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Donald Trump, Respiratory Tract Diseases, İmpeachment, Medical Conditions

Rallying the United States through the coronavirus crisis is this president’s path to greatness.

Donald Trump, Respiratory Tract Diseases


From WSJopinion: Trump will be remembered as a great president if he rises above the pettiness of our times and rallies the U.S. through the coronavirus crisis, writes DanHenninger

Rallying the United States through the coronavirus crisis is this president’s path to greatness.

Dan.Henninger@wsj.com March 25, 2020 6:30 pm ET The costs of how the U.S. has conducted its politics the past three years are now obvious. Beset by a crisis akin to wartime, the country’s leadership is engulfed in political rancor. Since Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017, the national Democratic Party has tried to stop his presidency from functioning. That irrefutably was the goal of the Russia collusion narrative, its attendant Mueller investigation and then the impeachment. ... Read more: The Wall Street Journal

opinion DanHenninger IF opinion DanHenninger What rubbish. There is no association between this rating and outcome. Dan Henninger wake up. opinion DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger Is this a sick joke? Because the monumental grotesque absurdity of claiming this semi-literate corrupt imbecile being portrayed as a leader certainly appears as a joke.

opinion DanHenninger Would love to see it. Not inspired now nor with options in November. opinion DanHenninger How's that going so far? opinion DanHenninger Keep dreaming opinion DanHenninger BULLSHIT. Only in his own mind and those of his blind followers. opinion DanHenninger Confident people seem cocky. Trump isn’t petty. This generation isn’t used to being held accountable. Pettiness are those pointing out his talking manner, his hair or tan, instead of focusing to work together. realDonaldTrump MAGA2020

opinion DanHenninger As a prime source of pettiness, I don’t see how he can overcome himself. opinion DanHenninger AND listen to that guy you’re looking at!!!

'A drum beat of one:' Sen. Cory Booker on Trump's calls to open economySen. Booker reacts to President Trump saying he wants the US to 'open back up' by Easter: 'This president is being wildly irresponsible. What we need from him ... is direct candor, is getting people prepared for what's coming.' He is only looking out for what he thinks will help his re-election plan, restart the economy while America perishes from a virus that they new about and did NOTHING Desperate dems...now it's dangerous,now its not. The anagrammatical king Cnut (Of Washington) says “If the nation stays shut, Then the cure will be worse! So why bother to nurse? Back to works boys - and keep kissing my butt.”

opinion DanHenninger Why have the last two Republican presidents required historic bailouts? Maybe I just don’t understand how the free market works. opinion DanHenninger This is one of the most difficult tests any President has ever faced and he is showing remarkable leadership. If he succeeds in getting the country through this with a return to health and economic prosperity he will go down as one of the very best Presidents in our history.

opinion DanHenninger Trump will also be remembered if he is the instigator of a policy that results in millions of American deaths! opinion DanHenninger No. Chance. opinion DanHenninger Truth! Word! opinion DanHenninger You guys just don’t get it, do you? You’re New Yorkers, YOU think he’s doing a good job?

opinion DanHenninger Ha!! Great?!? opinion DanHenninger What are you smoking Dan? opinion DanHenninger that will never happen. And Trump will never be remembered as anything but a Malignant Narcissist. opinion DanHenninger Too late.

Opinion | Trump's refusal to relax Iran sanctions during the coronavirus threatens everyoneIranian officials were dismissive of the threat, and now their belated efforts are running up against the wall of sanctions. But as usual, the most vulnerable will suffer the most. THINK TRUMP...ETHNIC CLEANSING IN ALL FORMS INCLUDING UNITED STATES...KILLING OFF SICK AND ELDERLY... THINK We are going to pay the price for Trump stupidity THINK All these terrorists sympathizers at nbc news will not allow Trump to rest, until they make sure terrorists are free to operate.

opinion DanHenninger Lmao- Trump will be remembered for Hookers, Cohen, Epstein, Lying 🤥, working for Putin, Treason, profiting off the Presidency, faking treaties with North Korea, the Taliban and the Middle East peace accord. For QPQ with the Ukraine, and for the “Yuuugge” failures of his policy.

opinion DanHenninger What are the symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19). How do you know you are infected? opinion DanHenninger Doubt it. He’s already on video downplaying it’s significance and lying about it opinion DanHenninger Rallies? He wouldn’t have to if he prepped better opinion DanHenninger This Is what POTUS is trying to do!

Karen_Russell opinion DanHenninger If he can rise above the pettiness? LOL opinion DanHenninger He can’t. He is incapable opinion DanHenninger No he won't Worst US president ever opinion DanHenninger He won’t rise however he will destroy America as we see it opinion DanHenninger WSJ/DAN--YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT! trump will go down as the 'CON_ARTIST' who divided our country--and Alienated all of our former allies!! HE was UNFIT to serve--and remains UNFIT to lead! HIS lack of response to this crisis is ACTUALLY KILLING GRAND PA & GRAND MA! IT's CRIMINAL!!

Opinion | The Coronavirus May Make Trump StrongerFrom WSJopinion: Gallup finds 60% of voters approve of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. As usual, the establishment is clueless, writes wrmead. opinion wrmead 歐洲也頗有巨嬰風範,美國不作冤大頭了,立馬投入糞坑的懷抱,有奶便是娘。 opinion wrmead I guess they are the same that will say that their family member is not dead but 'deep sleeping'. opinion wrmead Trump did not cause the Coronavirus. But his narcissistic response to this crisis will ultimately cost tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. The economy will eventually recover. But will recover minus many beautiful souls and decades of prosperity. Unforgivable.

opinion DanHenninger Trump is all about being petty opinion DanHenninger realDonaldTrump opinion DanHenninger He’s already prepping for his next press conference opinion DanHenninger If if if if if......fuck that!! He is and will be know as an imbecile!! He can’t get out of his own ego driven way! opinion DanHenninger It’s impossible for him to rise above pettiness. He bathes in it everyday.

opinion DanHenninger 😂🐷🤡 opinion DanHenninger When it comes to pettiness, maybe you all should look in the mirror and “heal thyself”. opinion DanHenninger Ill manored, ill tempered, ill equipped and ill prepared... opinion DanHenninger Haha, you fools, when will you ever learn that this man is simply not the right material. He was born to late, if he was alive during the Capone era he probably would have done great as one of the guys!

opinion DanHenninger At the same time, if he cannot rally the US through the coronavirus crisis, he is a murder.

Opinion | Joe Biden, the Cipher Presidential CandidateOpinion: Joe Biden is winning the Democratic nomination on the basis of not being Bernie Sanders and wants to get elected president on the basis of not being Donald Trump And also because he has experience. Keep dreaming HotlineJosh

opinion DanHenninger I like Biden , but actually Andrew Cuomo even more. My god he is good opinion DanHenninger He can never be remebered by that. He will be remebered for, lies, downplaying the corona virus risk and impeachment. opinion DanHenninger Hahaha opinion DanHenninger 🤣🤣🤪 opinion DanHenninger But then again, he may not !

opinion DanHenninger And for sure fauci won't die with CV19 but Looks Like will die dog tired 'hope not '-- - - !!!? opinion DanHenninger Millions of New Yorker are either stuck or suck into the crisis w/o much they can do. Are these the less fortunate whose fate is to helplessly wait to be infected by coronavirus while the rich had fled the city?

opinion DanHenninger what is the economic / social disparity on the effect of this coronavirus crisis to American people? Are the poor and the minorities mostly affected by the crisis to which he does not care? While the rich can avert it And the poor got stuck or suck into it. opinion DanHenninger Deranged opinion. America is laughing stock

opinion DanHenninger Fitting criteria of 'Holly Woman civilization' she's good who produced human's! should be a vegan transsexual man to lead a country or Bisexual to understand life of woman and how she feels! They are a majority of aging population! While Russia should be a man protecting America!

The Best Way to Cook Dried Beans (and All the Myths You Should Ignore)The world has a lot of opinions so we took them to the test kitchen to suss our the truth. I just throw them in the pressure cooker dry, and let them rip for 20-30 minutes. I add salt to taste at the end. That's it, easy peasy.

opinion DanHenninger The Chinese virus thank to the CCP thanks again china opinion DanHenninger Won't happen as long as Putin is alive. opinion DanHenninger Yeah, nah. opinion DanHenninger I believe in realDonaldTrump opinion DanHenninger Well. So far he’s rallied us into a six foot hole. opinion DanHenninger He is taking it into granted. But this is his moment to probably shine soon.

opinion DanHenninger The best leadership by a president in modern history ! Trump 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 opinion DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger Dan Henninger needs a brain stat opinion DanHenninger Given his history and pettiness Trump will more likely be known as the Ego driven President that allowed more Americans to die than were killed in the Civil War. washingtonpost nytimespolitics maddow BillKristol MalcolmNance

What Colorists Want You to Know About Naturally Lightening Your HairDo cinnamon, lemon, chamomile, and Sun-in actually work? Colorists give their expert opinion on 'dyeing' your hair just using the sun.

opinion DanHenninger Won’t happen. He IS the pettiness of our times. opinion DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger As far as I’m concern he is the best President we ever have. PERIOD. By Far. opinion DanHenninger the infected case is No1,so He will be a great president in the history of US,Good. opinion DanHenninger Impossible. He can’t let go of his ego.

opinion DanHenninger Not a chance. Liars and cheat never rise to the occasion. He’s incapable of taking responsibility in a crisis. And he’s costing lives. opinion DanHenninger What leadership? He can't tell the truth, has unrealistic expectations, has poor understanding of the situation, and puts dollars over people.

opinion DanHenninger Good luck w/your line of thinking; tRump/IMPOTUS will go down as not only the worst but the most disgraceful president in my lifetime (now73yo) opinion DanHenninger You mean if Trump becomes a completely different person and rises above his pernicious previous pettiness. opinion DanHenninger Pettiness? you mean like the petty journalism and petty left wing media? how about WSJ stop their pettiness and promote journalism?

opinion DanHenninger It’s way too late for that. opinion DanHenninger Party hatred before the people opinion DanHenninger A true great leader prevents crisis or stops it at the very beginning. Leader lets crisis develop and spread like hell is the worst one. opinion DanHenninger Too many ifs there...

opinion DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger Didn't know Henninger wrote satire. opinion DanHenninger You mean IF the lame stream media and fake news would let him alone, so he can do his job. opinion DanHenninger realDonaldTrump read this please. 👆 opinion DanHenninger Henninger has been smoking those funny cigarettes!

opinion DanHenninger 38 months of incompetence and dishonesty with 10 months to go and Trump will be gone. Even if Trump did a 180 over the next 10 months, 38 overrides 10. Not a chance!

opinion DanHenninger Hey Dan? Dan? Whatcha think now? Dont answer and eat shit. opinion DanHenninger Are you kidding me? opinion DanHenninger Do you really get credit for how you respond to a problem you helped exacerbate and failed to mitigate? opinion DanHenninger I think the pettiness started with the first time a presidential candidate began making up 3rd grade names for his opponents. Just throwing that out there

opinion DanHenninger But he can’t, so he won’t. opinion DanHenninger 🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹😹 opinion DanHenninger Wishful thinking. Once an ImPOTUS3 always realDonaldTrump. The CoViD19Pandemic merely highlights what every American already knows. ProjectLincoln TalkTheTruth opinion DanHenninger He will be never be in the leagues of the great !

opinion DanHenninger I know you all want someone like sleepy Joe to be the president so that his son and the top 1 % with foreign powers in bed continuously ripe off our country, and only give you empty promises... opinion DanHenninger Just like Akhenaten in intermediate Egypt; all of what Trump changed, altered or built will be erased; only foundations, traces, artifacts, and memories would survive; why? Cultures are about people, not systemic personalities;

opinion DanHenninger He has for 3 months now given wildly inaccurate, false, and misleading information about COVID-19 to people. His lying wasnt very problematic before, but when peoples' lives & health are on the line, truth is paramount and potentially millions more cases have occurred due to him

opinion DanHenninger Perhaps but he will always, and rightfully, be criticized for a terrible initial response. We lost weeks possibly months where he instructed his media hacks like Hannity and Ingraham to downplay the virus and call it a 'second impeachment' and 'libtard hoax'. Result = 1000 dead.

opinion DanHenninger This will happen and November will be a landslide like 1984. opinion This combined with your bull market headline earlier makes me wonder how on earth you keep subscribers. You used to be a serious publication . Not anymore. Glad I canceled . opinion DanHenninger He will NEVER rise above his pettiness, stupidity, crookedness, deception, cunning and narcissistic flaws. He is what he is.

opinion DanHenninger Haha opinion DanHenninger 😂😂😂 opinion DanHenninger Trump rising above pettiness? It's more likely the WSJ will endorse Bernie Sanders for President. opinion DanHenninger Are people still believing this? Like what part of being a con man do we not understand? opinion DanHenninger Can you still call this person a President. How many people die before something is done.

opinion DanHenninger Staff must have gotten a memo from Rupert that he wanted the propaganda pumped up to 11. These articles today are drstrangelove absurd for Trump. Have these writers no souls? How do you all sleep at night? opinion DanHenninger This won't age well! opinion DanHenninger You want Trump not to be Trump.

opinion DanHenninger Are Donald Trump's Concerns Over His Own Businesses Shaping His Response to Coronavirus Crisis? opinion DanHenninger And pigs will fly and Santa Claus is real. Just ask the Tooth Fairy. opinion DanHenninger He’s incapable, surprised you don’t understand that. opinion DanHenninger When one is the Queen of Pettiness, there will be no rising above anything. Future historians will have much to say about this POTUS just from the Twitter account. DonaldJTrump

opinion DanHenninger Best President Ever! 4 MoreYearS ! opinion DanHenninger Bless his heart opinion DanHenninger WRONG

opinion DanHenninger Abject failure Trump repeatedly shows ignorance!realDonaldTrump CoronavirusOubreak TrumpVirusCoverup TrumpRecession TrumpMeltdown opinion DanHenninger What a fucking joke opinion DanHenninger Trump and Being a Great President? Is trying its hand on comedy these day? opinion DanHenninger

opinion DanHenninger Not a chance in hell Dan! opinion DanHenninger Say hi to Rupert opinion DanHenninger Only if you lie about his performance. opinion DanHenninger He’ll never be remembered as a great president because he’s partly why there’s a crisis in the first place opinion DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger Narcissist - self centered - clueless - cruel - lack of empathy Those are the words that will be used to remember him. I like many other Conservatives tried to warm how damaging he would be for the party in the LONG RUN. All the GOP cared about was short term gains

opinion DanHenninger Small problem He himself is Petty I know y’all got blinders on so I wanted to point that out opinion DanHenninger Wow, this opinion comes out just as the US moves into first place in the number of cases in the world...more than China, more than Italy, more than anywhere...and we are just now beginning...

opinion DanHenninger Except he is exhibit A when it comes to pettiness opinion DanHenninger Good one! 🤣🤣🤣 opinion DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger IF. not likely. opinion DanHenninger He will NEVER be remembered as a great President. Contemporary affairs can cloud judgement, but history is always correct. Mirage economy.

opinion DanHenninger The pettiness of our times? Trump is patient zero for pettiness. opinion DanHenninger Why I usually skip most of the opinion section in WSJ and go from sports to book review. opinion DanHenninger He already is a great president for being able to weather constant attacks and get things done, even before coronavirus

opinion DanHenninger Try ask how Asian Americans think about him after living in fear when Trump called it “Chinese Virus”. opinion DanHenninger President Trump is the Greatest President America ever had! opinion DanHenninger That would be nice. I would like to see that happen. But unfortunately, 'The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.”

opinion DanHenninger 美国已死,有事烧纸! opinion DanHenninger Remembered for what exactly? Failing to prepare our nation for what we’re in now? The spread of disease in the modern day is impossible, but the federal government could have started preparing in January when China’s infection rate skyrocketed at an exponential rate... 🤦🏼‍♂️

opinion DanHenninger God DanHenninger You are the worst. Between the climate denial and the bling trump love, it is undearable. You are a stain on a once great newspaper. And I am core, core, core WSJ demographic. opinion DanHenninger Too late opinion DanHenninger We have had 2 bear markets in 3 years, please make this a V shape recovery, so we can short it again, maybe then people will get it.

opinion DanHenninger He will be remembered as an incompetent narcissist who delayed action causing the economy to crash and thousands dead. opinion DanHenninger What has he EVER done that would make anyone give him the benefit of the doubt? Nothing.

opinion DanHenninger He”ll be different after the primaries -nope. Once the election is over he will act and lead differently-nope. Once he gets some experience-nope. So far in a crisis-I am not responsible. Why would anyone think he would change? Not sure he is capable. opinion DanHenninger What a disingenuous take. He’s terrible.

opinion DanHenninger You guys are trolls lmao opinion DanHenninger Remembered as worst president there ever was. opinion DanHenninger Trump is a petty man, you really expect him to pivot NOW! opinion DanHenninger Really ? opinion DanHenninger Trump is the pettiness of our time. Wtf you talking about

opinion DanHenninger He is a petty as they come opinion DanHenninger As a daily reader, I can safely say nobody subscribes for your opinions 😂 opinion DanHenninger This writer must be on Trumps payroll?!?

opinion DanHenninger An opinion is totally opposite from FACTS! Cant DENY He MINIMIZED this PANDEMIC outburst. 1000s of lives Gone due to his NEGLIGENCE😔 WE NEED NEW LEADERSHIP. opinion DanHenninger Mr Henninger, if Mr Trump rallies the country as a whole through this pandemic, he will be remembered as a president who in his fourth year of office transformed himself from a petty, divisive, hostile, self-interested, and ignorant marketer-in-chief to a leader. We’d be grateful

opinion DanHenninger WTF! Not in my universe! EVER! realDonaldTrump is a cretin to humanity. opinion DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger Instead, he wants to open his hotels by Easter. opinion DanHenninger False opinion DanHenninger He is incapable of doing any such thing opinion DanHenninger opinion DanHenninger He will be remembered for caring more about job numbers... He will be remembered for worrying more about the Dow.... He will be remembered for dismissing coronavirus... He will be remembered for calling coronavirus a Democrat hoax... He will be remembered for misleading ppl...

opinion DanHenninger What are the odds of that happening?

opinion DanHenninger Absurd apologies for Trump’s deplorable conduct. 1) The Mueller investigation was conducted by the Sessions DOJ, based on suspicion of the Trump campaign’s wrongdoing. 2) Impeachment was instigated by a whistleblower complaint. The Democrats didn’t start the Trumpster fire. opinion DanHenninger NOPE!!

opinion DanHenninger realDonaldTrump opinion DanHenninger I am dumber for having read this article. opinion DanHenninger Italy's in the eye of the storm..... opinion DanHenninger That ship has already sailed and sunk. Trump will be remembered as the worst president. opinion DanHenninger Shitty humans will not be remembered as great presidents

opinion DanHenninger That is the biggest 'if' in the universe. And unlikely as long as he keeps attacking rivals and the media instead of attacking the virus. Hail Mary column from a pundit who's in the bag for tRump. opinion DanHenninger Still writing this shit? Haven’t you learned he can’t change opinion DanHenninger I don’t know how to even begin: Great? President? 🤯🤯In what world? Using what metrics? One other question: have you once seen him in front of the camera and not behave like a neighborhood block President in a rough neighborhood?

opinion DanHenninger That horse has left the barn... opinion DanHenninger Too late. opinion DanHenninger April Fools. A week early? opinion DanHenninger It never will. Move on. opinion DanHenninger TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER and this is total BS. opinion DanHenninger Talk about drinking the cool-aid.

opinion DanHenninger Not a chance in hell opinion DanHenninger The Great Loser Leader If we have more than 30% of the US population clapping for Trump, then our educational system has really sunk the past couple of decades ! opinion DanHenninger But he won’t, therefore, this is stupid. opinion DanHenninger Don’t hold your breath

opinion DanHenninger janellezara 🎭 off opinion DanHenninger I cannot understand how people still believe he will change. He has shown who he is for 3.5 years. It’s all about him, he doesn’t care about anyone or anything else. opinion DanHenninger Narattor: 'He wasn't remembered as..' opinion DanHenninger Do everyone a favor, DanHenninger, and quit this job. You are disseminating false, and dangerous lies.

opinion DanHenninger trump will only be remembered for his ineptitudes ....nothing else. Elect a clown ...expect a circus !!! Are we done winning yet ? opinion DanHenninger His pettiness! He's a F***ing waste. How can you say he could be remembered as a great President? opinion DanHenninger 😂 opinion DanHenninger Okaaaay....... Unpopular opinion

opinion DanHenninger What the hell is Daniel Henninger smoking? And where can I get some? opinion DanHenninger Haha haha

opinion DanHenninger He has already failed and there is no return for him. opinion DanHenninger Errata: 'greatest', already has earned 'great' for destruction of Globalism DeepState PoliticalCorrectness LeftistMedia and TrumpBrokeNancy aka Winning opinion DanHenninger That’s one big if. A tremendous if. Lots of people are saying it’s the biggest if ever.

opinion DanHenninger He’s already doing so. opinion DanHenninger D Trump has worked daily for three years to guarantee his position as the worst president in American history, which would include the most ignorant, vile, reprehensible and incompetent. He is way beyond any hope of greatness. Laughable

opinion DanHenninger This coming from WSJ? Unfollow opinion DanHenninger Are you kidding me? Too late for that now! He will be remembered as a failure, a conman, a phony, and a cheat. opinion DanHenninger Do what now? I thought he had it under control a month ago, 15 cases were supposed to magically go down to zero and as far as I remember he yelled that it was a new hoax and numerous other minimizing statements Please, don’t insult my intelligence with this crap

opinion DanHenninger That's never going to happen. opinion DanHenninger lol

opinion DanHenninger Not even close. Is Fox News over there ? opinion DanHenninger He’s pettiness embodied. How can he rise above that when he thinks he’s pretty darn perfect? opinion DanHenninger Too late! opinion DanHenninger LOL! opinion DanHenninger Manufactured crisis campaigns don't count! opinion DanHenninger There is no chance

opinion DanHenninger Whose opinion is this? NOT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. He will be known as the president that had a 2-3 month warning of what was coming and didn't do anything to prevent it, THEN, fumbles any attempt to organize any relief. That is THE ONLY THING! opinion DanHenninger Yup, and he will.

opinion DanHenninger 'pettiness' and 'rallies'; he will be remembered for nothing more (with the exception of tens of thousands of deaths from corona virus). opinion DanHenninger was this a headline from the onion?

opinion DanHenninger Not in his DNA. opinion DanHenninger Incorrect he will go down as the most ignorant president of our time. The US will be a test case used by all In how not to handle a pandemic. The worst leadership ever seen In response to a major pandemic like covid-19.

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