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Opinion | Vaccine Mandates Can’t Stop Covid’s Spread

Coercion won’t work because those without symptoms can still pass on infection.

9/17/2021 6:15:00 PM

From WSJopinion: Vaccine mandates will prolong political conflicts over Covid -19. They are an increasingly unsustainable strategy designed to achieve an unattainable goal, writes Joseph A. Ladapo

Coercion won’t work because those without symptoms can still pass on infection.

to increase deaths overall but nonetheless still considered an acceptable solution. This intellectual disconnect now extends to Covid-19 vaccine mandates. The policy is promoted as essential for stopping the spread of Covid-19, though the evidence suggests it won’t.

BREAKING: Concern Mounting Over Nothing In Particular Perfectly Preserved Fourth Watt Brother Discovered Frozen In Wisconsin Beer Cooler John King discloses he is immunocompromised

Mandates infringe on personal autonomy, which can lead to political strife and unintended consequences, but they have value in some situations. In general, however, wise policy making respects the intrinsic value of personal autonomy and seeks the least burdensome path to achieve social gains.

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opinion An awful article, very disconnected from scientific evidence. opinion Not getting the vaccine will prolong relentless battles with Covid-19. We’re caught in this ongoing cycle of adjustments, controversy, illness, & death. FFS!! Can we please end this! GetVaccinatedNow WearAMask opinion No they won't.

opinion I wish would stop writing opinions. opinion The goal is one government issues e-ID which combines your biomedical data, your bank account and your phone. Follow Gates money trail. He’s funded every step of it to achieve his global ‘trinity’ of digital ‘inclusion’ agenda. opinion Makes him look weak...Americans are free to not get vaccinated...that's understood. Now, the unvaccinated must be isolated from the vaccinated...that's what needs to happen.

opinion Mandates are the only option and we have proved it. opinion opinion That's not the point. Yes, you can spread the Delta variant even if you are vaccinated. But the point of vaccination is YOU WON'T DIE FROM IT. And you won't need hospitalization either. That means in the long term the virus won't spread anymore as no viable hosts are available.

opinion Cry harder opinion File this inane essay under “anti-science pablum.” Yet another unhelpful take by the .

Companies Grapple With Questions About Covid-19 Vaccine MandateCompanies preparing to implement the Biden administration’s Covid -19 vaccine mandate face logistical challenges and unanswered questions about how to comply, employment and compensation lawyers say. So a weekly test is equivalent to a vaccine, but prior infection is not? Where's the 'science'? Where is the ACLU when American workers need them🤔 SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, or not. However, if you do come to that conclusion once you’ve seen the evidence, then you have to recognize that the vaccines are nothing more than the genetic reproduction of that bioweapon. Hence, COVID shots are bioweapons too. NoMaskNoVaxNoTest

opinion wrong - mandates do work - you want to get on an airplane, hold on to your job, you want to keep your medical insurance - you want a hospital bed................ opinion Idiots will idiot. opinion Just passing along some beautiful jewelry I think you may be interested in!

Confirmed: Nicki Minaj Not a Reliable Source of Medical InfoContrary to Nicki Minaj’s claims, no, none of the available coronavirus vaccines have been linked to testicular swelling or impotence Are y’all down, it’s been like 3 days. Literally every news source has said the same thing

Community, Work, and SchoolDYK many schools are offering regular COVID19 testing for students and staff? For more information, visit: BacktoSchool2021 OWH30

COVID-19 live updates: 24 states threaten legal action over Biden's vaccine mandateTwo dozen state attorneys general are threatening legal action against the federal government over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private businesses. If you don’t want to wear a mask or get vaccinated that’s your choice..what gives State AG’s the right to tell a private business owner what rules they can or cannot enforce to keep their business, customers safe.. remember your body your choice.. their business their choice.. They will lose Sit down.

COVID-19 Vaccines Won’t Affect Your Sexual Performance, but COVID-19 MightJust in case you were wondering. I like your choice of that photo. Very fitting. mood😑

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