media outlets such as Fox News and OAN. Just look at how terribly polarized and brainwashed Americans are…it’s so sad opinion crovitz Very true. HKGov has ignored all the rules and what made the city a reputable international financial hub. Beijing doesn’t care about the values that build this great city, but just the physical possession of this place.

opinion crovitz A newspaper insists on destroy and ruin the government. Any government will support it? opinion crovitz By imposing unilaterally the NationalSecurityLaw on HK, China is showing the world how to destroy UniversalValues.China violates the JointDeclaration international agreement. Mandatory dispute resolution procedure should be implemented to enhance the commitment credibility.

Last edition of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily sells outBy 8:30 a.m., Apply Daily's final edition of 1 million copies was sold out across most of the city's newsstands. The newspaper said it would cease operations... For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her Alex_jnns01 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success 😶 Not surprised the Chinese Communist Party which is a political monopoly has forced a pro democracy newspaper to shut down. It’s an obvious threat to their 1 party rule.

opinion crovitz Bullshit opinion crovitz horrible

Hong Kong's Next Digital says Apple Daily newspaper to end by SaturdayHong Kong's pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily will stop operating no later than Saturday, its publisher says, after national security police arrested another of its employees. This was what would have happened under Trump in term 2 That’s exactly what trump tried to do on several occasions but for the laws we have in place for free press. Free press gives Americans insight into the workings of our government & population to hold all accountable w/ facts to back it up! A dictator would call news fake!

Hong Kong's Next Digital says Apple Daily newspaper to end on SaturdayJailed Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai's Next Digital said on Wednesday that due to the prevailing circumstances in the city its Apple Daily newspaper will come to an end no later than Saturday. The statement came after 500 Hong Kong police took part in a raid that saw officers sift through reporters' computers and notebooks at Next Digital's pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily , the first case in which authorities have cited media articles as potentially violating the national security law . (Reporting By Jessie Pang; Editing by Andrew Heavens) TotemFreedom Update: 1 more staffs was arrested this morning. Hence, AppleDaily close today to protect their staff 😢 It is because CCP and HKGov make me waking up. 蘋果,感謝你們依26年喺香港既貢獻 Thank you Apple Daily. Support AppleDaily Respect AppleDaily FreeJimmyLai NationalSecurityLaw CCP_is_terrorist FreeHongKong StandWithHongKong Will the people die if they have other voices? CCP_is_terrorists StandWithHongKong

Hong Kong pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily to print last edition on ThursdayHong Kong's pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily will stop operating no later than Saturday, its publisher says, after national security police arrested another of its employees. Freedom of speech & press are seriously oppressed. Under unlawful national security law, unlimited power for CCP, HK puppet govt & watchdog police to collect any privacy & materials of press as easy as a blink. The red line is anywhere as they wish. HK needs help. standwithhk HongKongers want AppleDaily ! HongKongers want press freedom! Thank you Apple Daily 😭😭 No more freedom of press in HK under numerous ‘red lines’ created by CCP